10 Things I Don’t Like About Where America is Heading



Thoughts from a Frustrated Middle-Class Voter

It’s Election Day in America. It’s the day that the world anxiously turns its attention to our country to see who the citizens of America (well, more specifically the 538 electors which make up the Electoral College) will choose to lead this great nation for the next four years.

I am less than excited.

I am a middle class American, living in a average Midwestern city, driving a mid-sized sedan, probably about to go through a mid-life crisis.  Like a lot of people I have strong political beliefs.  Regardless of party affiliation, I think many Americans would agree with me that America is moving in the wrong direction.  So without further ado here are 10 things that I don’t like about where the country I live in is headed.

1. I don’t like the economy. Actually it terrifies me. I don’t blame Obama and I don’t blame Bush either. It turns out we still can’t definitively prove exactly what caused any major recession we’ve ever had. We only get a better understanding of the real cause decades later. I do blame both Bush and Obama for not doing anything to make it better. Nobody can prove that the stimulus helped or hurt anything – and won’t be able to guess at it for years, but I know I don’t like the move. I think it was a short term panic maneuver that muddied the water…I won’t even say it “delayed” a disaster, I think it obfuscated the view of what lays ahead…purification by pain – on a national level.

2. I don’t like that the current administration did nothing to halt sequestration. I’m all for a smaller military, but the cuts have to be made the right way…by weighing risks, evaluating costs, and prioritizing capabilities – not by blindly cutting everything in half. Sequestration is a phenomenally irresponsible way to cut the defense budget and there will be long-term shockwaves of even more government inefficiency as thousands of defense units up and down the chain do unnatural things in a wild and desperate attempt to avoid losing half of their budgets.

3. I don’t like the notion that out-sourcing is automatically “bad” for America. Businesses that are under-performing or failing to manage their finances need to fail. They really do. That means all those people lose jobs and the people running the businesses don’t get paid. It’s terrible, but it’s not the end. America was built on people who failed only to get back up and succeed. When truly successful businesses are allowed to compete against other truly successful businesses (without ridiculous subsidies and/or protectionist loans), stable industries develop around tangible markets and kids can go to school (or adults can re-train) to learn skills that actually translate into economically supportable jobs. It is my belief that jobs exist because they make or make available something that somebody wants at a price others are sustainably willing to pay. Although it would not happen overnight, I believe everyone will benefit including America in a world where we allow our best industries to survive and our worst to fail. Once this happens and we end protectionism and free up trade markets, the result will be that the countries with a comparative advantage (in both labor and natural resources) in each market will thrive and consumers win with lower-priced and better-manufactured products.

4. I don’t like how the current administrations handled the Benghazi attacks. I think that they failed to act on plentiful, timely, and actionable intelligence, and then lied about having that intelligence (the same kind from the same agencies that enabled them to give the go order on Bin Laden). I don’t care whether or not they called it terrorism immediately, but it was stupid to try and blame it on a video…they had to know it wouldn’t hold up.

5. I don’t like how many people refuse to hold Obama accountable for his reversals of opinion. Like it or not (I don’t), some of that critical intel is still being extracted via Patriot Act programs and unsavory tactics employed in unsavory places (like Gitmo) that the media, ACLU, etc are perfectly content to let this administration use, unlike the last…even though they all (including Obama) called for Bush’s head for doing the same.

6. I don’t like paying for everyone’s medical care. I’d like to be able to provide unlimited medical, education, and infrastructure services for everyone, but it’s not sustainable. We can do more in better times, and I’m not against that, but these are not better times…we need significantly less spending. Everyone gets emergency services, and that’s about the best we can afford. Sorry. Private charity (children’s hospitals, religious organizations, etc) is the next best option, not the federal government.

7. I don’t like the progressive income tax. I’d rather have a lower flat income tax that everyone has to pay (including all immigrants – temporary or permanent – they are using our community services too), and implement something like the luxury tax model. If we stick with the current tax model I would love to see a real, detailed plan to clean up the tax code. I want to see what the actual increased tax revenue numbers would be if we cut down on deductions and loopholes. Romney/Ryan have mentioned this, but have never provided a real plan with figures. If the numbers make sense, I’m all for it.

