2016 US Presidential Candidates

By on December 13, 2010

When political pundits or politics geeks speculate about 2016, there is only one “given.” Barack Obama will not be the Democratic presidential nominee. During the 2016 campaign, Obama will either be completing his second term or he will be a discredited president who was rejected by the voters in 2012.

Election of a Republican president in 2012 will probably freeze out any GOP contenders in 2016 other than the incumbent. If Obama is re-elected, the race for the nomination will be wide open in both parties.

For Republican candidates such as Mike Huckabee, Mitt Romney and Newt Gingrich, the 2012 campaign will be their last window of opportunity. Although she is much younger and could theoretically be on the presidential “mention list” for two more decades, 2012 is almost certainly Sarah Palin’s ”do or die” year.  Lacking elective office, she would find it difficult to sustain public interest in the long term

In 2016, unless they have an incumbent president, the Republicans will be looking for new faces. Bobby Jindal, governor of Louisiana, tops the list. Jindal, son of Indian immigrant parents and a convert to Christianity, impressed many with his leadership during the Hurricane Gustav evacuations. He was also selected to deliver the Republican response to Obama’s State of the Union address in 2009. Married with three children, he studied at New College in Oxford.

Jeb Bush, brother and son of two former presidents, was widely admired for his performance as governor of Florida. Because voters are still suffering from “Bush fatigue,” Jeb had no choice but to pass up a run in 2008 and deny interest in a 2012 campaign. Widely popular within the party, 2016 could be his year. A graduate of the University of Texas, Bush is married and has three children.

Chris Christie, Republican governor of New Jersey, famously told television host David Gregory that “he may need a job after 2013.” Early in the Obama administration, he set Republican hearts aflutter with his victory over Democrat Jon Corzine. Christie, already a media favorite after only a year in office, is married with four children. He attended Seton Hall University.

Tim Pawlenty, outgoing governor of Minnesota, has been testing the presidential waters ever since he was said to be on McCain’s short list as a vice presidential pick in 2008. Pawlenty, married with two daughters, may use a race for the Senate in 2012 as a springboard to higher office. He is a graduate of the University of Minnesota Law School.

Paul Ryan, the young, telegenic and issue-driven  congressman from Wisconsin, will be a highly visible Obama foil from his position as House Budget Committee chairman. From there, he can tout his proposals for entitlement and tax reform as alternatives to Democratic policies. Married with three children, he is a graduate of Miami University of Ohio.

South Dakota Sen. John Thune defeated Democratic Minority Leader Tom Daschle in 2004 and was re-elected in 2010 without opposition. Although he is interested in 2012, he may decide, because of the crowded field, to defer a run until 2016. He holds an MBA from the University of South Dakota.

Secretary of State Hillary Rodham Clinton and Vice President Joe Biden will automatically figure in speculation about the 2016 Democratic nomination.

Clinton, former First Lady and senator from New York, will be 69 years old in 2016, the same age as Ronald Reagan when he was elected to his first term. She has insisted in recent television interviews, however, that she has no intention of ever again seeking elective office.

Biden, who was a highly regarded senator from Delaware, never got over the “presidential bug.”He would be a natural heir to Obama, but at the age 74 in 2016, he would be considered “too old.’

Andrew Cuomo, elected as governor of New York in 2010, will be widely touted for the 2016 Democratic nomination. Cuomo, a graduate of Fordham University and Albany Law School, served as U.S. Secretary of Housing and Urban Development during the Clinton administration and as state attorney general. He is the son of former New York Gov. Mario Cuomo and was formerly married to Kerry Kennedy, a daughter of the late Robert F. Kennedy. They have three children.

If Rahm Emanuel is elected mayor of Chicago in 2011, he could logically use that office as a springboard. Emanuel, who recently resigned as Obama’s chief of staff, was an architect, as chairman of the House Democratic Caucus, of the Democratic takeover in 2006.  Emanuel, who received a master’s at Northwestern University, is married and has three children. His biggest obstacles to future political advancements are the cut-throat world of Chicago politics and his reputation as an aggressive “take no prisoners” mentality.

