Chris Christie 2016

The 2016 Republican Nomination looks to be one of the most highly contested and unpredictable in recent political history. We have combed through polls and spoken to experts to come up with the most accurate and up to date odds.

Feel free to debate the odds we have listed or let us know which candidate you would bet on in the comments section.

Updated February 10th, 2016


Candidate Odds Trend
Donald Trump 4/3
Marco Rubio 7/2
Ted Cruz 5/1
Jeb Bush 5/1
John Kasich 12/1
Chris Christie 50/1
Ben Carson 300/1

Dropped Out
Scott Walker
Rick Perry
Bobby Jindal
Lindsey Graham
George Pataki
Mike Huckabee
Rand Paul
Rick Santorum
Carly Fiorina

Not Running
Mitt Romney

  • Patrick Pepper

    The intriguing thing looking at this list is all the big names on it, be they from the left, right or center of the GOP, who are not running in 2012.
    Christie, Rubio, Ryan, Rand Paul, Jeb Bush, Huckabee and, dare one say it, Palin – the top seven on your list, in fact. Further down, you have the likes of Pawlenty and Jindal.
    What that tells me is that, like many of their GOP predecessors in 1996 or like many of their Democratic counterparts in 1984 and to a lesser extent in 1988, they have calculated for whatever reason they will have a better chance four years hence and they have decided to bide their time.
    The poor quality of the GOP field this time does not necessarily imply a similar paucity in 2016.

    • Erika

      The GOP field was probably full of poor candidates because the economy starting turning around (at a snail’s pace) in Obama’s mid-term. Why would any solid candidate risk losing his/her shot at becoming president if the odds are iffy?

  • Josh north

    Jon Huntsman?

    • J.J. Ericsson

      Good point Josh. We have now updated the odds with Huntsman.

  • Michael

    Sarah Palin and Scott Walker are undervalued. If the establishment loses and Palin remains visible she is probably 4 to 1 and if Walker survives the recall, I guess 4 or 5 to 1.

    • River

      The only hope for Palin is that she recieves a cabinet position from Romney (assuming he wins in 2012) and does well with it. Even so, she wouldn’t be able to make a run iuntil 2020.

    • Conservative

      Palin has no chance. I think she’s overvalued. She has become to much of a diva. she still has some sway but thats dissipating quickly

  • Mattj

    I would take Nikki Haley over Scott Walker and Luis Fortuno in odds for the nomination. Also, Romney at 20/1 in 2016? I think that may be a bit generous.

  • Machiavelli

    Note that all of these odds add up to about 219% (trust me, I understand how this works and the figure is correct). I know this is how gambling usually works, but if you’re just looking at the odds as legitimate estimations of who might be the next candidate, it skews the results drastically.

    • J.J. Ericsson

      Thanks for the comment. We have updated the odds. They now add up to around 138% which is should be about correct when spreads are taken into consideration.

  • River

    I’m suprised Sen. Kelly Ayote (R-NH) isn’t on this list. She’s conservative enough to win the nomination, but not so radical that she kills herself in the primary. She’s a rising star in the Senate, and Mitt Romney even threw in her name as a VP pick.

  • Hannibal Hamlin

    I believe it is 236%

  • Jared

    You got some decent people on this, but with crazy extremists like Palin, McDonnell and Walker. You might as well put Bob Ehrlich, Mark Mead, or Rick Scott on this list

    • Conservative

      Scott has no chance. Walker I think is a real possibilty. He’s a popular govenor in a liberal state who was won 2 elections there. If its a White Male who wins it Walker, Rand, Christe. But I doubt it Brian Sandoval or Rubio are my guesses, with Nicki Haley and Kelly Ayote rounding it out

      • gbro

        I do not know why you are so concerned about who will be the Republican team in 2016. The new president will be an Independent.

    • Barack Obama

      Bob Ehrlich was a fantastic Governor in Maryland… However we need someone like Chris Christie in 2016

  • Cameron

    You might want to change the odds on Romney. I’m not saying I want him to win. I am a Obama supporter. But all Romney has to do is win this election and he will automatically have the nom. in 2016.

    • Barack Obama

      Well guess what Barack Obama is an awful President so thanks for contributing to the demise of the United States of America!!!!!!

    • Jacen

      Well, it’s been a great almost 8 years of our country going to crap.
      And….. You still support it? Wake up and smell the coffee.

  • david ritter

    Jim DeMint / Rand Paul

    • Lenny

      That seems like a ticket designed to get landslided, really.

    • Chad3434

      Ted Cruis and Scott Walker.

  • Bartek

    After Convention Martinez’s gone on the top.

  • Michael Howard

    I’ m quite surprised that Joe Scarborough’s name isn’t included in the field. What with his Morning Joe forum and his continued call for cooperation between the parties, he should clearly be among the top 5 potential candidates.

  • Jackson B Monterey

    The ticket will be Chris Christie / Bobby Jindal. Mark my words.

    • ProfitOverLife

      Want to try again?

    • Dan Anthony

      neither will be on the ticket.

    • Chad3434

      If it is then Hillary is a shoe in. Mark my words. If the Republican Party goes with Christie then they will get beat again just like they did in 2012.

  • Jackson B Monterey

    Too bad Michael Bloomberg is getting a little too old, but he would never get the Republican nomination: He’s too moderate, too rational, too bipartisan… ;o) I wouldn’t be surprised if he ran as in independent though. It should be interesting. He should get Ralph Nader as his running mate. Just kidding… I meant Al Gore. Now seriously: he should get Tom Hanks.

    • Jacen

      Bloomberg is a moron with money!!! And thrives on destroying our rights.

  • Richard Nixon

    I’m betting we head into 2016 primary season with Christie and Rubio neck-and-neck. Rubio could be the Republican version with Obama. We’ll see what he does the next few years in the Senate, but he would appeal to more of the all-important Latino group Romney was smoked in yesterday. He’s well-liked with Tea Partiers, but his immigration ideas probably don’t sit well with them.

  • cplynn

    Im Not a republican, but i might vote for Christie.we need someone with big guns.

  • Demo

    Christie will go Independent before he even thinks about bothering to run for president… but his weight is a big factor

  • mike kotts

    He may be a real outside shot but in 2012 there were rumors that Dirk Kempthorne was looking at running. However I suspect he chose not to for 2 reasons one he would have had a real hard time beating Obama, mainly as people would have had to learn who he even was, and given his GOP opponets, he probably doubted he could edge out Romney. 2016 gives us a wide open field if he runs 2016 would be the year. Keep an eye out!