8. I don’t like our current levels of foreign aid. We’re in no financial position to be paying for other people’s stuff…certainly not $72 billion worth of it (only $4.6 billion of that goes to Afghanistan). I’m all for temporary disaster relief, but only for finite amounts of time to achieve very specific results. Once this time or money runs out we have to make the tough call and pull out – hopefully participate in an international effort at a commensurate level, but recognize that we’re almost certainly not willing/able to spend enough to solve whatever the crisis is ourselves.

9. I don’t agree that pulling out of Iraq and Afghanistan are examples of good foreign policy. I’m not necessarily wild about the reason we were in Iraq, but I think there’s a case to be made for a continued U.S. presence there (and throughout the region) as a force of stability. I would prefer that the U.N. does this, but it is not willing. It’s easy to say “people will always hate us” and pretend like that’s an excuse to be isolationist, but I’m not willing to take that chance when some of those people who hate us have nuclear weapons.

10. I don’t like the Federal government infringing on peoples right to marry or have an abortion. These are individual choices that do not tangibly affect others. These are freedoms similar to those that America was built on.


Overall I value national security above all, followed by a small federal government that spends efficiently, enforces the constitution, lets the states handle civil rights issues, does not interfere with the free market (for better or for worse) and provides baseline educational, medical, and other social services that serve as minimum standards for communities to follow and exceed if possible, not sweeping programs that relieve private citizens of their responsibilities to work and achieve better for themselves. As you can tell, I also value run-on sentences.

Thanks for taking the time to read this friendly diatribe. This is just one frustrated man’s thoughts on the current state of our country. I’m sure many will disagree with me and I happily welcome the disagreement. Truthfully, I’d love nothing more than to see politicians put party politics behind them and come together to do what is right for America. This won’t happen as long as the extremists in both parties continue the screaming matches and the spreading of misinformation that has defined politics in the Information Age.

I do like civil, well-informed debate.

  • Andrew

    You sound like a Republican twat.

    • Nate Parkhouse

      You sound like Mr. Poopy Pants.

      So much for “civil, well-informed debate”.

  • Todd

    I would say you have the right to your own opinion, but if you aren’t willing to put your name next to your thoughts, you can just shut up. Anyone can spout in anonymity, a true opinion carries the weight of your name with it.
    ~Todd Holland~

  • Kristen

    Exactly. Agree with you on every point.

  • James Polson

    100% agreed. As far as putting a name on these opinions, the author may not have done so, but I will and I’m sure there are plenty of other who would gladly do so as well. This country and it’s citizens need to take responsibility for their actions good or bad, same goes for businesses. The economy can not grow if we keep bailing them out. Great article
    ~James Polson~

  • Anonymous

    Wait until the writer gets his job outsourced by Bain Capital. Outsourcing jobs not bad? Really?

    • Andy T

      You don’t have the first clue about what it is that BAIN does. That is evidenced b your moronic statement about BAIN. Let me educate you> BAIN buys companies that are on the verge of bankruptcy. If BAIN doesn’t buy these companies , 99% of them will go out of business and EVERYONE loses their jobs then. BAIN assumes a HUGE risk when buying these companies. Of the companies that BAIN bought it SAVED 78% of them. SEVENTY EIGHT PERCENT!!! Do I expect you (a no nothing moron) to believe me? Absolutle not. This is why I am linking an article from the Washington Post (one of nation’s most lberal newspapers) which dispels the Obama campign attacks. You will see just what an idiot you are after Obama has ruined our nation. Tell your parents to SPEND all of their money, b/c you sure as hell won’t see much of it after he end the Bush tax cuts. Also, looking forward to 20+ trillion in debt by 2016.

  • Mark

    4 responses? That’s it? Boy, we are weak! (And yes, I know this doesn’t qualify as a response).

