2016 Democratic Presidential Nominee Odds


While the Democratic party nomination appeared to be Hillary Clinton’s for the taking, Bernie Sanders continues to hang on in the primaries.

We have combed through polls and spoken to experts to come up with the most accurate and up to date odds.

Updated June 7th, 2016

Candidate Odds Trend
Hillary Clinton 1/500
Any other candidate 800/1


Dropped Out
Lincoln Chaffee
Jim Webb
Lawrence Lessig
Martin O’Malley

Not Running
Joe Biden
Elizabeth Warren

Note:  1/40 odds mean that a $40 bet will yield $1 in winnings.

  • Patrick Pepper

    No great surprise to see you’ve put Hillary Clinton topping your list, but will she be too old in ’16? At 69, if victorious in November of that year, she would equal Reagan’s record as the oldest president on election to a first term, and the Democrats in particular have no modern tradition of nominating first-time candidates anywhere near such an age. It’s a perhaps little known fact that in more than the last 130 years, only two Democratic nominees have fought their first presidential campaign over the age of 60 – Truman in 1948 (age 64) and Kerry in 2004 (age 61) and of those only Kerry was seeking a first term, albeit that Truman was seeking his first elected term. No Democrat over the age of 60 who was not already president has been elected as a neophyte nominee since Buchanan in 1856.
    The only possible logic for placing Joe Biden second on your list can surely be the grim possibility, one that even he himself will hope does not arise, that he might succeed to the presidency beforehand. Otherwise, at age 74 in 2016, all the above will apply to the current veep with bells on.

  • Ali

    please run for president hillary! I want you as our president. I am a big fan of yours.

  • James

    Seriously, it’s probably because I’m a progressive, but none of these people really yell, “Choose me!” besides Franken and Kucinich, and maybe O’Malley, as I like what I’m reading about him. I’ll need to learn about the rest, but to be frank, it seems like a moderate field.

    • Harry

      O’Malley’s pretty moderate. I like Kucinich, but he can’t win a general election (someone with his politics could, but he personally can’t), and though I like Franken, he’s significantly to my right. Everyone on the list is to my right, but still. I think that besides Kucinich, the progressive on the list is Sherrod Brown. I’m a really big fan of his. He’s a big economic populist, and is also very left-wing on social issues.

      • Kucinich could not win a primary, forget the general

  • Tomsim74

    O’malley would be a disaster. Terrible mayor awful governor, coming from a md democrat.

  • NJDem

    Biden’s heading into the sunset, other than that, I LOOOOOVE Hillary

  • Jacob

    I will be voting for president in 2016, because I will finally be 18. I will be saddened if Joe is our nominee (for the democratic party) because, even though he personally seems nice, he is slightly racist to Indians and he has some questionable positions, quite a few gaffes, and he has a hard time with electability, just like Mitt Romney right now. Hillary will not run, she doesn’t want to get involved in politics, as she has said in various interviews. I believe that Tim Kaine, Mark Warner, Deval Patrick, Andrew Cuomo, Martin O’ Malley, Kay Hagan and if she wins the senate seat in November, Elizabeth Warren, and there is a slight possibility of Chris Matthews, Al Sharpton, and Rachel Maddow (all MSNBC hosts) running in 2016. If one of them were to run, It would most likely be Al Sharpton.

    • Conservative

      You realize that Warren is having a tough time in the most liberal state in the country

    • Chris Matthews? Chris Matthews? I’m sorry, he would not run if you lived to be a million and 18 years old. Not a chance. The GOP will have a black president before that happens and by that, I mean….. NEVER

  • Malik

    2016 will be my first election, and quite frankly I believe to win, Democrats are going to have to go to the libertarian middle to win against the GOP. So suggest a Cuomo-Schweitzer ticket. Two highly popular governors, both social liberals and fiscal conservatives. Clinton and Biden are too old; Warner, Kaine and Bayh are too conservative; and O’Malley is too inexperienced and not a very dynamic speaker.

  • politisplosion

    I see a 2016 ticket with omalley and cuomo in either role on the ticket. if he works on his charisma, omalley might get the top spot. but otherwise, that would go to cuomo.