  • Conservative

    My odds
    Rubio 1/4
    Brian Sandoval 1-8
    Rand Paul 1/10
    Chris Christe 1/10 hugging the pres cost him big
    Bobby Jindal 1-10
    Kelly Ayote 1-12
    Scott Walker 1-16
    Bob Mcdonnel 1-16
    Susanna Martinez 1/20
    Rob Portman 1/33
    Ken Cuccinelli 1/100
    Field 1-20

  • Joe

    McDonnell, Christie, Jindal or Thune for me
    Rubio and Ryan are really too young and should wait til 2020, when they will have accumulated more experience
    Honestly, what we learned yesterday is that the GOP needs to distance itself away from the Tea Party and focus on winning the center, Latinos, women etc.
    If its Christie, let the Dems nominate Biden PLEASE! Imagine the debate…

    • Conservative

      I think the Gop shouldn’t distance themselves from the tea party but they need to give it a better message. Its message needs to be States rights including things they don’t like i.e. abortion, gay marriage, and weed, and cut the federal goverment. By 16′ our debt will exceed 20 trillion multiplying itself 200% in 15 years so they can win that battle

    • Conservative

      I think the Gop shouldn’t distance themselves from the tea party but they need to give it a better message. Its message needs to be States rights including things they don’t like i.e. abortion, gay marriage, and weed, and cut the federal goverment. By 16′ our debt will exceed 20 trillion multiplying itself 200% in 15 years so they can win that battle, or America is Over

    • bob mofo

      i would also love to see that

    • DaKardii

      Rubio and Ryan are both older than Jindal.

  • Davey

    I think a good Libertarian or Hispanic candidate would be good to run in 2016 otherwise the Republicans will continue to wander in the wilderness perhaps as long as the Israelites for 40 years or longer. :(

  • Matt

    From a strictly strategic point of view. With no good GOP president being a moderate (think about it), and the last two candidates who were pretty moderate getting beat (McCain and Romney), it is pretty clear that the GOP can NOT put in another moderate. They need a strong conservative candidate on low taxes (appease TEA Party), smaller government (appease Libertarians), pro-life and pro-traditional marriage (appease strongest GOP-supporters, Christians). If the candidate is weak in any of these areas, we risk one of these groups voting 3rd party.
    Now to gain groups of people who have in the past voted democrat. RACIAL MINORITIES, specifically Latinos, are not so minor anymore. The GOP has done a terrible job at reaching out to latinos, many of whom (with Catholic backgrounds) carry many of the same values we do. People of LOW INCOME, whether rightly or wrongly, tended to vote democrat due to them being turned off by Romney’s wealth. A candidate doesn’t have to be necessarily poor now, but one who has known hard times would resonate well with them. UNION WORKERS/SUPPORTERS, yes I said it. They make up a huge percentage of voters, especially in key sates of Pennsylvania, Ohio, Indiana, Illinois, and Michigan. We don’t necessarily need a candidate who strongly supports them, but we can’t afford one who is strongly hated by them (i.e. Christie). YOUNG voters, again we aren’t talking about justification, went heavily for Obama. A good candidate could possibly be a younger one, or at least one who really reaches out to them. Finally WOMEN voters will probably be the hardest ones to sway. How do we get their vote without forsaking one of our most fundamental values (pro-life)? I am open to suggestions about this one. I believe we need to emphasize strong, independent women (possibly emphasizing job-creation policies).
    Finally, we need a candidate that hasn’t been distorted by the media (although I strongly like Palin, this is where she would be weak). They also have to a character that has a good reputation and be hard for the media to attack.
    To the best of my knowledge, the candidate that best fits all these areas and has the best chance at winning the presidency would be MARCO RUBIO.

    • Kurious

      The suggestion that Romney or McCain lost because they weren’t conservative enough baffles me. Turnout was as high as it’s going to get – conservative voters didn’t sit out either general election, and they voted overwhelmingly for the GOP candidate. So who (what group) is it that that you think would have switched their votes from Obama to someone who was MORE conservative that McCain or Romney?

      • Matt

        Don’t get the wrong impression, I don’t believe any Obama voters, in either election, would’ve switched solely for a more consevative candidate, I’m talking about conservatives who voted third party, in which I knew many in VA and OH who did so. I should say that we can’t afford to go any more moderate, particulary on social issues, becuase the evangelicals and catholics leaving would be political suicide.

      • Josh

        The rest of America’s view on conservatives is that of the Tea Party and far-right views. To win America over, the candidate needs to be more moderate. Financial conservative, social liberal. :)

    • Logical Liberal

      “The GOP has done a terrible job at reaching out to latinos, many of whom (with Catholic backgrounds) carry many of the same values we do. ”

      Polling shows that the vast majority of Latinos are pro-choice and pro-gay rights. Not exactly conservative values. It’s not just the immigration issue that discourages Latinos from voting Republican, it’s this uneducated stereotyping of them from the right.

  • Justin D

    i think Cristie’s last minute appearance w/ Prezz Obama during Hurricane Sandy hurt his chances in the GOP

    I’m betting Susanna Martinez would make a good VP pick.

    Jeb Bush/Susanna Martinez or Marco Rubio vs. Hillary/Biden in 2016. another Bush vs. Clinton. Pull out the big guns!

    • Josh

      GOP may not like Cristie but I think America as a whole likes Cristie. I’d like to see how it pans out.

    • StalkerMuch

      HA! re: “another Bush vs. Clinton”

  • Justin D

    A Cristie/Rubio ticket would be nice. Both are young

    Seriously though, the GOP needs to soften their positions on social issues. Let the states have those problems. and they also need to court more minority voters and compromise on immigration laws. The GOP must move a little bit to the center. The future is moderate, not left or right

    • Matt

      Soften positions on social issues? And risk losing the GOP’s strongest supporters (Catholics and Evangelicals) to a third party candidate? My friend, that would be political suicide!

      • Josh

        Change “strongest” to “only”

      • disqus_ONaWLThKJz

        Democrats took the Catholic vote

      • Richard Halvorson

        LMAO, and yet- most Democrats views are 180 of the Catholic Church teachings!

      • David Lloyd-Jones

        Depends on the teaching, Richard. Your William F. Buckley types liked Pius because he signed that nice Concordat with Mussolini, and told the women to keep in line.

        The rest of Catholics tend to think of the last 200 years’ teaching on full employment, dignity of labor, civil rights, and now climate change.

        Roman Catholics opposed to birth control? They’re all under the age of twelve.

        Basically, Richard, dream on.


      • Jack the Rebel

        If you narrow the catholic’s teachings to just abortion, sure.

      • Nelson Kerr

        Most Catholics ignore many of the Churches teaching, with a vast majority ignoring its rules on things like birth control

      • Ken V

        not this time…

      • 1JohnRyan1

        I think they will again win the catholic vote. I think that it will INCREASE because of the Pope’s climate change position

      • Jeremy Damion Johnson

        The biggest threat to our nations security is climate change? What a joke. The biggest threat to our nation is the loss and reverence of God in our country. Fatherless homes and cultural suicide to a religion that is not compatible to our constitution.

      • David Lloyd-Jones


        You wanna maybe start reading the readers’ comments in NCR. A few of the writers and editors veer GOP, but the readership is solidly sensible, humane, and when it comes to politics they lean Democratic.

        That sound you hear whenever a Bishop says something that sounds Republican? That’s snickering in the pews.