  • daniel d. anzaldua

    Well writen, but I mostly don´t agree. Life is constantly changing and not accepting this, for the reason of things allways have been like that, is not an option. Open your mind, interact and except changes in life and you wont be frustrated any more.

  • Your views resonate with my feelings. I think that there are a majority of Americans that feel this way. We need to clarify our political positions and start working now to find candidates to run for local, state, and national offices in 2016. Of course, that includes the Office of President.

    Subscribe to my blog center2016.blogspot.com and join the conversation.

  • Zeke

    I agree with you completely, but what bothers me most is what this election signifies about new American values. 70 years ago they gave everything to protect the future of this country for us today. Today it’s not about what you can do for your country, it’s about what your country can do for you. Working hard to achieve something and support your family is part of what this country was built on – anyone could apply themselves and become a success. Unfortunately everyone wants things handed to them now. It’s sad really. I don’t think thecAmerican people understand the deficit, or at least don’t care…

  • Nathan

    You sound like a Libertarian. Good stuff! I couldn’t agree more.

  • Davis McNeil

    Can I vote for You?

  • Sean

    I smell a Libertarian, and I wish we could dump one of the parties and replace it with a libertarian. Small government, personal accountability, privacy. To bad its a pipe dream, good points, I totaly agree to bad it will never happen.

  • Jon

    I agree with every point. Outsourcing, abortion, marriage, and expenses. We were not founded as a socialist European society…as I recall we were founded to be opposite of Europe and to be equal and free to fail or succeed. We will have the good and bad…but to be equal in every right such as money and property; is not right. We shouldn’t pay for medical things for those who can’t afford it themselves, that is the price we pay for being free but it is a small price for something so rare. Oh and nothing should be “too big to fail”; OBAMA is gonna mess up our system and economy even more now that we elected him again for some reason.

  • James

    You sound like a complete idiot to me. You LIKE outsourcing of US jobs? You are a complete idiot. Also, what about the rights of the unborn child. Oh that’s right, you don’t care about their right to be BORN. IDIOT.

    • Nate

      You sound like someone who never went to college. There is no reason to artificially protect jobs that can be done better and cheaper elsewhere.

      And there is no such thing as a ‘right to be born’. If the people in any given state are religious/crazy enough to think so, let them create laws to protect it. Otherwise, let the rest of us who stayed in school, learned a marketable skill, and grew up (i.e. stopped believing in fairytale religions) go about our business.

    • Lorin

      This gets tossed out as a distraction. The Fed’s don’t keep statistics on who outsources; the administration just bitches about it.

      If my company were being battered by foreign competition, I’d find a way around it. I don’t owe anybody a job, they work here so long as I can earn enough to keep my workers.

  • Daniel

    There is plenty I could said on all of these points, positive and negative. However, I want to talk about two of them as illustrations of what I see and then give you some advice.

    Re: 6. The thing is that we already pay enough on health care in this country to give every man, woman, and child full medical coverage. The money, sadly, is being spent on shuffling paperwork, on advertising, and on marketing instead of providing services. Seriously, you do not need to spend any more money; if you would only advocate for a restructuring of how your money was spent, you COULD give everyone medical care. It is sustainable, and it is desirable, because it will increase worker productivity, among other things.

    Re: 8. One penny, just one penny of every dollar you spend in taxes is spent on foreign aid, and the return we get on that investment is staggering. Fighting AIDS overseas helps the US. Building stronger alliances helps the US. Making countries more economically secure both makes the US more secure and gives us more markets to sell our goods in.

    Look at the budget, and you will see what sucks up the money. It is Medicare, Social Security, and Defense Spending. Everything else (Treasury, Education, Homeland Security, spending on the Arts and Science, public broadcasting, Foreign Aid, etc.) is a mere 15% of the budget! You want to be serious about cutting the budget, you have to start with the big three. Everything else is smoke and mirrors.