  • Jordan

    I know he’s a long shot, but there’s talk of Newark Mayor, Cory Booker running.

  • JT

    If you’re including Michelle Obama, why not include Gabby Giffords? Sure, the AZ Senate seems more likely, but who knows?

  • Clay Dreslough

    You should add Michael Bennet (http://www.bennet.senate.gov/about/).

    Also, if Elizabeth Warren (New England Senate candidate) is on this list, Chris Murphy should be too.

  • Cameron

    I would bet money that Debbie Wasserman Schultz will run in 2016!

  • jim hannon

    Clinton is the front-runner if she wants to run. O’Malley is primed and has a lot of support. Schweitzer and Cuomo are in the mix. I thought Warner would want it but he’s been very low-profile–that could change.

    Brown and Gillibrand are the other senator possibilities. Gillibrand is being groomed.

    Some of the others listed are preposterous. And it’s ridiculous to leave Deval Patrick off the list.

    • Booker…not a chance, talented, but the only person in the country that can go from mayor to plausible President is Bloomberg in NYC. Besides, Christie will defeat Booker in the Gov’s race in 2013.

  • Pete Smith

    Current Democratic Polls if these candidates run based on 09/20/2012

    IOWA – Clinton 26%, Biden 19%, Cuomo 11%, Booker 8%,
    Emmanuel 6%, Sebelius 6%, Villaraigosa 4%,
    Schweitzer 4%, Warren 4%, O’Malley 3.5%,
    Gillibrand 3%, Klobuchar 3%, Kaine 2%,
    Patrick 0.5%

    NEW HAMPS – Clinton 20%, Biden 18%, Cuomo 16%,
    Patrick 11%, Warren 10%, Booker 4%,
    Emmanuel 4%, Sebelius 3%, Gillibrand 3%,
    Klobuchar 3%, Villaraigosa 2%, Kaine 2%,
    O’Malley 2%, Schweitzer 2%,

  • Erika

    Have there ever been candidates that ran twice for the nomination…and won?

    • Some Guy

      Reagan lost the nomination in 1976 but became president four years later.

      • Andrew

        Nixon lost the general in 60 to JFK but came back in 68 and won, I’d have never have let George Wallace near the party again after splitting the vote in 68.

      • Somebody

        Actually, Wallace’s votes came from Nixon supporters. Had he not run, Nixon would’ve won in a landslide.

  • Andrew

    I wouldn’t surprise if Clinton and Palin running for Democratic and Republican candidate but I would be surprised if Michelle Obama running for presidential candidate!

    • Conservative

      I would be shocked if Clinton ran and there is no chance Palin gets the nomination

      • Surprised…maybe…but Shocked? No, a Clinton candidacy would not shock me, the nomination is hers if she wants it. And then it’s a 50/50 shot.

    • Brittany

      You gotta be kidding me Michelle Obama as a candidate for president? That means we would Obama as president for twelve years. Should start packing and move to another country if this happens.

      • promises mean nothing, if you need help packing…………

      • Logical Liberal

        Why wait? We’ll help you pack now!

  • Jeff

    My guess is Eliot Spitzer.

  • John

    I would love to see a ticket with Martin O’Malley and Julian Castro! Although, I think in order for us to have a strong ticket, Cuomo will need to be on there.

  • Jackson B Monterey

    I see Tim Kaine / Deval Patrick as the most attractive option, or Tim Kaine / Antonio Villaraigosa.

    • Ian K

      Antonio Villaraigosa would lose. People here in Los Angeles dont like him.

      Clinton/Cuomo is the most attractive option. Cuomo seems moderate

      • Los Angeles does not have to like him in a primary or general. In a general, California is going to vote for the Dem…Period. And in the primary, his only challenge for CA would be Clinton, all others fail.

  • Luis

    I would add Julián Castro, Deval Patrick and Kirsten Gillibrand to the list. Hillary would be great, but I don’t think she has the mojo, and her age would be an issue. Mark Warner would probably be the candidate with greatest possibilities, especially if he includes one of the three mentioned above as his running mate.