      • Dan Anthony

        not smart Matt, you don’t get it.

      • Melissa Bollinger Dordan

        Let’s go DONALD TRUMP !! Just love that man.

      • 1JohnRyan1

        that is a joke. Right ?

      • Mike Hendricks

        he’s 75 to 1 for a reason=

      • caligirl1960

        He is 75 to 1 because the politics s are still in denial that they are starting to lose control.

      • Lori Kay Levitt

        Check again his is now 5/1 and on the way up to Jeb’s sideways 3/1

      • Steve Cook

        Those members are fading, the extremists right are dying out.
        People are sick of extremes, the left is far less extreme than the tea party which is ripping apart the GOP.
        The results of a less extreme right would leave the future open. Each generation moves further left because the GOP extreme views, just like each generation sees fewer religious adherence. Hanging out with fascists and racists is not a good way to stay popular.
        If the main street members would dump the fanatics on their ass, they would lose the next few years, but they would shift the the center enough to pull the center leaned leftists and those who left the GOP for saner candidates (For the next presidential election).
        If they continue to throw in with racists, sexists, and people who think the 1800s were the golden age, they will continue to lose ground everywhere, and this country will shift to the far left (and out of balance).


      The president of the USA is not elected by the majority votes they are elected by the electoral votes. So why do we vote?

      • Debra Smith

        Because the most votes win the electoral of the state! Very important to vote.

      • Kennedy Scottakajames

        For one good reason . If everyone lived in New York and voted for Jay Z , all them folks would supersede the states of AZ and Colorado, they only get a certain electoral vote #. Research it , I think ole George Washington and the founders where way smarter than us .

      • Jethro

        Exactly. Some dude could run for president and say “if you elect me I’ll give all the people of New York, California, Flordia and Texas every other states stuff” and they could win the popular vote.

      • Warren Rigg

        Because we can’t have everyone riding their horse to Washington D.C. to cast their vote, so we have to send a member to the electoral college.

    • caligirl1960

      If you are talking about illegal immigrants you can forget about us softening our views our citizens are being killed by illegal immigrants! Don’t tell me you would look like other way and say nothing if it was the other way around! Besides there are alot of legal Latino immigrants that are sick of all this shit too!

    • Lori Kay Levitt

      Go join the democrats then. They made social issues part of politics, not the Republicans. The entire thing was a stupid mistake but did give them an advantage. Our country is almost completely destroyed thanks to thinking like that with bo the 1000% loser and Hillary who will have to most likely drop out. Can’t you see the desperate situation we are in because of all this softness on policy and hardness on worthless social policy? In the end, each individual will be judged on social policy, politicians who have made it political will also be judged. Because of George Bush, bo, Hillary and Kerry and the democrats and anyone who helped them, the middle east is living among us and ready to destroy us from within at any moment. With 93 million unemployed Americans our borders were flooded with enemies that hate us and young children on the top of fast trains into our county, many of whom died trying to get here, were rapped etc, all in the name of the demonocraps making us one party rule while you and I pay for it. I am 59 – I don’t care about young people – you will be paying for most of this will your children and your children’s – don’t you care about that? bo the moron idea for destroying ISIS who he helped create, has only 4 or 5 guys left out of 54,000 trained to destroy ISIS and they don’t know if it is 4 or 5 and it cost 500 Million dollars down another rat hole which is 100% of the squandered money bo wasted not to mention Bush – I’m glad I was alive to see when America was Great, and hope I can live to see it again, thanks to these horrible policies I’m almost bankrupt thanks to them and you want soft??????? TRUMP 2016!

      • SystemicNecrosis

        “…Hillary who will have to most likely drop out.”
        I’m sorry. But doesn’t the Antichrist have to 1) come to power,
        2) die, and
        3) RISE FROM THE DEAD?

        Though I guess she could come to power through other means…
        REVOLUTION or be elected Queen for Life of the United Nations.

    • Al Hope

      The crats need to soften their position on social issues, extra-national vote drives, and hate-mongering for minority votes…their radicalism is driving the nation towards a divorce.

      The future cannot be moderate because crats will not tolerate that…they require ever higher doses of disruption to get their power fix.

      Conservatives are simply trying to defend normalcy, decency, lawfulness and fairness…the stuff at the CENTER.

      • SystemicNecrosis

        “…normalcy, decency, lawfulness and fairness…”
        WHAT”S THAT?

    • SystemicNecrosis

      How the Hell was this posted “3 years ago” !?!

  • Anda

    Mitt Romney 2016! He was the best republican candidate since Ronald Reagan.

    • Josh

      Did Fox tell you this?

      • whocares

        Josh you don’t count in this. You obviously watch all the failed news shows. There is a reason they are failed. They never speak the truth. When they do it is because it has been on fox for a month.

      • 1JohnRyan1

        during the prime time news hour when most Americans watch TV news Fox News gets about 11% of the viewers.

    • Richard Halvorson

      What drugs are you doing if you honestly believe that?

    • Jacen

      Mitt romney

    • Chad3434

      And he lost the last election. Changing the rules will get you beat. Especially when you crook the rule changes like Romney and the Republican Party did.


      You have to be kidding

  • jaws

    I am typically a democrat but Jeb Bush would probably get my vote if he runs

  • Sebastian

    we need Rick Perry he knows how to do it, and so does his plans unlike Mitt Romeny

    • Barack Obama

      Oh yeah Rick Perry… “Uhhhh what was I going to say?” “derp dee derrrr i dun forgot on live tv”

    • Dan Anthony

      Perry is stand up stupid.

    • Chad3434

      Ted Cruz, Scott Walker, Rick Perry, Rand Paul, all others you can throw out as far as I am concerned.

  • Barack Obama

    Chris Christie!!!

  • Republican 2016

    M. Rubio/ C. Rice- winning ticket

  • Bartek

    At now it is:
    1) Mike Pence,
    2) Bob McDonnell,
    3) Susana Martinez,
    4) Bobby Jindal,
    5) John Boehner.

  • Kyle

    Might as well take Petreus off the list, he won’t be running after the scandal, his political career is over before it even began.

    • DaKardii

      Same with Christie and McDonnell. Oh, and place RINOS Rubio, Ayotte, and Ryan lower while you’re at it.

      • Chad3434

        Now you are getting the hang of it.

  • yupyup

    I would love to see O’Malley/Castro vs. Bush/Huckabee in 2016! But you Republicans need to change your ways if you want to win the presidency any time soon!

    • bob mofo

      i dont think anyone with the last name castro will win anytime soon

  • Kirby Lawlis

    Petraeus? I believe the odds for him should be MUCH lower, considering his sex scandal.

  • Mike

    Please, NO BIG GOV’T REPUBLICANS, we need a Tea Party Republican like Marco Rubio, or Allen West

    • Josh

      We need Tea Party anything like we need a bullet in the head. Keep incompetence out of the White House, please. It didn’t work in 2000-2008, won’t work in 2016.