    Honestly, you sound like I did when I was about 20. So, let me give you some good constructive advice. Do a bit more digging on these subjects. Go deeper and don’t stop at the soundbites and easy solutions. Trust me, at the federal level, all the easy solutions and problems are ones you are not hearing about. If it reaches a president’s (any president) desk, it is because it is a tough call no one else wanted to be responsible for. If it is being fought in congress, it is because the problem has no easy solution, no solution that works for everyone. Those easy solutions sail through congress and never make the news.

    The issues we Americans argue about are complex. There are many facets of them, and it takes time and effort to be really informed about them.

    Hope that helps and I hope this post does not come across as condescending or anything other than constructive criticism. I really think you got a good passion for this stuff. I just think you need to understand a bit more about the facts before you come to settle on conclusions. Remember, there are many more ways to be wrong than there are to be right.

    • Kay

      Love this response! Completely agreed!

    • Jack_Kennedy

      your naivete is breathtaking ………….. or is it cuz you have become one of the mooches

      CUT ALL FEDERAL PROGRAMS/BUDGETS BY 20% ACROSS THE BOARD ………… let the high paid govt workers take the hits when it comes time to defend their jobs instead of paying for services

    • Lorin

      I’m retired and expect to receive 2 to 3 times what I contributed to S/S.
      Make changes now: raise retirement age to 67 with later adjustments as life expectancy increases, adjust S/S benefits according to other retirement incomes. Remember, we all paid only half of the contribution. Our employers paid the other half.


    As with many Americans,i am seriously angry over Obama’s re-election-and it only confirms how seriously devided we have become in our own country! we have an Economy out of control,,and the mess in the Mid East, concerning the killings in Libya. then there is the really big issue over Same sex marriages-they do not belong in the polititical ring! since the Gay faction has shown its strength,their lifestyle-which is by choice,reguardless of its complexities,has caused even more greater concern, because now,certain states-Maine for one,has legalized this disgusting farce-and i’m offended,that a Homosexual value has been put into the legitamate ranks of a Marriage- Not Acceptable! we also need to put Americans,both poor and middle class,back to work,because the economic-corporate factor has gotten out of control in our country! Obama has had his 1st four years,,and we foolishly gave him another four years,,not very wise-but then again,we as a Nation, have made some serious mistakes,,and this recent Election just totally stinks of unresolved problems,,so we need to see real results! Obama has much work to do-so for his undeserved re-election,he better do a greater then average job,for these next four years,because we will be watching and seeing carefully,on what he’ll do next! personally,i have no confidence in the man-but the Voters say otherwise,,so i hope it was worth it! the next four years will tell us exactly how smart this idea was,,and if he’s able to do the unthinkable-then i’ll offer my appologies-but he could’ve done that,durring his first term-this will certainly be an intresting four years to watch,to see just how much change,or damage will occur,as a result of this previous Election-Good Luck!

    • Jack_Kennedy

      the gimmedats stuck this country with their santa claus………….as WE pay THEIR bills

      but, it won’t last forever …………. and action is going to the the only answer to the gimmedats elections

  • Ricky

    As far as statement #3 it falls short on naming the the real problem, the lobbyist’s.

    • Jack_Kennedy

      America’s #1 problem……….the obamamedia, who sticks us with democrats/liberals that have taken us down the hole since they took over in 2007.

  • Richard Dotson

    Your a right wing republican who is acting like you don’t know it.

    • Jack_Kennedy

      and you are one of obama moooches

      • Logical Liberal

        Because that’s a thing

  • Mr. Lewis

    OK….4 years to go; so how do we get ready now to take back our country…..socialism is not the answer.

    • Jack_Kennedy

      tough to beat the gimmedats, now…………cuz both sides are going to fight over who can give the most to the gimmedats

    • Logical Liberal

      I’m going to bet you have no clue what socialism is

  • Lets get rid of the electoral college let and the population decide. Put term limits on the Senators and House of Representatives just like the presidency. Eliminate all the mud slinging during the campaigns. We also need to bring back religion in our schools. We will regret our past decisions in the very near future.