  • Anonymous

    I voted for Obama this year as a first time voter, though I consider myself relatively independent. If it was between Hillary Clinton and Ron Paul, I think I could live with either. I know that because of their age and personal reasons that it is unlikely that they will run, but all the same I think that they’d be pretty good candidates. I like Joe Biden, but he would never get the seal of approval because of his age and tendency to shout “Malarkey!”. It’s still far too early to know.

    • Anonymous

      P.S., It would REALLY be interesting if Michelle Obama ran, but that’s also unlikely. Maybe Klobuchar, but that’s the MN voter in me talking.

      • unlikely? I think that it is more likely that George Washington walks out of the grave and wins the nomination in 2016.

  • mike kotts

    Well, it’s just really hard to see who will emerge. With Obama gone the democrats will have really big shoes to fill, plus it will be hard to win that 3rd term (although Bush 41 did it after Reagan). First I do not see Biden getting the nod. Most Democrats want Hillary, but I think she missed the boat in 2008. If she got nominated now, I think the Democrats lose big time as the GOP base will be energized to defeat her. I think depending on how the next 2 years go Elizabeth Warren could be an outside chance of running that would have a shot at winning. Aside from that Deval Patrick if he got the nod could win to given how the electorate voted this year, however if Marco Rubio got the nod for the GOP Patrick could have a tought time. Aside from that none of the other Democrats really stand out as of yet and perhaps another known or unknown could step up too. Just way too early to say.

    • Christophe D

      do you really think America will elect 2 consecutive African American presidents? You’re a real optimist about America. I can’t share your optimism. The next president, whether it be a woman or a man, will not be an African American. Maybe Latino. Maybe!!

  • Karen Senior

    Someone mentioned Debbie Wasserman Schultz. Now THAT’s interesting. Jewish, female, good Democrat. VP ticket? Possible. I love Joe but I’d be a wreck every time he opened his mouth. I do like Hillary and NO, I don’t think she’d be too old. However, the Reps would be all prepared for her (they’re probably prepping right now). Hillary with Obama’s Election Team of David Axelrod and David Pflouffe. Her foreign affairs experience, appeals to middle class, Dem women in the bag. Dynamite but depends on where the country is at that time. I suspect Reps would put up Rubio. Dems will probably put up Hillary or Cuomo. How about a Hillary/Wasserman Schultz ticket. Power women ticket. JMHO.

    • Rubio does NOTHING for the R’s in regards to the Latino vote outside of Florida. He is a Cuban-American and that does not play well with Latino’s from South America and Mexico. A far wiser choice would be Gov. Susan Martinez. As for the D’s it will be Hillary or there will be a Republican President in 2016. Period

      • Ironic. He gives SUNY a clean bill of health while coemndning state schools of OTHER states and private schools in and outside NYS claiming he found no wrongdoing by SUNY officials. THEN he admits he COULDN’T investigate SUNY for any allegations because to do so would be a conflict of interest’ Typical. I’ll bet he’d find nothing wrong with Spitzer’s banking but the FBI did. If NYS’ AG and the US Attorney refuse to investigate SUNY’s crimes against students who will?

    • Christophe D

      the thought is nice but totally unrealistic. No major party will put 2 women on the same ticket. That’s just not going to happen.

  • chris


    Her natal chart reflects she will run and win.

  • Ian K

    i would definitely vote a Clinton/Cuomo ticket. Based on polls Hillary is the most popular Democrat presidential candidate in 2016. I hope she runs. We need to make history again. 2008-1st black president, 2016-1st woman president

    • Somebody

      The problem here is that Clinton and Cuomo are both New Yorkers, and the Constitution requires the president and veep represent different states.

      • Matthew Messerly

        no they can be from the same state, if they are the electors from that state can’t vote for them however.

  • backuppunter

    The dems will have a tough time in 2016 even if the economy is rosy as can be. I think Jay Nixon, a very moderate missouri gov who is popular with some republicans, should have some odds, maybe 40/1. but maybe he is more VP material.

    • Christophe D

      maybe if people hear about him, but who has outside of MO? Nobody.

    • Somebody

      A moderate can’t win the Republican nomination.

  • Victoria

    Cuomo?? Are you guys serious. He cant even mange the power company. How can he run a county! Get real.