Tim Kaine, former governor of Virginia, was considered a potential Democratic vice presidential candidate in 2008. His prospects for a White House were hurt by the fact that, as chairman of the Democratic National Committee, his name will be forever associated with the party’s drubbing in 2010. Kaine is a graduate of Harvard Law School.

Kathleen Sebelius, former governor of Kansas and current Secretary of Health and Human Services, has the resume and record to make a serious run for the presidency. Her father, John Gilligan, was governor of Ohio. Married with two sons, she holds a master’s degree in public administration from the University of Kansas.  She was so well-respected in the Democratic Party that she was chosen to give the party’s response to President Bush’s 2008 State of the Union.

Additional aspirants for the presidency are bound to surface after the 2012 and 2014 elections. In fact, the eventual 2016 presidential nominees may now be virtually unknowns. Keep in mind that in 1970, few people outside of Georgia heard of Jimmy Carter, and in 2002, practically no one knew who Barack Obama was.

  • Charles

    If the ultra-right doesn’t win in 2012, better add former U.S. Senator and current Kansas Governor Sam Brownback to your list for 2016. He will be in the middle of a second term as governor, six years removed from the Senate, so he can be an ‘outsider’. Plus he will have all of the Koch Brothers money behind him, and they will press all of their big-monied cronies to back him also.

  • leftofcenter

    Please include Ed Rendell.

  • troy williams

    why no people of color on the democratic side on your site?

    plus rahm emanuel for president? really what are you guys smoking!

    i can give you at least 3 people of color who could run and win including Deval Patrick who is the most popular governor in America, a 2 term governor and a close friend of the president, Cory Booker after his either gubernatorial or senatorial win in either 2013 or 2014 hell the guy has done such a good job he has his owner emmy winning tv show and of course if Setti Warren beats Scott Brown in Massachusetts he will be an instant frontrunner.

    the future of the democratic party is minority voters not white males.

    obama ’12

    • Cody

      Troy, I find this incredibly offensive. I never have discredited African American candidates and am offended how it is alright to discredit Caucasian candidates. I supported Barack Obama in 2008 because I liked the idea of hope and change, until I realized it was political rethoric. In 2012 I will be supporting Mitt Romney because I believe he has the experience to fix this economy. Also, Troy, you vote for the values the candidate stands for and not their color. Ethnicity, gender, and sexual orientation are irrelevant.

      Romney 2012.

    • Billy Joe

      SIlence, boy.

    • Chris

      Deval Patrick is being mentioned.

    • J. T. Owen

      Most blacks are racists. You are proof of that Troy.

    • http://Election.com Macon Brown

      Troy he did mention Deval Patrick you know the black guy who sounds like a white boy or Cracker if you were describing him. Listen stop all the comments about why no blacks are mentioned it is obvious that alot of white people like Obama and the future is all races coming togehther to support a common candidate that is what Obama preaches and teaches the D word man Diversity!! Progression is better than racism!
      By the way son, all white guys are not boring I am white and I bet I am way cooler than you and have more flava than you wish you ever had. Stop judging, all white people are not as racist as you think we are.

      Peace out Homey!

  • Max

    Why not Allen West for the GOP? He is a rising star in the GOP, and the House, and is highly popular in my district (he is my Rep, met him a good 6-7 times). I would also add Ed Rendell, Leon Panetta. Sam Brownback, Scott Brown, Joe Manchin, Rand Paul, Susana Martinez, and maybe, if he is reelected, Rick Scott. Keep Rham Emanuel on the list.

  • Taylor

    You have to go with the young guys (i.e., no one is going to be elected President of the United States if they are over the age of 70). That said, people should consider the following:

    Martin O’Malley, Governor of Maryland
    Brian Schweitzer, Governor of Montana
    Antonio Villaraigosa, Mayor of Los Angeles

    • Kat

      Don’t count omalley, he’s a joke. He’s raising taxes fast and furious (pun intended) here, housing is down, jobs are down. His agenda makes this place look more and more like the People’s Republic of Merryland.