  • Kris Singleton

    (Regarding the bailouts)Running a country is like raising a child, if you keep bailing them out of their mistakes, they will never learn to take care of themselves and eventually they will become middle-aged-unemployed-virgins, living rent free in your basement playing world of warcraft all day and night. Kick their ass out into the world and teach them to fend for themselves.

  • Jeremy D.

    10 things I don’t like where America is headed!


    Lets hear from people that steal from those that pay the price, somehow their pathetic needy brain has also crippled their 2 hands and feet just like all of us.. We will get more jobs? Just like the 5.2M we got last time.. Somehow math said it went up.. Good luck..

  • CCG

    The main point of this article is that President Obama won the right of reoccupy the White House and be the Commander-in-Chief of our government because of his campaign’s ability to do the arithmatic. President Clinton advised our nation that it was all about the arithmatic, but those who opposed President Obama’s relection did not pay attention. I suspect that the writer of the article understands that now and that is the reason the dischantment. Anyway, no matter how one looks it popular or electoral, this election was about the arithmetic.

    • Jack_Kennedy

      this election was all about the gimmedats being told that they could have all they desire………….for free

      • Logical Liberal

        Thanks for the laughs. “Gimmedats”? I hate to break it to you, but there really aren’t any “gimmedats being told that they could have all they desire………….for free,” and if there are, they’re so statistically irrelevant they aren’t worth mentioning.

  • CCG

    Oh yes, about where our country is going. Well that has to do with each of us as individuals. We people live together under one roof (our roof being the government of the United States of America) it is not about one faction imposing its will (legally or otherwise) upon the other faction. When we do that, we get what we have now; a type of instability that will hurt us all. And so, since none of us wants to be told what to do by other, each of us needs to return to the basics; teaching our progeny how to behave in the right way toward one another. Humankind was never granted the right of divinity over one another. If we remember that, we will begin to live (and govern) as we should.

  • Russell B

    #6. – Nationalized health care is coming, like it or now. There is simply no way we can afford to pay over double per person than other countries and expect employers to carry the load, and still be competitive. Once we reach the point of no return with an unrecoverable debt load and decline in growth, we’ll have no choice but to cut out the 29% waste with the middle men and go national. The medicare system will also be drained, from the waste, and both the old and the young will have no jobs, no health care, and only one place to turn, to the rest of us who will be demanding the waste be cut to the bone, and gone will be the insurance companies. Just look at the history of all of the other industrialized nations and you’ll see the same path taken over and over again. In my opinion it’s a good thing too. I was at a seniors softball game a few weeks ago, and one of the guys had chest pains and was laying on the bleachers and asked not to have the EMS called because he “couldn’t afford it” and that is stain on all of us, and what we’ll be seeing more of as the economy slips until we no longer need to check our bank account before deciding on whether to call grandpa a doctor.




    If you can’t see it, you CAN’T SEE> maybe you have your head in the sand, or maybe you just need to put your glasses on, i know not which.

  • Sounds like my Wife’s Family. My family is true BLUE!

  • Hotrod

    I agree with Daniel, mostly. Our problems are far more complex than the oversimplifications we choose to use as explanations for our problems as the author of this article presents. Of course that is likely because of the propaganda source of choice that we listen to. The problems and their solutions go way beyond the level of thought that we give these issues. Take out the partisanship and think objectively and we can move toward solutions.

    Regarding SS and medicare, while these are referred to as entitlements these programs are paid for every paycheck, in the form of taxation, that all citizens pay, specifically for these programs. The problem with these programs is that our politicians have robbed these funds repeatedly for the last 4 decades so you can enjoy lower taxes; they pay for their programs with these funds. Shame on us for not recognizing this fact and demanding accountability.

    If you want to talk entitlements think war spending. We seem to think we’re entitled to defend our freedom without paying for it. Remember freedom isn’t free, it’s very costly, most importantly in loss of life and lifelong injuries to our citizen soldiers, and also financially. Yellow magnetic ribbons stuck on vehicles isn’t going to pay the bill and it isn’t much of a sacrifice for your freedom. This is the biggest entitlement we seem to believe we have a right to.