      • bunk11

        What are you talking about? The Bushes are most definitely not Tea Party people. They are the epitome of Establishment Republicans, i.e. what used to be moderate Democrats, back when there was such a thing.

        A principled conservative is what the GOP needs, just as in 1980, the last time we had an economy and president this bad.


        Like Jimmy Carter

      • Agaboo

        What principles does a conservative GOP candidate have that would make them electable to moderates (the majority of voters)?

      • bunk11

        Voters are roughly 40% conservative, 40% moderate, 20% liberal, so a conservative GOP candidate mainly needs to get out the base. That said, running against Hillary Clinton, a candidate with principles will stand out and automatically be electable, since she is so clearly corrupt and unprincipled. Most Americans believe the federal government is too large and too intrusive. On the economic issues, most people agree with the GOP candidates. Incidentally, on most social issues, the majority of the population agrees with conservative GOP candidates as well. I personally am basically libertarian, so I don’t necessarily agree with them, but I vote on economic issues. One might ask how a liberal Democrat can be considered by moderates. The basic answer is that many moderates are uninformed; some surveys show that 20% of people believe the Democrats are the party that favors lower taxes, for example.

      • Agaboo

        That would require all 40% conservative to show up and vote for the GOP candidate (unlikely) and that the other 60% would stay home (unlikely). I don’t know that a libertarian will run well because of their positions (they got less than 1% for president in 2012). Hillary is tainted and the GOP will need to soften their positions on many issues (why is the GOP so anxious to send somebodies son or daughter into harms way). All politicians are too quick to resort to sound bites that have simple (unworkable) solutions to complex problems. We need a “none of the above” to let them go back and try again.

      • bunk11

        No. If a Republican can get the conservatives to show up and vote and split the moderates, then he will win by a decent margin. Also, you need to distinguish between a libertarian (e.g., Rand Paul) and a Libertarian (i.e., party member).

      • Agaboo

        If you aunt would have had one of those she would have been my uncle, but she didn’t and she wasn’t. So much for if. Do you really think that conservatives are like sheep and will vote for any conservative candidate (or that all of them will even show up). If all the conservatives who vote for the one candidate, do you really think moderates/liberals will really split. Too much if and wishful thinking.

      • bunk11

        Reagan did it. Several Republicans have done it in Senate and gubernatorial races. Scott Walker, for example.

      • Agaboo

        Reagan did it over 30 years ago. Governor and senator, local elections. Give me national examples (are Romney or McCain good examples of what you are saying)?

      • bunk11

        Since neither Romney nor McCain is a conservative, no. In fact, Romney in a way is an example of why you need a conservative. Lots of conservatives stayed home rather than vote for McCain. If Romney had received as many Republican/Conservative votes (i.e., remove independents and moderates) as McCain, he would have won.

        I already gave you one example: Scott Walker. Here are more: Scott Brown in his first race for Senate ran as a conservative and won in Massachusetts of all places. Then he acted like a squishy moderate and lost. Joni Ernst in purple Iowa. Marco Rubio in purple Florida, when he ran for Senate. Rick Scott the first time he ran for governor of Florida (and to a lesser degree, the second). Ted Cruz, though Texas probably isn’t the most representative state. Pat Toomey when he won his PA Senate seat in 2010. Ron Johnson of WI too, though he’s ditched the Tea Party and is now in trouble for re-election.

      • Agaboo

        Again, local situations. Do you think the blessing of the tea party (I wish they would come up with a new name because they have no connection to the real patriots) would guarantee a GOP win? The latest polls indicate the leading GOP candidate with only 15%. Are you suggesting that this diverse group will totally rally behind one candidate, or even more so, behind a candidate that is backed by the tp’s. Would that candidate draw any voters from moderates or liberals? Be real.

      • bunk11

        You’re being ridiculous and I will not indulge you further. You ask for senatorial or gubernatorial examples. I provide them and you dismiss them as “local.” Will the GOP unite behind a conservative? Yes, especially if the alternative is Hillary. Can a conservative draw moderates? Sure. Can a corrupt corporatist like Hillary Clinton draw moderates? Less likely. If they’re really moderates, they won’t vote for someone pushing a left-wing agenda. Why do you assume a Democrat can draw moderates but not a Republican?

      • Agaboo

        I didn’t ask for gubernatorial or senatorial examples. I’m looking for national candidates. As for conservatives, they aren’t uniting behind any candidate. If your going to resort to name calling, why limit it to Clinton? Conservative also pander to their section of the conservative spectrum.

        A moderate politician draws moderate voters and I’m not sure that any candidate speaks to that electorate. Extremes, on either side, never work for compromise.

      • bunk11

        And what’s so great about compromise. Conservatives and progressives have two incompatible visions for America. Hard to see a basis for compromise. To exaggerate only slightly, it would be like compromising with ISIS. What do they do, agree to behead only half as many people as they were planning on? Candidates with clear visions draw voters.

      • Agaboo

        This country was built on cooperation and compromise. The people who did that were liberals. Conservatives and libertarians don’t understand that. They want simplistic (unworkable) solutions to complex questions that they don’t understand and really don’t care about. They want to go back to a place where people knew their place, play fast and loose with facts and the truth, and don’t understand why thinking people don’t follow along like the sheep they are. It’s your way or the highway and your ISIS example shows how extreme your view is. If you like being a sheep and following the wacko vision, have at it. Just don’t be upset if voters see through the luster and theater.

      • Doug

        Totally agree.

      • Agaboo

        Moderates aren’t the only ones uninformed. Conservatives believe that tax cuts for businesses creates jobs. It doesn’t, Never has, never will. Now let’s talk about major tax cuts for consumers.

      • bunk11

        You’re completely wrong. First off, there’s a difference between someone having an opinion and someone not being aware of facts. However, increasing production is the only way to increase wealth. Cutting taxes on business keeps companies from moving offshore and gets them to move to the U.S. Reducing regulations also helps. While I certainly support major tax cuts for consumers as well, that increases production by causing people to work harder and/or start new businesses.

      • Agaboo

        Profit drives a business. What is the actual tax rate for businesses? If you cut taxes to 0% do you really think they would move operations on-shore? I don’t think so. It would create more shareholder value, more executive pay, and no jobs here. Please try to prove me wrong.

      • bunk11

        If you compare movement of corporations around the globe, they have been moving to places with lower corporate taxes. Thus, Burger King’s move to Canada of all places. What drives a business is *net* profit. Cut the tax rate and you increase the net profits. Yes, you increase the stock price and maybe executive pay, but you also make the US a more desirable place to move business. Right now, the US has one of the highest corporate tax rates in the world. Do you really believe this has no effect on business decisions? If not, why not move the tax to 90%?

      • Agaboo

        I’m interested in American jobs, but it appears you are more interested in corporate profit. If we lower the tax rate, what is the quid pro quo?

      • bunk11

        I’m interested in American jobs as well and concerned with corporate profits only because that’s how the market works. Lower corporate taxes lead to less job loss from jobs moving overseas, job gains from businesses moving here and job gains from people deciding that a lower rate makes the risk of starting or expanding a business worthwhile.