    • Jeannie Howell

      I repeat… it seems that now, after 8 years, anyone can run and get elected.

  • I don’t think Clinton will run she claims that she is tired and ready to retire that is so true she does look tired

    • she looks tired NOW…and she should. But in 2 years? And with Bill whispering in her ear. run run run. And remember, Clinton, unlike any others, can afford to wait to announce. She has the money, organization, resume, and gravitas. If not her….then we will have a Republican in the WH imo

  • Dan

    I name I haven’t seen is Russ Feingold. He is a solid progressive with name recognition.

  • Andrew

    All the talk of a Cuomo/Clinton ticket whichever way round is way off the mark, there is no way any sane political party will pick it’s Presidential and VP candidate from the same state that’d be electoral suicide espically with such a Dem leaning state as New York. For me Mark Warner has looked a shoe in to run since he won his senate seat in 2008, he either got extremely lucky or foresaw the future when pulling out of the 08 race long before it even began. Beyond Warner, Bayh will probably run, Kaine won’t run if Warner does, Cuomo is likely to run and God only knows with O’Malley. Brown is an intersting case Ohio is swing state and Brown would have an advantage there. However Warren has done the hard yards as an incredibly popular governor back when Virginia was a republican state and he’s not caused havoc in the senate so he won’t have annoyed minorities. He’s not my cup of tea but rather him than Rubio or Bush, if you want my ideal candidate Michelle Obama now that would be lighting it up!

  • Hilary Clinton, Joe Biden and a couple other rnt even going to try. And Michele Obama?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?! Who made up this list? Obama himself?

    • Somebody

      If you don’t think Hillary’s going to try, you’re crazy.

  • Carlos

    I think strong women candidates for VP would be Kathleen Sebelius or Kirsten Gillibrand. I’m from Kansas, and know Sebelius did a great job while she was our governor. She is moderate, but helped lay the ground work for probably the most important legislation of Obama’s presidency, The Affordable Care Act. Depending on if people actually start to view Obamacare as a good thing, then people might really latch on to Sebelius, a moderate, midwestern Democrat. Gillibrand is youthful and full of good ideas. She could represent the women we need to win (35-50 years old). As for the top spot, I think anyone from Ohio or Florida would be a good pick. Let’s be honest, it’s a numbers game, and you need one of those two big swing states to come through for you if you want to win. Brown (OH) or Wasserman Shultz (FL)?

    • Christophe D

      I agree with you about Gillibrand. She’s youthful and she would fight for progressive values. Carrying NY is just not enough though. Can she carry Iowa, Colorado, Ohio and Florida? Maybe. Depends on how the next 4 years unfolds. If the democrats can demonstrate they’re leadership is effective they can get 3 straight, but there are too many outside factors to come to any conclusions yet.

  • Carlos

    Also Evan Bayh of Indiana. He gives us a chance to turn Indiana back into a blue state, and also more than likely lock down Iowa, Ohio, and Virginia. And the guy just looks like a president!

    • Logical Liberal

      If not Hillary, then he’s the on I want. Otherwise, make him her running mate. It’s the strongest possible ticket we have.

    • kctaz

      Bayh is way too centrist for today’s Democrat Party, especially, the ones who will be active in deciding the nominee. He’s not a bad guy and would be a good candidate except for his Obamacare vote. But I don’t think he would stand a chance of getting the nomination.

  • first-time-voter2016

    I would love, absolutely LOVE, to see Julian Castro as our VP pick. I don’t think he will be quite ready for the presidency yet, but maybe in 2020 or 2024. I could be wrong on that though. For the top spot, I have a few ideas. Hillary Clinton would probably be the front runner if she runs. I’m a little worried though, because she will be pushing seventy in 2016, and the Republicans have had nearly a decade to prepare for her. But, I think her stepping down from the position of Secretary of State was a sign of her aspirations to run in 2016. Andrew Cuomo is another one high on my list. I feel he has done great things for the state of New York, and would be able to continue that on a national level. In my mind, Cuomo would definately be the front runner if Clinton does not run. I also wouldn’t mind seeing Martin O’Malley or Deval Patrick make a run. Personally, I don’t think they would be able to win the nomination if Clinton or Cuomo ran, but you never know. They would also make good VP picks. I really hope Joe Biden isn’t our nominee though. Nothing against him, but I have just never been a huge fan of his.

