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Celebrities Know Best, Right? 2016 Celebrity Endorsements

Our friends at have created some great infographics that show which celebrities are endorsing each candidate. While some studies have shown that young voters...

Nikki Haley Boosts VP Odds by Bashing Trump

As the GOP nominations grow ever closer, the public is not only concerned with the candidate for the Presidency, but also with the person...

Do Polling Numbers Really Matter?

When I was younger, I had an idealistic view of the political system. Then the election of 2000 happened.

Is Bernie Sanders Too Old to be President

You have to be at least 35 to be President. But at 74 years old, one has to question if Bernie Sanders it too old for the job.

2016 US Primaries & Results | Map & Leaderboard

We'll be updating the map after every primary with the Democratic and Republican winners. We’ll also keep the leaderboard updated with who has the most delegates. Check back after every primary to see who is in the lead.

Is the Voting App Dangerous?

With location identifiers does the voting app restrict anonymity in voting? With the technology age, came a slew of apps and mobile media to help...

Carson is Finally Fighting Back

After the Iowa Caucus, a great many things changed. Ted Cruz showed the American people that he is still a force to be reckoned with and that Trump did not have the state in his pocket

Countries Restricting Trump From Entering | Foreign Policy Fail

Currently, Donald Trump has been banned or faces being banned from (either in advertisement, in business, or in person) the UK, Germany, Florida, and Scotland. Will his trumped up attitude kill our foreign policy if he’s elected?

Who would have thought you had to attend the caucus, Mr. Trump?

Skipping the Iowa Caucus may have sparked the turning point for Trump
Marco Rubio Water-Gate

The Presidential Race is Running Straight Into a Wall

Despite the impending deadline the presidential race appears to be cooling down where it should be heating up

Biden’s Bid to Stay Out of Race Shocks Candidates

If you’ve been paying close enough attention you’ll realize President Obama has a vice president. Joe Biden who has been remaining somewhat quiet...

Why Nationality Matters in 2016

Considerations that voters should have about allowing non-natives as president

2016 Republican Nomination Prediction Chart

This article is out-of-date and is no longer being updated. Head over to our new odds page »We have laid out the vegas-style odds for...

Post-Debate Campaigning Shows Most Candidates Gone Silent

This election for the next presidential candidate has got to be one of the most interesting by far. This one involved rappers, Harvard professors...