      • Steve

        Just a moment here. Gov Omalley promised to do the same for Maryland as he did for Baltimore and he did keep his promise. He ran them both into the ground with higher taxes and less service. WAIT….That sounds like OBUMMER. Maybe he can run on giving everyone something for nothing.
        This election marked the next step in moving the USA to socialism. When the people start voting on the candidate that will give them the most for nothing it is the beginning of the end

  • Kevin SB

    Yeah, I agree with Taylor on O’Malley. Young, powerful, and popular, he’s definitely a possibility for the Democratic nomination come 2016.

  • aaron

    i think rep. loretta
    sanchez, a rising star in the blue dog category, should be added as a dem

  • Omar

    here is the official list….

    Republican: Gov. Jindal, Rep. Ryan, Sen. Rubio, Gov. Christie, Gov. Bush, Gov. McDonnell, Sen. Thune, Gov. Martinez, Gov. Haley, Gov. Huntsman

    Democrat: Gov. Cuomo, Gov. Kaine, Sen. Byde from Indiana(check spelling), Gov. Sebelius, Gov. Jenifer G. (from Michigan), Gov. O’Malley, current Gov. of Colorado, and Gov. Patrick, Mayor Booker

    • James Cox

      Gov. Jennifer G. can’t run, unfortunately, since she was born in Canada.

  • endless mike

    A few Democrat possibilities in 2016 may be:

    Sen. Al Franken (Minnesota)

    Rep. John Carney (Delaware)

  • Roy

    I’d have to second Gov. Schweitzer in Montana. He’ll still be relatively young (60 or 61), and he’s a blue governor of a traditionally red state with very high popularity ratings. He’s solidly pro-environment and a civil libertarian, but is also pro-gun so the NRA’s considerable firepower may be muted against him. He’s shown a knack for being a folksy populist. In a lot of ways, he has a lot of the characteristics of the classic Southern Dem which has been so prominent in winning Democratic races for the last half-century (Obama being the first non-Southern Dem to win the White House since Kennedy).

  • Dirk

    Mark Warner is a glaring omission. He’s a no-brainer for the Dems in ’16.

  • jack

    Mark Warner is a genius. I think Martin O’Malley is also a viable candidate. So is Jim Webb.

  • kiernanmc

    I’ve done a lot of work on this subject, because it interests me. Here’s an incomplete list of possible 2016 or 2020 contenders, rated based on their quality (youthfulness, winning in a swing or opposite party state, winning in a big state, elected office, etc.)


    -5 Star-
    Senator Marco Rubio (Florida) age 40

    -4 Star-
    Senator Pat Toomey (Pennsylvania) age 49
    Senator Kelly Ayotte (New Hampshire) age 43
    Senator Mark Kirk (Illinois) age 52
    Senator Rob Portman (Ohio) age 55
    Governor Chris Christie (New Jersey) age 49
    Governor Scott Walker (Wisconsin) age 43

    -3 Star-
    Governor Brian Sandoval (Nevada) age 48
    Senator Scott Brown (Massachusetts) age 52
    Governor Sean Parnell (Alaska) age 48
    Governor Rick Snyder (Michigan) age 53
    Governor Susana Martinez (New Mexico) age 52
    Governor Nikki Haley (South Carolina) age 39

    -2 Star-
    Senator Mike Lee (Utah) age 40
    Senator Rand Paul (Kentucky) age 48
    Senator Dean Heller (Nevada) age 51
    Governor Bobby Jindal (Louisiana) age 40
    Governor Matt Mead (Wyoming) age 49

    -1 Star-
    Senator David Vitter (Louisiana) age 50
    Senator John Thune (South Dakota) age 50
    Senator Lisa Murkowski (Alaska) age 54
    Senator Richard Burr (North Carolina) age 55
    Governor Sam Brownback (Kansas) age 55
    Governor Bill Haslam (Tennessee) age 53


    -5 Star-

    -4 Star-
    Senator Kirsten Gillibrand (New York) age 44
    Senator Michael Bennet (Colorado) age 46

