2016 Republican Nomination Prediction Chart


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We have laid out the vegas-style odds for the nomination of a republican candidate, however we wanted to dive into the numbers a bit deeper to  to hopefully paint a clearer picture of who has the best chance to win the Republican nomination for the 2016 Presidential election.

As a result we have compiled a table detailing the chance each candidate has of receiving the nomination next year.  These figures are based on a compilation of up-to-date polling numbers and odds which we’ve plugged into our proprietary political statistical modeling engine (PPSME).  We plan to update these on a weekly basis as well as after each debate.

Updated February 13th, 2016

Chance of Winning Republican Nomination

Marco Rubio 40%
Donald Trump 21%
Jeb Bush 11%
Ben Carson 8%
Ted Cruz 8%
John Kasich 2%
  • eph4_15

    If this site wasnt frequented by an disproportionate amount of Dems & Low info RINOs, I would More Accurately read something like THIS:
    Ted Cruz 35%
    Santorum 25%
    Carson 15%
    Rubio 12%
    Trump 10%
    Jeb 3%
    And All others below 1%

    All I want to see now are Debates between Cruz, Santorum, Carson, Rubio & Trump, with Questions posed by CONSERVATIVES about their Records of ACTION, pursuing the Principles of our Founders and planks of the Party Platform. Outside of that, All other questions should be Asked of EVERY Candidate Equally. These questions should cover & Be divided between Economy, Regulation of business/commerce/farms, Small Government, Taxes, Balanced Budget, Bill of Rights, Separation of Powers, Nominating God-Fearing Judges, Strong Military, National Defense, Border Security. Illegal Immigration, a Temporary Freeze on Legal Immigration, Refugee Status for Persecuted Christians & Jews, the Vital Role of Healthy Families in Thriving Society, and the Role of Healthy, Robust, OutGoing Churches on a Free & Prosperous Society.