    • Jeannie Howell

      Serious? I don’t know who Castro is, but surely, if Obama was “ready” with his minimum experience, than ANYONE can be president.

  • Good info. I don’t see Beau Biden, but I guess his dad gets to try first. 11082016.com is another 2016 site.

  • Thomas

    I seriously think Clinton is going to run. She is going to take a year off and stay away from the media. Then in 2014, she will release a best selling book to reintroduce herself to the public. People will be talking about her more and more. More polls will conclude that she’s still the frontrunner. I would say that she will announce her run for the Presidency in Spring of 2015. She will probably not enter as early as some of the other possible candidates but when she does, the money, endorsements, and polls will all be in her favor. I assume the nomination will be hers by Super Tuesday. After that, she’ll begin compaiging for the general election. The Republicans will probably nominate some far right candidate. With the demographics shifting in the Democrats favor, I assume she wins in November 2016 by at least 9 points.

    • Somebody

      Maybe not 9 points, but this is basically what I see happening, as long as Hillary’s health holds up for the next 4 years.

    • AJW

      So just the hell with the Benghazi thing eh? Just fuck America eh? Wow you folks need to take the blinders off.

      • Richard Halvorson

        Sadly, whoever you are hiding behind your keyboard to chicken to put your name to your words, Most American’s couldn’t care less about Bengazi, if you took a poll, I bet the numbers would be 80% of Americans dont know what that is, and 70% sadly dont care about it, and feel there are more important things to worry about.

      • texan american

        95% dont know it and 96% dont care for it :p
        North Korea sits at “60% dont know it”(at least until the comedy movie) rank. Bengazi shouldnt be any near 80% recognition lol

  • Barry Bradford

    I am surprised to see Kay Hagan (who has a tough reelection brewing) above Amy Klobuchar, who is immensely popular in her home state and raises tons of money. Evan Bayh would be a terrific choice.

  • Cattman

    I think Arkansas Governor Mike Beebe should be added to the list. He’s a reasonably moderate to liberal candidate who would have appeal in the south and border states. Clinton is definitely number one though, followed by Bayh.

  • Logical Liberal

    Clinton’s the clear front-runner. She’s well known, and she has the nomination locked up should she run. She also holds the advantage of being the most popular politician in the nation, so that can be helpful. For vice president, I’d like Evan Bayh. He can get us Indiana, Ohio, and Iowa.

    • jharp

      ” For vice president, I’d like Evan Bayh.”

      Not a chance.

    • AJW

      What has Hillary accomplished in her political life? Please tell me. She gets elected to Senate because of name recognition alone, no merit. She is Sec of State for reasons unknown because it’s not for her command of situations… you can look at Benghazi and that is reason enough to say this woman deserves nothing from the American people. Her as Commander in Chief will be a nightmare.

  • OMG Biden, God kill me now.

  • Sean

    I feel Hillary will do good for the United States, it’d be nice to see a powerful and confident person who knows what they are doing in the white house. If not Hillary, then I think that Michelle Obama should take the chance to start off her political career.

    • AJW

      I know 4 families in America you can ask about Hillary and what “good” she can do for America. Their sons were murdered in Benghazi because she failed to act. The proverbial 3am phone call came and she didn’t give a damn neither did Obama.
      Besides that, what has she done??? WHAT HAS SHE ACCOMPLISHED? Her legacy is that of standing behind liars and smiling. Otherwise she’s a no one.

  • pbr90

    Hillary not going quietly into the night as the right, and natural choice, for her!

    • AJW

      No, but she sure as hell let’s 4 Americans in Benghazi go quietly into their deaths doesn’t she? Think we won’t remember that?