        I might add that there doesn’t have to be a “quid pro quo” because it isn’t the government’s money in the first place. Profits belong to a company just as wages/salaries belong to an individual. The tax rate just says how much of that money the government will steal.

      • Agaboo

        What tax rate would it take for Apple to move production on-shore? Or clothing for Wal-Mart? Or, …. (the list goes on and on). Cheap wages work for who? If the tax rate was 0% there would not be a surge in jobs (your premise is just wishful thinking).

      • bunk11

        And what is the basis for your statement that a 0% tax rate would not generate jobs? Every prior decrease in tax rates has generated jobs and enough revenue to more than cover the lower tax rates. I lack the time and interest in teaching you principles of microeconomics, basic corporate finance, business strategy, etc. I would suggest you learn those – at least econ – before you make ridiculous statements like your assertion that a tax cut on business would not generate jobs. You might want to add history to your lesson book. I will not reply further to someone who is clearly totally uninformed and yet attacks my views without presenting a coherent alternative.

      • Agaboo

        Your trying to use the same old conservative line that tax cuts create jobs. Conservatives believe that if you tell it enough times it will become true. Not going to happen. That is a proven fact.

        Being dismissive just because I do not blindly buy into your point of view show who really needs the education. I fully understand economics (both micro and macro), corporate finance, business strategy, and history far better than you do so I don’t think you have anything to teach me.

        As for attacks, read you own posts.

        I’m tired of the same old conservative/libertarian line. Get over it and get on with you life.

      • Z Mat

        Professor…labor costs are the single greatest recurring expenditure for any company. As long as companies can produce goods paying slave wages off-shore, that is where those jobs will stay. End of story.

      • bunk11

        Not true. It depends on the company and the industry. For some, materials are a more significant cost. Additionally, jobs do not always go to the lowest cost sources, but to the ones with the best productivity/cost ratio. American workers are more productive than, say, Chinese workers, so if American wages are, say, 10 times Chinese wages, businesses will locate here. However, if tax rates or union rules are too high, then that wipes out the productivity gain and businesses locate elsewhere.

      • Warren Rigg

        The employee’s of Zebco (fishing reels) asked what they could do, to make the company keep its manufacturing in Tulsa, and the company said, “nothing”. Even if they worked for free, it was cheaper to move overseas.

      • Agaboo

        Who do you think got a big raise?

      • SystemicNecrosis

        Let’s see…
        Raise taxes on businesses and they …

        1) pack up and leave the country and/or
        2) keep all their earnings offshore so they cannot be taxed.
        Oh, and the last big tax cuts a lot of us got from Uncle Sam were taken by Uncle (Put your state name here.)

      • Yogitech

        The only one that seems to have any principles is Rand Paul. I am a libertarian (I love my freedoms, privacy, liberties, and country) I do think that the government overreaches and violates the hell out of the constitution. I don’t see many candidates that care about that except for Rand. I haven’t noticed too many other candidates on either side that will protect the rights of the people. IMO a libertarian or in Paul’s case, a Tea Party Republican is exactly what we need to have any chance of protecting what we stand for. I truly don’t understand why Jeb Bush has such high odds. He is very hypocritical and just his opinion on legalization speaks volumes in his archaic way of thinking. Not that that is my big concern, legalization. There are many more important issues than just that. I do however think that a candidates views on legalization speak considerably on their way of thinking. That is a huge topic for another discussion though. Why don’t people care for their freedoms and want to protect it? Go move somewhere else if you choose to vote for someone who would have our country a police state or just don’t vote. I also support Paul’s move to Fair Tax plan. I think that is a step in the right direction.

      • Doug

        Are we talking about moderate Conservatives or Far Right? They are at odds with each other.

      • bunk11

        I’m not sure what you are defining as “moderate conservatives” and what you are calling “far right.” (Funny how no one ever calls Democrats like Obama and Clinton “far left.”) Jeb Bush is a moderate, but not a conservative. Ditto for Mike Huckabee.

      • Gail Bergstrom

        bunk11, Good luck finding a “candidate with principles” in the GOP field! haha!

      • bunk11

        I think Ted Cruz has principles, or at least consistent positions, which is about the best we can hope for from a politician these days.

      • SystemicNecrosis

        As for Democrats…Bernie Sanders has principles (admittedly very Socialist ones) and that guy who dropped out.
        then there’s…

      • Lori Kay Levitt

        Keep smoking that crack. She has the principles of Satan and the Clinton Crime Family – guess you weren’t alive when they were last in office. You probably don’t learn history – at least not American.

      • bunk11

        You evidently didn’t read what I wrote carefully. I described Hillary Cinton as “clearly corrupt and unprincipled.” I would agree that Bill is as well.

      • Demolish

        hehehe, all of you republican will cry again for 4 more year. You know who gonna win all ready. And Bush is the worse President of this country history

      • Richard Halvorson

        Bush W was NOT Tea Party if thats who your talking about Josh.

      • Chad3434

        Bush is as far away from the Tea Party as you can get. Romney and the Republican Party lost the last election when they crooked Ron Paul by changing the rules at the Republican Convention in Tampa. That one crooked deal caused them to loose the election. Lets all hope they do not pull that trick again.

      • Chad3434

        I beg to differ with you. Quite a few changes were made and all because of the Tea Party. Never sell the Tea Party short. Big mistake on your part.

      • SystemicNecrosis

        IT AIN’T WORKIN’ NOW!”

    • Kevin

      We need Dennis Michael lynch!

    • Dan Anthony

      Yep, that’s what is needed. A splinter candidate to run against Hilary.


        You think Jeb could take Clinton


      You are going to be very surprise when all the skeletons start coming out of Rubio’s closet.

    • Debra Smith

      Ben Carson

  • Christophe D

    Rick Perry is 500/1? I’ll take those odds. He’s going to run.

    • problemsolver012588

      it says 45/1

    • Donna Lima

      And I will vote for Rick Perry, he has a record of success, strong border controls experience, and he is the only military experienced person in the race. Because of North Korea, Iran and ISIS we need a President this time that is a war time President. That means respect for the Military, experienced with the military and can properly run a campaign to defeat and annihilate
      Isis and Iran.

      • Donna Lima

        My dream ticket is Rick Perry/Ted Cruz-We got bring it over to the far right to find middle ground now that OBAMA brought us to socialism.

  • Christophe D

    Even money Christie will run for president in ’16. Huntsman 5/1. Rubio 2/1. Jeb 3/1. Rand Paul 7/1. Rick Santorum 2/1. I’m not saying I’d like to see any of these guys become president, Just odds talk.

  • Barry Bradford

    I would nudge Kelly Ayotte up a bit – she certaincly seems to be well positioned and interesting. Rick Perry will almost certainly run – you have him way too low. As Trump’s TV career fades, I think he will climb the list a bit. Gingrich and Petraeus are out, completely.