    Bottom line, we need to cut waste responsibly, but SS and medicare are not wasteful programs, they have been funded well over the years and if SS funds had not been robbed the program would have a balance of 30 trillion today.

    We’ve let our politicians steal from these funds, we allowed our politicians to give us tax breaks in the face of severe increases in spending (i.e. tax cuts at a time we’re engaged in two wars) and we’ve done so graciously, always appreciative of the fact that we are getting all this free. Then elections happen and politicians try to politicize the debt as though they had nothing to do with it. And we blog much like the author of this article as though the current leadership is the problem. Sorry, I wasn’t born yesterday, our problems belong to all of us, and we will have to come to our senses at some point, collectively, and pay up, else I do agree that we’ll fail, and if we do, it is the fault of ALL of us.

  • I don’t like Obama.

    • Jack_Kennedy

      and obama doesn’t like OUR America

      obama’s amerika…………..land of the mooch, home of the mook/mexican/mo

      • Maria

        It’s spelled America, if you are trying to make a point with the misspelling please explain. I googled it and found that some people use it to suggest Nazi affiliation…so in this case you are saying our president is a Nazi?

    • KAREN

      maybe obama doesnt like

  • Melvin Percy

    Where America went wrong bacj in 1976 was when they decided to be wiseguys and made complimenting breasts and cleavage was a very bad error that was careless thinking and everyone today is sel-complacent and loves living below average lives where nothing improves or gets better, and as long as women feel the need to feel self-important and embarass,humiliate,violate and harass kind,selfless men then we have an unconfessed sin that needs to be repented of.

  • Melvin Percy

    Caitlin Moran should be spelled Caitlin Moron because thats what she sounds like saying something as idiotic as casual is what “destructive”? Sexual intercourse is not empowering, what a stupid thing to say on machine like this. Feminism should not be a word in our language. The misguided,embarassing war against mens compliments rages on.

  • Melvin Percy

    It does not say anywheres in the bible to violate someones right to compliment someones breasts and cleavage or to jail someone for sexual intercourse or to insult someone by calling it assault, or to misuse the word rape out of context to mean unwanted sexual intercourse. Make a man an offender for a word is not something our country should be following to justify making compliments of bosoms and cleavage a “crime”. Our government should have been God pleasers not a bunch of men pleasers, people pleasers if you will.

  • Jaym Esch

    Ten points, and most of them wrong. Inform yourself, because you’re definitely not based on this tripe.

    Quick Facts:
    1) Stimulus worked, math proves it, prevented Bush Great Depression.
    2) This Administration is at the whim of the most obstructionist conservatives to ever serve in American history. Sequestration lies solely on conservatives’ heads, not the Democrats or President.
    3)Outsourcing is always bad. Expansion into foreign markets is good. There’s a massive difference.
    4) The overblown Benghazi conspiracy has been debunked endlessly. We know the facts: Hundreds/thousands of protesters over the video were outside for hours, and a planned 9/11 anniversary Al Qaeda attack occurred in the chaos. Al Qaeda took advantage of the protest. Initial intelligence indicated the attack came FROM the protesters, thus the “blame” of the video. This was corrected once the facts were established. No one was “left to die”, and nothing could be done to prevent the attack or send in help in time. It’s hypocritical, considering the high number of embassy/consulate attacks under Bush with far more deaths- yet not a peep of protest. Benghazi was simply another attack in our war on terror- end of story.
    5) Some reversals of opinion are justified, such as his evolution on gay marriage. Others are out of his control- President Obama can NOT shut down Gitmo because of the measures taken by conservatives that make it IMPOSSIBLE (such as eliminating ANY place to put the detainees, domestically or foreign.) Another GOP sabotage/obstructionist issue.
    6) You don’t like paying for everyone’s medical care, and that says a lot about your level of patriotism towards your “fellow Americans” (or as you obviously think of us, “you other people that don’t mean sh*t to me). Guess what I don’t like my tax dollars going towards? Most of our wars, or our massively over-bloated military. We don’t get to choose where our tax dollars go. But let’s look at our stances: I’m pissed because my money goes to kill people, you’re pissed because your money goes to lower medical costs overall, provide health care to millions (like myself) who have not had access (eight years waiting, for me) and help prevent 45,000 American deaths each year from lack of health insurance. Clearly shows who’s character is better. (You’re going to really hate it when we DO move to single payer in the near future, because we must.)
    7) Flat / “fair” tax unduly punishes the poor and rewards the rich. Taking 22% out of someone making $14,000 per year is devastating. 22% out of the rich is recouped by them in a few hours “work” in the marketplace. The rich MUST pay a drastically higher percentage in tax. It’s mathematically sound, FAIR, and I have a feeling they’ll survive on $80 million instead of $110 million. They’ll squeak by, somehow. Barely.
    8) America is still repairing its image after the foreign relations damages of Bush- cutting our foreign aid will only further destroy our reputation, and is a microscopic amount of money compared to the amounts we can save from the military and corporate / rich tax loopholes.
    9) Iraq was a lie, and unjustified war and there’s no authority for us to be there nor have a permanent presence. Afghanistan was justified, as that is where the training camps that trained the 9/11 terrorists were hosted. I was not a fan of the mission being sidetracked into a fight against the Taliban- that was not our purpose there. We have cleared Al Qaeda from Afghanistan, and it’s time to move out. Again, ending both wars helps our foreign relations, as our allies will not continue thinking of us as a warmongering Empire. Our efforts must now turn to continued drone attacks to keep Al Qaeda disrupted and unsafe regardless of their locale in the world. This requires no ground troops.

