1 Paul Ryan Needs to show definitively that he was an asset alongside Romney in 2012 not a liability. Easier said than done considering the pounding the Romney-Ryan ticket took in his home state of Wisconsin.
2 Scott Walker The first US governor to successfully defend his seat in a recall election, Walker is a proven campaigner whose fiscal focus will continue to make him an attractive option in 2016.
3 Chris Christie His touchy-feely Sandy photo-ops with the Prez may have hurt his party standing in 2012, but his popularity among constituents the and a relatively weak conservative field will keep Christie securely in the top 5, whether he says he’s running or not.
4 Marco Rubio One of few contenders with a prayer of recovering some conservative credibility in the latin community.
5 Jeb Bush Skillfully distanced from both the Romney campaign and the reign of George W…don’t count “the other Bush” out just yet.
6 Bob McDonnell A former Army Lieutenant Colonel with strongly core-conservative social views, expect McDonnell’s financial support base to grow if he’s successful at evolving Virgina’s energy posture without sacrificing public opinion.
7 Kelly Ayotte Much still to prove, the junior New Hampshire senator is one of the few strong female conservative contenders.
8 Rand Paul Wild card. Clearly not his father…though he demonstrates a similar ability to mesh an libertarian-independent slant with a conservative core…may prove useful with 2016 voters weary of the party status quo.
9 Rick Santorum Though a disappointing finish, no doubt, Santorum’s strong 2012 showing earned him a bid to the 2016 conversation.
10 John Boehner Love him or hate him, no conservative gets more camera time. However, chances of a Boehner run in 2016 will only improve if the congressional job approval rating does as well – significantly.

Dark Horse:

Colin Powell – Highly critical of the GOP of late, the man who served as Reagan’s National Security Advisor, Chairman of the Joint Chiefs under Bush Sr., and Secretary of State under G.W. is still among the most respected conservatives on the planet. Why not? He’s expressed no interest, he’ll be 79, and his wife still won’t let him.




1 Hillary Clinton This isn't even close…Hillary is the overwhelming leader in the race for the nomination.  The only thing that could dethrone her from the number one spot is a historic scandal.
2 Bernie Sanders He's gotten the attention of the youth of america.  The self-proclaimed socialist and reddit hearthrob is nowhere close to being in a position to beat Hillary.   Maybe he can put himself in a position for a vice-presidential spot.
3 Martin O’Malley Former Governor O'Malley is a spring chicken compared to Clinton and Sanders. It seems that he is attempting to flank Hillary but moving left, but that's going to be a difficult road to take.  Despite his relative youth and interesting positions, he would also need a Hillary meltdown to even have a chance at the democratic nomination.
4 Everyone Else With no other serious challengers it appear the democratic party nomination is a three horse race….unfortunately two of those horses have their hooves tied together.


  • Bartek

    You have Santorum and tou have not Pence or Martinez here? Wtf?

    • Cindy

      Really you have to be joking “Pence” ?

  • Tyra Bendick

    i will vote republican unless they have taken a stance against the constitution standup for our country and ill standup for you. according to gallup liberals are the smallest demographic 20% and falling in america conservatives 40% are the largest and growing also moderates 35% they have also been falling

  • Patricia Sears

    Has O’Malley moved up in ranking? If you heard the story of Marcus and Malley you would not even include him on the list. It shows lying, anti-Jewish; devaluing of human life if senior; no respect for women’s rights and safety especially in the issue of rape. He lets the rapist walk free; all of them. IM Yahoo robuckps for details from Patty Sears witness and victim remember O’Malley shook my hand before tv cameras promising to protect MARCUS PENN but did nothing. MARCUS PENN DEAD tortured murdered; see what O’Malley’s promises are worth?

  • Alex Turner

    People need to start talking about Howard Dean for the Dems. He’s been labeled a radical liberal but all of his divisive policies were social issues that are now both the norm and considered poisonous to talk about for the GOP. Under Dean, Vermont had the best education and healthcare in the country while balancing the budget 11 out of 12 years.

  • Nancy Harrington


  • David Lewis Burnworth


    • Paul

      Go Trump !

  • Rick Leergun

    Chuck Norris. Period. No VP.

  • eph4_15

    This list is SERIOUSLY OUTDATED & I am sure it was poorly informed when it was compiled.

    Conservatives are looking for something more like this:

    Top Tier Ted Cruz – Bobby Jindal – Allen West – Rick Santorum

    Second Tier Rand Paul – Scott Walker – Rick Perry

    Nobody with sense wants a LIAR
    [Eliminates Rubio, Jeb, Graham, Christie, Huckabee, Kasich & Romney]

    Or a Flip-Flopper [Again Cuts out Romney & Huckabee]

    Or a Big Government RINO
    [Cut Jeb, Ryan, Graham, Huckabee, Kasich, Christie, Romney]

    Or a Newbie [Kick out Fiorina, Carson &Trump]

    Who wants Weak Families & a Weak Society?
    [Axe Rubio, Jeb, Romney, Graham, Kasich, Walker, Huckabee, Trump, Christie & Rand]

    Amnesty anyone? [Drop Rubio, Romney, Jeb, Rand, Walker, Kasich, Christie, Huckabee, Ryan, Carson or Fiorina]

    Overzealous Military? [Lose Jeb, Romney, Christie, Huckabee]

    Weak Military?
    [Dump Carson, Graham, Kasich, Rand, Fiorina, Rubio, Ryan & Rubio]

    Getting the picture?

    • Paul

      President Trump ! Make America #1 AGAIN !

  • Alauda Trevor

    How can anyone consider Walker? He makes Dan Quayle look smart. He wants to borrow a billion dollars just for WI. He would be the least educated of anyone running. At this point, he wouldn’t carry his own state.

  • Paul

    AS usual typical Bullshizz ! Trump is gaining ground and NOW #2

  • Vinman

    Too lazy to update?

  • Troy Withrow

    Looks like this is a load of bull%$#! I’m having a hard time getting how anyone could actually value any of this crap when it doesn’t include the overall front runner since shortly after putting his chips in the pot!?!? You put Clinton up as the “Overwhelming leader” when SHE SHOULD ALREADY BE IN JAIL OR AT LEAST ON TRIAL for one of her many scandals? Personally I think she should be up on Treason charges with Obama but the “Lying to federal investigators, Withholding & Tamper with evidence should be a pretty open & shut case… Just the fact that she is even running for president in the shadows of that & the Bengazi dealings SCREAMS CORRUPTION!!! Anybody with a small fraction of a brain SHOULDN’T BE WILLING TO TRUST HILARY OR ANYONE BACKING HER… Because if they are still pushing for her THEY ARE EXTREMELY SUSPECT IN MY BOOK! I’m betting they’ve already bought her & just don’t want or can’t afford to lose those Huge Investments! If Hillary even makes it to end of the election it’ll be a clear (Well CLEARER) sign of the corruption she’s involved in… BUT IF SHE WINS OR EVEN COMES CLOSE, WE WILL ALL KNOW JUST HOW CORRUPT OUR GOVERNMENT HAS BECOME & IT’LL BE A CLEAR SIGN THAT “VOTING” WILL NO LONGER BE THE COARSE OF ACTION AVAILABLE TO “WE THE PEOPLE” FOR THE PROTECTION OF OUR RIGHTS!!
    ******* TRUMP 2016!!! ***** MAKE OUR COUNTRY GREAT AGAIN ******* TRUMP 2016!! *******