    If the GOP needs a superb VP candidate, look no further than Gov. Martinez.

  • StalkerMuch

    I’m interested to see how things play out for Marco Rubio. A Rubio / Huntsman ticket would be interesting.

    • Jill

      I think Huntsman is a great choice.

  • Ryan Hunt

    Why is Julian Castro on this list? He’s a democrat.

  • Jonathen Doe

    Perhaps the best ticket would be a Woman/Man, Man/Woman, or Minority/Person, Person/Minority. In my opinion this would create a stronger voter base for Republicans among women and minorities and secure some independent vote in Virginia. What Republicans should NOT be doing is abandoning past Republican States. What happened to Maine, Michigan, Wisconsin, and Vermont? (Used to be very Republican States). Also we should not focus on unfeasible union swing states like Ohio and devote more of our attention to Nevada, New Mexico, Florida, and ESPECIALLY New Hampshire (Kelly Ayotte, anyone). The most feasible ticket (in my opinion) is Rubio- Ayotte; a team of voting alike senators that would secure more groups. Rubio would win Florida and secure Hispanic vote (if he put in some effort). And Ayotte would get female vote and get us back New Hampshire (which we really need) and possibly Maine (Paul LePage won it… why cant we!)

  • rachel

    Best plan-save Rubio for after the immigration reform takes place… Plus he needs more experience, he’s still really young and every video I’ve seen he does decent with reading, but not so much with crowd-pleasing. I’m liking Scott Walker. I don’t know what his plans are, but he turned Wisconsin around, and is the 1st Governor to be elected twice. Here’s a quote from his site
    “What a difference a few years can make. In 2011, we inherited a $3.6 billion budget deficit. Today, we have a surplus. In the four years before I took office, Wisconsin lost more than 133,000 jobs. Since January 2011, Wisconsin has gained tens of thousands of jobs. When the statewide chamber of commerce did a survey of employers a year before I took office, just 10% said our state was headed in the right direction. In the most recent survey, 93% say Wisconsin is headed in the right direction.”
    – See more at:

    Also, Ayotte would not be as strong for Republicans, she voted for the immigrant reform, which has outraged ALOT of people
    I think the best combo would be Walker/Rubio
    or Palin/Rubio

    • John

      Pailin could never win a national election

    • Mr. Szeliga

      Immigration reform will not take place
      even if Rubio is president

  • Albert Saavedra

    obama bitch

    • Dan Anthony

      the Secret Service may be paying you a visit dumbass.

  • DaKardii

    My odds:

    Marco Rubio- 6/1
    Chris Christie- 7/1
    Rand Paul- 7/1
    Scott Walker- 8/1
    Jeb Bush- 8/1
    Bob McDonnell- 8/1
    Mike Huckabee- 8/1
    Ted Cruz- 9/1
    Paul Ryan- 10/1
    Nikki Haley- 10/1
    Brian Sandoval- 10/1
    Kelly Ayotte- 13/1
    Jon Huntsman- 17/1
    Condoleezza Rice- 17/1
    Sarah Palin- 20/1
    Rick Santorum- 20/1
    Bobby Jindal- 20/1
    Rick Perry- 50/1
    Susana Martinez- 50/1
    Rob Portman- 100/1
    John Thune- 100/1

    Field: 100/1

    • A Senior Citizen

      Christie, of course!!!!!!!

  • Chris Amaro

    Apparently, sex has nothing to do with governing. Just ask bill Clinton

  • katiesue

    My advise to the GOP…IS GET A NEW LIST!

  • Guest

    Chrisitie is the only one with a shot to beat Hillary, and he’d be a good fit for the white house.

    • Mr. Szeliga

      Blacks, women and Hispanics
      Hillary wouldn’t stand a chance

      • Jill

        That’s pretty presumptuous. Condi is terrifying.

  • John

    Christie is the only one with a real chance to beat Hillary; Christie/Jindal ’16.

    • ProfitOverLife

      I think Christie’s “stuck in traffic” now, LOL!

    • Mr. Szeliga

      Blacks, Hispanics and women !
      Also I don’t see how Jindal would win anyone over
      he only represents Indian Americans
      (as in the Asian Indians)
      also Jindal cannot even run, he wasn’t born n the USA

  • Carmelo Junior

    Christie is a fat liberal who helped Obamacare get relected. He will not get minorities or women support. Nikki Haley is the historic exciting answer!

    • Jacen

      He’s just another jersey jerk in my eyes!

      • Chad3434

        Yeah we all seen him hugging Obama’s neck. I do not forget that soon.

  • ProfitOverLife

    LOL proof that talking about presidential runs 4 years ahead of time is just a waste of time…

  • jake blue

    go Ben Carson!

  • Branden Morecraft

    Christie/Rice would be an unbeatable ticket. Rice would get the women and black vote, which is needed if the republican party wants to win.


      It’s clear you’re unaware that people of color do not vote based on race, but policy. Additionally, black people are not fans of Rice.

  • Mr. Szeliga

    That would be a clear cut victory
    Rubio – Will win the Hispanic vote
    Rice – will win the black vote and the women


      What? Black people woudn’t vote for Rice. Black people vote overwhelmingly Democratic and have for over a century, usually 95% or more. Same for Hispanics, since 2008. People of color do not vote based on race, that’s an insult to suggest so.

      • chris

        lol man you are some kind of stupid to think that the black vote didn’t get obama his presidency. lol man you did make me laugh though


        Thanks for the deflection.

      • Sabrina Kolowski

        This is contradictory you say its an insult to suggest people of color vote on race and then say they vote 95% the same.


        I didn’t suggest that. I clearly stated black people overwhelming vote Democratic.

      • Jacen

        Oh! Okay! And obama got elected because…….


        Because voter preferred his policies over the political right.


        I agree with you 100%


      What makes you think that all Hispanics are going to vote for Rubio. The only Hispanics that like Rubio are in Miami.

    • Nelson Kerr

      Rubio has negative popularity among Hispanics and Rice would win neither the Black vote or the Women’s vote, not after her log association with murderous idiots like Bush

  • BarbarianPrincess

    Herman Cain / Rubio ticket, or Nikki Haley / Rubio

  • whocares

    I would love to see Scott Walker and one of our great black republicans either Dr. Ben Carson or Condi Rice.

  • Dave Eboch

    I would never vote republican again after the war in Iraq. Plus the republicans are too worried about kissing ISRAEL’s butt! Yukko! We need loyal American leadership and no self serving dual Israeli lovers!

    • Jacen

      Let me guess….. You must’ve voted for obama!

  • Dave Eboch

    The best thing about Obama is he was pro Jewish but Anti Zionist. Israel did not come first for the most part. I wish Obama could run again! I don’t want a Zionist ass kisser like George W Bush or Dick Cheney back in office. They were treasonous scum!

    • Jacen

      The best thing about obama is 2016 when he’s no longer president.

      • D. Burkhalter


    • Chad3434

      Have you had that brain tumor long. Obama again!