    *10) How is the federal government infringing on marriage or abortion? To me, this last one sounds like you’re complaining about where the conservatives WANT to take the nation, which is a federal ban on abortion and ban on gay marriage. In that case, this is the only one you got right, because not only are those inappropriate Amendments to the Constitution, they’re anti-American and against the desires of the wishes of the overwhelming majority of Americans going forward.

    I’d like to say, “but, hey, these are my opinions”, but they’re not… they’re the facts, verifiable by all of the data regarding each point.

    • Lorin

      Many assumptions; most of them wrong.
      Have any evidence to back up you rambling “facts”?

  • Lorin

    If FANNIE MAE and FREDDY MAC had been stopped from buying up millions of garbage loans, the housing bubble would have been halted in 2002. But the Democratic Senate leadership refused to stop them for political reasons. With the falling housing market leading it, the economy toppled.


  • Logical Liberal

    1. Stimulus was too small to be very effective

    2. You’re right, Sequestration was pure stupidity on Obama’s part

    3. Outsourcing is always bad for America, it kills jobs

    4. Were they handled badly? Yes. Were they significant? No.

    5. I agree, Obama’s awful and veered super far to the right since 2008

    6. First of all, I could go through all sorts of benefits of paying for everyone else’s health care, for example diseases are spotted earlier and epidemics are prevented or it would make the nation more competitive by taking the responsibility of supplying health care off of the employer’s back. I chuckled when you said that all we could afford was emergency medical services. Emergency care is a lot more expensive than preventive care you’d get under a universal health care system. Unfortunately, we don’t have Single-payer health care, and it seems like it’s a long way away.

    7. The flat tax is easily one of the worst ides I’ve ever heard. It favors the rich and contributes to income inequality

    8. I agree with you here

    9. Good thing none of our enemies in the Middle east have nuclear weapons! We simply can’t stay in there forever, plain and simple.

    10. Nothing to dispute here

  • Terry Upham

    We are in a new age of policies and political leadership America must change forward-looking leadership placing America first. New world ecoNomic power houses pose evil and problems in the world.

  • NAM

    I just can’t stand it how we are being “forced down our throats” to treat blacks, women and even the gays and transgendered like actual human beings now. No, if giving equal rights to all Americans without regard to race, gender or sexuality is the direction America is headed in, I want NO part in it!
    Please, oh pretty please, bring back the 1950’s, when white men could say whatever racist, sexist, homophobic thing they wanted and everyone would just pat them on the back.