  • DaKardii

    My odds:

    Hillary Clinton- 2/1
    Russ Feingold- 4/1
    Joe Biden- 7/1
    Julian Castro- 8/1
    Amy Klobuchar- 9/1
    Andrew Cuomo- 25/1
    Elizabeth Warren- 25/1
    Cory Booker- 50/1
    Brian Schweitzer- 50/1
    Mark Warner- 50/1
    Martin O’Malley- 100/1
    Deval Patrick- 100/1
    Evan Bayh- 100/1
    Kirsten Gillibrand- 100/1
    John Hickenlooper- 400/1
    Antonio Villaraigosa- 400/1

    Field: 400/1

    • VinceFinnegan

      Did you just make those up? I’ll simplify it for all of you. It’s hillary unless Elizabeth Warren gets momentum.

  • Alex Turner

    Howard Dean is the man for the Democrats. Once thought of as radically liberal, all of his divisive issues were social issues that have now become mainstream and poisonous for the GOP to bring up. Republicans are losing their minds over our debt, but Dean balanced the budget 11 of is 12 years as VT governor while still being #1 in healthcare and education.

  • Sochi

    Hillary Clinton hands down! Tim Kaine would be a perfect pick for the second slot!!!
    Clinton/Kaine 2016

  • Gattu

    Julian Castro

  • I like Martin O’malley & Collen Powell (I know he’s Republican, but he doesn’t tow the party line). Warren would be great!!!

  • f^2

    We are ready to move forward from Bush/Clinton eras. Hillary is yesterday’s news. As Bill Clinton told us, polls are like an accordion. Her lead would evaporate against in the general election. Elizabeth Warren, Jim Webb, Mark Warner, Michelle Obama would be much better candidates.

  • Richard Halvorson

    At this day of age, I personally wouldn’t want to be President of the USA, pains me to say that as growing up that was something to be admired and want to become. Now, you have 33% of the people hating you and calling you all sorts of shit simply because you have a R by your name, 33% of the people hating you no matter what simply because you have a D by your name, and the rest pretty much dont care. Is it a wonder why a person goes into the Oval office with full colored hair, and leave either bald or grey haired?

  • Zach Recine

    she is just part of the establishment. Like jeb bush. They want a clinton vs bush

  • Tom

    I am more interested in where the canidates stand on disability rights. Looking at the past ( eugenics, etc.),personally, I am for a free and independent nation to be developed for us. That way, the Republicans could have their wet dream and we would have a navy and army to defend us from the evil the Norms come up with.

  • While there are others who might run for the Democratic nominee, it’s not at all certain that anyone will. Hillary will be running and just can’t say she is because the rules that the Ds and Rs put in place regarding campaign funding are subject to the usual unintended consequences that are typical of our political processes. So she’s running and will announce when the funding implications aren’t prohibitive and counterproductive.

    Whether someone else will actually run against her is more a question of they have to hang in there until it’s clear that she doesn’t get sidelined by some issue. There is the possibility that someone else might run to either put themselves out there to garner a higher profile for a future or to gain some leverage for another position.

    The best thing for the Democrats would be that someone make a serious run for the nomination beside Hillary to provide a true contest of ideas for the election.

    The Now4yourconsideration blog post: “Presumptive Primary Winner: Why a Political Party Should Require a Two Contender Minimum” presents the argument for a required primary contest.

  • lib2libertarian

    I’d be betting on Al Gore. Long shot but think of the pay off!

  • VinceFinnegan

    Politicians get elected for a variety of reasons and she has an extremely successful resume as a senator (at least as far as a senator can be successful) and as sos. She has one of the most accomplished resumes of any candidate.

    I further submit that you’re a cunt who needs to shut the fuck up. It’s disgusting how you use the Benghazi tragedy as a political issue but disregard starting wars. Seriously. A total cunt.

  • VinceFinnegan

    Have to say though that Elizabeth warren is my preferred candidate at the moment, although I have to see her political strength. With our polarized horrible disgusting system of democracy, benign a winning candidate is far more important than being morally sound on intricate issues.

    A progressive tax code, moderate Wall Street regulations and reduced military spending are the only issues that matter.

  • Jeannie Howell

    The Democrats, after asking her to run in 2008, “threw her under the bus” for an unknown due to Oprah’s influence. The media and democrats could say nothing nice about Hillary. I was shocked. She’s crazy for giving them another chance. ANYBODY can get elected, now. Also, according to the Democrats, she’s now at an age (close to McCain’s in 2008) that is “too old”. If the Democratic party had been honorable, then Hillary would have been president, now, and Obama would have been a “seasoned” politician, more qualified for the job.