    • Nancy Nolan

      Are you serious? Although it could be worse, we could get the Mrs.!

  • greg aldridge

    we the people need a conservative in the white house mike Huckabee mike pence rick perry rick sandtorum herman cain sarah palin alen west nikki haley sam brownback
    we the people don’t need a rino I mean such as marco Rubio jeb bush had enough of them chris cristie paul rino or shitney btw maybe rand paul for potus MAYBE
    time to throw out all the rinos put conservatives in the house and senate oh you saw what SHITNEY got us for 4 more years didn’t you? john McCain don’t even get me started the #1 rino

  • Kevin Mcewen

    The one you need on here id Dennis Michael lynch! He will win! for where he is on the issues. Recent megyn Kelly poll had him with a 88% approval rating!

  • RoderickE

    In light of the Internet/Social media age, how about a feature about write-in candidates and voters’ frustration with the feckless two-party system?

    Write-in Roderick 2016 –

  • Vincent Brady

    The next GOP nominee, is not on this list. Yes our next President will be a Republican but they’re not mentioned here. If your looking for who the next commander and chief will be in 2016, look here for the answer & details early Jan. or year. Go to:

  • Tom

    What about Ted Cruz? Trey Gowdy? Anybody but Romney. Fuck that guy. He hasn’t done shit for this country but be dead silent since he lost to Cesar Obama. We need a good solid conservative Republican candidate. Not any of the same old BS year after year. I could agree with a possible Marco Rubio/Paul Ryan ticket. Other than that screw all them over rino GOP candidates. You get somebody like Mitt Romney as the candidate and Hillary Clinton will be president before you can turn around and realize how screwed our country really is!

    • Chad3434

      And you are absolutely right on that. Romney has already blew it. Lot of Republicans do not like the guy and will again sit out the election if he comes up again. People best be thinking Ted Cruz, Scott Walker or Rand Paul. Nothing else is going to work.

  • Winter Isis Berazan

    You heard it from me first the election wil come down to Scot Walker (or Marco Rubio if Republican women folow their pattern of voting for ‘the cute guy’ see election results for JFK and Obama–2008), and for the Dems it wil be E. Waren.

  • Reasonable Conservative

    Where’s Ben Carson? You can’t tell me he has a lesser chance than Donald Trump.

  • Richard Halvorson

    I would say, At this day of age, I personally wouldn’t want to be President of the USA, pains me to say that as growing up that was something to be admired and want to become. Now, you have 33% of the people hating you and calling you all sorts of shit simply because you have a R by your name, 33% of the people hating you no matter what simply because you have a D by your name, and the rest pretty much dont care. Is it a wonder why a person goes into the Oval office with full colored hair, and leave either bald or grey haired?

  • george searing

    Scott Walker Marco Rubio ticket is a goodone

    • hes

      I agree, but in alphabetical order

  • Johnny Vegas

    No Ted Cruz?

  • Chad3434

    Where is Ted Cruis? Ted Cruis and Scott Walker are high on my list. I do not even want to hear a Bush name again. Christ C is a joke.


    I think that Marc Rubio lacks experience and thinks he is going to win by the Miami Cubans vote. I would like Rubio to know that all Cubans leaving in this country don’t think like the Cubans in Miami we don’t like Rubio.

  • Mark Goldston

    The GOP is all but dead, just look at those numbers. They are scattered, and they won’t come together. The GOP is tearing itself apart with so much infighting, and it’s only going to get worse from here on out, giving the White House to Hillary, and BTW, Hillary’s odds are even money…..

  • Daveda Gruber

    Rand Paul is good with reaching people that GOP candidates have never reached out to before. Black voters like him and so do the young voters. He has been the only candidate to show numbers, high enough, to beat Clinton on the polls. Rand has offices in Austin, Texas and now in San Fransisco, which shows the diversity of the people who are behind him. If anyone has the Independent vote, it’s him. There are even Democrats who would change party and vote Rand Paul. I don’t understand why he is rated as an eight to one shot.

  • Debra Smith

    And where is Ben Carson????

  • Debbie Lyle

    Ben Carson has won three straw polls. He actually should be at the top. This is incorrect

  • Nice World

    Ben Carson 25/1? Sorry but you are not even in the ballpark with that prediction. 85% of America is ready for a fresh face. Over and above 30+ years as Director of a major division at Johns Hopkins
    (responsible for running a multi-hundredmillion dollar enterprise), recipient
    of Springarn medal from NAACP (highest honor given), served on Board of
    Directors to the Kellog Company as well as Costco, CEO of Carson Scholars which
    offers scholarships and provides reading rooms as a non-profit to the poorer
    schools in all 50 states, he is a fresh face.

  • Kennedy Scottakajames

    The only logical choice for the Republicans is to get 2 doctors to run against 2 lawyers . Carson and Paul would be a dream ticket .

  • Cheryl Noa

    Dr Ben Carson is right fr the job 2016

  • Jacob Levinson

    I think this poll is giving Jeb Bush too great of odds to win the Republican nomination. He wont get the votes needed to win the primary. Ask any everyday Republican which one of these canidates will you vote for. The majority will not say Jeb Bush. Actually not one republican I’ve talked too likes Jeb over anyone else.

  • 1JohnRyan1

    who will be given the key’s to the GOP clown car? unknown at this time but we DO know that whomever takes control will put it into a ditch.

  • Mike Hendricks

    piyush should be 60 to 1

  • Yogitech

    Rand Paul is the ONLY one who makes any sense. Why in the world is Jeb Bush showing the best odds!? Where does this poll get its information from? Is this just more brainwashing and disillusionment? Rand Paul is constantly on the move to protect our constitutional rights, civil liberties and has a great plan for taxes. Jeb Bush, like most of the other candidates, Republican and Democrat, don’t take our rights and liberties seriously. We are moving so far away from what this country was founded upon. We need to fix that. Let states decide on certain issues without the Fed over reaching. Do we want to live in a prison planet or a police state? Seriously what do people find appealing about Bush!? I am actually serious and if anyone has input please inform me. Is it just his brand because I didn’t think the Bush name was all that popular. I hope people are concerned with protecting their freedoms, privacy, liberties and rights and not letting the Fed completely control our lives and decide to vote for Rand Paul. Actually research what each candidate is all about and look to the future of our children. Ask yourself if you would want them to live a life in the direction this country is moving. Rand Paul appeals to many people on both sides and should hands down have the independent votes at the bare minimum. People that take shots at him make no real sense in their comments and seem very one sided and uneducated in their thoughts. Don’t let media disillusion you from the truth. What he is doing and fighting for hits home with me in many ways. So many candidates are holding on to some very archaic thinking and can’t seem to wake up to the truth. Anyone who decides to go to war on its citizens and choose to ruin lives is disgusting. Leave my (American peoples) privacy alone. Ya, go fight terrorism and find the terrorists but don’t make terrorists out of us! Please for the love of our country vote for Rand Paul! Don’t we want to make a step in the right direction and take America back?