    • zapatista


  • ALINEA Marinaccio

    2016 Election “New Presidential Election”! #standwithamerica dot com -Changes Weekly Contact Me! @WebLadyUSA – email: webladyusa@icloud.com – Please contact our office and send us information- Setting up pages now. Team

  • Richard Halvorson

    None of the candidates on the Dem side are good IMO, with Bernie Sanders being the worst- I would not want a Socialist as President! DOnt assume that Hillary is going to get the nomination, everyone thought she was going to get the 2008 nomination, but Obama was the darkhorse in that election, who will it be this one? Maybe she’ll get the nomination I doubt it though,

  • Jason Mosall

    Sanders at 15 to 1, huh? You should really consider using something other than telegraph polls.

  • Billy S DuBose

    Dem.s? Come on! Socialism, and Criminal activity? What kind of choice is that ? do you really think Hill is not responsible, as Sec. Of State, for her Benghazi ambassador and team? Even as an Airman and , later, a state worker over health insurance info, would have been crucified for not keeping everything at the work place, under safeguards! Hillary, as our Sec. of State, had to be aware of her risking Vital info, and as such, was a “Clear and Present Danger” to the USA! Even if our sorry crooked Government doesn’t hold her accountable, and give her a free pass, “We The People” do not have to give he a free pass ,also. Texas, almost, native son , Ted Cruz, has been a bad boy! Lying, steeling votes, and ,according to Tx. rules, what’s even worse, he GOT CAUGHT DOING IT! ha! Time to change candidates and do something truly good for our whole country, including yourselves! Trump will make America great again! He will handle the illegal alien problem , and will tame the borders. He is for saving your/our 2nd Amendment Rights; he is for the military; he is for Vets.; for Sr. Citizens; and his political tactics will have a much less impact on fixed income folks,and may very well, improve them. Trump is putting Americans ,first! Trump will improve our medical coverages and medicine costs. Time to think of your biggest interests…..your many military installations, and the money Trump will pour into them, not to mention your many Veterans receiving better paying benefits. I lived in Texas for 3 years , working at Lackland AFB, but stationed out of Brooks AFB. I am well aware of San Antonio, and it’s beauty! My wife and I, loved living there, and I had family there. I truly believe Trump is the man you all need to back! Side-winder Ted is a goner, politically! Make a huge difference in the course of this campaign, and make an investment in your own futures…………vote Trump! He is standing up for “WE The People” on his own, and with the GOP, DNC, and media ,all against him. He needs our help! He will be a huge asset in rebuilding the American economy! Thank you! …https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=pg22rjzYo4w

  • NaphiSoc

    Hillary!!!!!! the odds will go way up on 3.16 WAY up

  • RV

    “Bill and Hillary are devious, unprincipled, dishonest and criminal , and they are Slick! Warning: They could be back in the White House in January 2017..

    Don’t let it happen. Remember, most people are not well informed. You must inform and educate them”

    • April Tessmer

      I’m sorry, was Jesus running as a candidate? Spoiler Alert: ALL POLITICIANS ARE SLICK! Hillary actually has the most experience and she doesn’t make stupid or insane statements. Please educate yourself.

      • Don’t mock “education,” by telling people how educated you are when in fact Hillary is a bold face liar that will say anything needed to look good. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-dY77j6uBHI

      • April Tessmer

        By the looks of your writing style, I’d say your own education is lacking, Social Entrepreneur. I’m just curious, you wouldn’t happen to be a Trump supporter, would you? Your response bears an overwhelming aroma. Again, if you have found a much more responsible, educated, experienced, honest and logical candidate that has our best interests and a chance at winning the election, please share. I would personally back them. It does absolutely no good to hate Hillary. Identify what you really dislike about her and make sure that no other candidate is guilty of the same offense. Please don’t keep complaining about Hillary, when Trump and Cruz are far worse.

      • Thanks for the personal attack as this is all your kind ever have.

        Let me make it simpler for you.

        1. I like the truth.
        2. Hillary is a liar, not an occasional liar, but a constant liar.
        3. Watch the video and tell me what you like about it?
        4. Send us a video of 13 minutes of Bernie Sanders lying and we can continue to discuss.

        Thanks for responding.


      • April Tessmer

        I’m sorry. I was responding to a personal attack with another personal attack. You really need to watch your statements… “all your kind ever have”. My kind? Please don’t keep poking this bear. Your suggestion that I was mocking education by suggesting that I myself am uneducated, when I’m simply asking people to educate themselves really irritated me. Regardless, I’m going to go ahead and respond once more to your replies.

        The Republican party continues to launch propaganda at Hillary and will always continue to do so. They have an agenda. That’s why they investigated the Benghazi incident six more times after it was already investigated by the real authorities. They continue to abuse their power and tax payer dollars to try and stop and discredit Hillary from seeking higher office. This is nothing new.

        When I responded with the statement to show me a candidate that actually has “a chance at winning the election”, this would disqualify Sanders. I feel for you. You’re obviously pissed that he doesn’t have a chance anymore and instead of siding with Hillary so that we don’t end up with a maniac Republican in office, you keep talking smack about her as though there is some logical point to it. What are your other choices? Trump?

        The whole point of this thread is for Sanders supporters to prepare themselves to jump ship and join their efforts with Hillary in getting a democrat in office. Everyone has dirty laundry, including Sanders. It’s just not one of Hillary’s tactics to attack him and personally I don’t care what he’s done. I still think very highly of him and I pray that Hillary takes him on as VP.

        Hillary has been picked on for decades and by golly, she just keeps going despite the hard road ahead of her. Let’s face it, you’ll never find that mythological perfect candidate that can run for President. Please just come to terms and accept what’s best for our world.

      • Fuuny. You need to do some more study. I said “don’t mock education,” nothing about YOU. You however commented that my writing style shows my personal lack of education. Dear public – please vote on who is making the personal attack here?

        Sanders is going to win and you are trying to convince other he won’t. Sorry, but any Sander’s voter that knows anything about Hillary won’t vote for her.

        Go Bernie, we will be at the Caucus today.


      • April Tessmer

        Baby, get your grammar and writing together. It’s appalling.

      • April Tessmer
      • Sanders 72.6% in Washington, so he can do it!

      • Thanks for thinking I am your baby, my dear madam. I am a businessman and while I like to write, I made no comment of being an authority on writing perfect English as you may consider yourself to be. Congratulations, I am very proud of your superiority command of the finer points of our American bastardization of the English language.

        I do appreciate that you take the time to communicate with me. Here is something else for you and the audience.


      • Thanks for thinking I am your baby, my dear madam. I am a businessman and while I like to write, I made no comment of being an authority on writing perfect English as you may consider yourself to be. Congratulations, I am very proud of your superior command of the finer points of our American bastardization of the English language.

        I do appreciate that you take the time to communicate with me. Here is something else for you and the audience.


      • randy odell

        Yes she is educated and so is Bernie. You are correct she does not make stupid or insane statements. She carefully makes statements that people want to hear. And you statement that all politicians are slick is correct. BUT That is what makes them dangerous. So you go right ahead and vote for Clinton. That is just what the good ole usa needs right now. ANOTHER CLINTON IN THE WHITE HOUSE. My vote is for a man that speaks from what he has done and has the laws to prove it. As well as a continued voice for the people. BERNIE SANDERS. That is my choice. We will either have someone who covers up the truth. Or someone who speaks the truth. Lets just see who wins.

  • NaphiSoc

    hey we need an update to these odds!!

  • NaphiSoc

    Thanks for update – wow a factor of 840 in the odds

  • Daniel Webster

    Breaking News.

  • Daniel Webster

    Breaking News

  • randy odell

    I am for Bernie all the way. I will not vote for either of the other two. One is a rude crude loud mouth and the other is a liar and crook. So the only reasonable choice is Bernie for 2016.

  • randy odell

    TO hell with all of these wack jobs that are running and Vote for Porky Pig. Daffy Duck for VP

  • redanan

    A vote for Hillary makes you Pro-Rape.