  • Wall

    I would put Trump more like 1/4.
    He is actually second place in the polls right now, and most democrats will cast there “sabatoge” vote for him in the republican primaries….

    On the democrate side, Hillary has it unless she does something really really stupid.

    Trump vs Hillary. Now there is a scarry thought….

  • MootsaGootsa

    At 75 to 1 Donald Trump is an excellent bet. Don’t under estimate his chances. With the creation of the fantasy game World Peace In Progress anything can happen.

  • caligirl1960

    Non politicians are the best candidate for the American people because they can’t be bought by the 1% politicians have not worked for the American citizens for 40 years! Oh and by the way how can Trump’s odds be 75 /1 when he is either in 1st or 2nd in all the other polls? Is this how out of touch all politicians are? If so that. is really sad!

  • Jim Zawalich

    Seems in these “Polls” Rand Paul is getting the Same Shaft His Farther Got!! They NEVER PROMOTE HIM ON THE NEWS OR EVEN HARDLEY MENTION HIM!!! He will Fix this Great Country! If Ron Paul Didn’t have Missing Ballots and Purposely left him out of the Loop. They have Debates and his Dad was Purposely Left OUT!! They Have To Cheat To Keep Out Someone That Could Actually Win Over The Demorats!!

  • (NoTime4Tricks)

    Personally I like Rand Paul. That doesn’t mean I’m right and everyone else is wrong, that’s why we vote right? That’s where the PROBLEM is. Mass News Media always convinces the Mass sheep that the mis-information is Credible and that their Polls are Accurate. 2nd problem: Where is the system that proves that our votes actually count. I can log in to the DMV and find out everything I want about myself. I can log in to the Local Clerk Website and find out the Criminal History of anyone I know in that county. Though when we vote, there is no system at all, the Media comes out and says “your new President is” and we all go back to sleep. How do we fix this? There are two things in this country that are not audited, the Federal Reserve and the Voting System. “We the People” has become “We own the People, because we have the money to buy the People”

  • Missi Philips

    Rand Paul, Ben Carson, or CRUZ…if Bush is the pick I simply will NOT vote.

  • Missi Philips

    WILL NOT under any for Christie, Haslich, Bush.

  • ProAm1

    As a political wonk, I can’t see Rand Paul anywhere near the top 5 or 8 and Jeb Bush reminds me more of the 2012 looser than someone that could take the nomination and if he did the results would be the same as in 2012!

  • ProAm1

    I see the only alternative to Trump being Cruz, Anone else else will probably be ignored by people like myself that can’t vote for a RINO or a republican light again this time!

  • Prager University

    Jeb Bush isn’t looking good. Trump, Carson, and Cruz all either Non Establishment or in Cruz’s case running against the Rhino establishment and doing VERY Well. Must be driving McConnell, Rove, and Graham out of their Rhino Pansy narrow minds.

  • Chris Boring

    Walker and Graham have no chance…Fiorina has much better odds than 18 to 1…

  • Joy

    Rofl……people so busy arguing over conservative versus liberal. y’all DO realize of course the president has very little power?! most of the things that the president will want to accomplish will be blocked by Congress.


    Donald Trump is my choice for the coming presidential election. No one else can claim to be independent from big corporations bribe money, which is the number one most important characteristic for presidents to have. He maybe not the most perfect man to run, but better equipped than all the others.
    Look at the poverty president we have nurtured as an apprentice, but he has never graduated from apprenticeship learnings.
    No one ever asked him about details over what he would do when he would be elected.
    All he had to say, “change we need”, and every one applauded.

    Donald Trump has proven himself as a successful business man and a business man we need as president, not a social worker that we have now.
    What I can not understand is , how this man who ruined this country, was elected a second term????????????

  • Al Hope

    I am surprised the money still thinks Jeb has the best chance. I understood the rational 3 months, 2 months and maybe even a month ago, but in October I just do not get it. Will someone explain why the money still thinks Jeb will get the nomination.

  • Sal Alosi

    No Chris Christie you have it backwards – Alaska, Oregon, Colorado and
    the Great State of Washington are the SOLUTION; for being responsible
    and sensitive to the civil liberties and freedom of it’s citizens.

    The demoralizing serfdom and servitude the people of NJ are subjected to- is the PROBLEM.

  • Demolish

    All I can say, it was a great debate by Democrat and Hilary is on the way to win the White House. History in the making and thats 100%

  • Edgar Lawspon

    Missing from this roster of candidates, Is Mitt Romney, Who hopes of being drafted by those who wont vote for Cruz, Rubio, Trump, Or whom ever. Bloomberg is leaning toward getting in, I will declare my running on December 15, 2015, In Des Moines, Iowa, According to our polling my odds are 4/I , If the odds were 1000/1 against me I would still run, What has to be done for America, will have to be done by Americans.

  • Ronald Ray

    So if Rubio is at 3/2, doesn’t that translate to 67%, and if Trump and Cruz are at 4/1, or 25% each, aren’t we going way over 100%? Just askin’ folks!

    • brancelw

      Vegas odds will always favor the house

  • romerjt

    After Obama the odds of the Reps trying to put another Black in the White House are “Ben Carson” ZERO. I don’t understand why everyone doen’t see how obvious this is.

  • eph4_15

    What it SHOULD say:

    Ted Cruz 2/1

    Ben Carson 4/1

    Marco Rubio 8/1

    Rick Santorum 10/1

    Donald Trump 15/1

    Chris Christie 20/1

    Rand Paul 25/1

    All Others 100/1

    Jeb Bush 1000/1

  • eph4_15

    Rand Paul is good at Reaching Isolationists, DopeHeads, Anarchists, Atheists, and Low Info Voters. Trump is Similar, but attracts businessmen & the macho crowd rather than Potheads.

    Better Options:
    Rick Santorum Attracts Blue Collar Workers as well as Conservatives. Ted Cruz Attracts Conservatives, Christians, Businessmen, the working man, Women, Libertarians, Constitutionalists, Veterans, Minorities, Legal Immigrants and More.

    I have Exaggerated how few Rand & Trump Attract, just a bit, but Really Most of Trumps appeal is NOT Political or Philosophical; Its Macho Star Power & the Hollywood Ideal of a Tough talking Businessman Telling Government to shove off.

    I want a REAL Presidential Man of the People, who Loves God & the Constitution. We dont need a Show off, or an Arrogant Bully in the WH. We dont need a wimp or an Anarchist either. We need Ted Cruz or Rick Santorum.

  • Troy Withrow

    We definitely DO NOT NEED Another Lying, Double Dealing, Up For Sale (Translates: Greedy) politician that simply says whatever will win the most votes & makes promises they never intend to keep which is exactly What & Who the last 4 CLOWNS have done!!! **** TRUMP 2016!!! ****

  • Deangelo

    Rubio’s weakness is his strength in the long term: Of the three wings of the party (establishment, conservatives, whatever Trump is) he’s nobody’s favorite, yet acceptable by all. Also, he’s general election gold.