    -3 Star-
    Senator Mark Pryor (Arkansas) age 48
    Senator Mark Begich (Alaska) age 49
    Senator Bob Casey, Jr. (Pennsylvania) age 51
    Senator Mary Landrieu (Louisiana) age 55
    Governor Martin O’Malley (Maryland) age 48
    Governor Jay Nixon (Missouri) age 55

    -2 Star-
    Senator Chris Coons (Delaware) age 48
    Senator Jon Tester (Montana) age 55
    Governor Andrew Cuomo (New Yorker) age 53

    -1 Star-
    Senator Amy Klobuchar (Minnesota) age 51
    Senator Maria Cantwell (Washington) age 52
    Senator Jeff Merkley (Oregon) age 54
    Senator Sheldon Whitehouse (Rhode Island) age 55
    Governor Jack Markell (Delaware) age 50
    Governor Deval Patrick (Massachusetts) age 55
    Governor Peter Shumlin (Vermont) age 55

    • James Cox

      Yes! Kirsten Gillibrand is the one to watch!

  • Adrian

    Gavin Newsom, former Mayor of San Francisco, now Lieutenant Governor of California, could run for Dianne Feinstein’s Senate seat when she retires, and use that as a springboard for the presidency. So interesting that his name does not come up once.

  • Patrick Hamilton

    Hilary Clinton, Sarah Palin, and Chris Christie 2016. Maybe throw in a few low lives that think they might win. ^

  • David Gurney

    The Clintons and Obama have really depleted the Democratic Party’s bench.Very few of their people have run for President-or have been in the national discussion over some issue.This is not necessarily fatal,but any betting person would have to like the GOP with their Asian and Hispanic candidates.

  • https://twitter.com/#!/Elect2016 elect2016

    Be sure to follow me on twitter for updates on the 2016 presidential election! @elect2016
    The election is right around the corner, and the speculation begins now!

  • Aaron

    Clearly the democratic bench is weaker than the republican bench. Just looking at the list… wow, they’ve got no one. Do any of you remember Mark Warner’s 2008 keynote speech? Not very exciting.

    I disagree that Obama would not seek a non-consecutive term in 2016 if he loses in 2012. Think about it, the only realistic scenario is Mitt Romney winning a close election – 270-290 EVs to Obama’s 245-269. I really don’t see a scenario where Romney gets above 300 EVs. Obama would only be discredited if he lost a landslide. Ford was considered a possible 1980 candidate, but wasn’t popular enough in the party and Reagan was in the wings. G.H.W. Bush was unpopular within the party. I think you’re underestimating Obama’s appeal *within* the democratic party, where he retains a lot of popularity. Given their weak bench, he’d be among their best options. Obama is NOT Jimmy Carter, I repeat, NOT.

    Nevertheless, I think it’s highly unlikely Obama loses in ’12, so the point is mute. 2016 will almost surely be a republican year since they have multiple attractive options RIGHT NOW let alone in 4 years. If no democratic stars emerge, they’re going to have an aging Hillary, Sen. Warner, or some bland no-name governor.

    • Mr. Walkway

      Moot. The point is moot, not “mute”. Anyway, how does Obama’s case for election get magically stronger in 2016 supposing that he does lose a close election to Romney in ’12? Dems will put someone else up in ’16, probably someone younger that isn’t that popular yet.

      • Aaron

        Ah, yes, “moot,” my bad.

        It would be a unique situation, since the only other incumbents to lose in the modern era were people who were not too well-liked among their own party – Ford, Carter, Bush the elder. Obama retains 80% or so approval among democrats. It’s independents and republicans he’s struggling with.

        Mainly I think he could be a repeat contender because the democratic bench would be so weak, and the 2012 election, if it did go to Romney closely, could be attributed to the poor economy or some other unique factors. Plus he has the overwhelming support of blacks, the strongest single bloc in the democratic primaries. He would bring clear advantages, just from charisma and optics alone, not to mention experience, over someone like Tim Kaine or Mark Warner. I just don’t see who this “someone younger” for dems might be, at least not for 2016. It would be hard to “come out of nowhere.” We like to think Obama did, but he didn’t. He was on the top-ten list in 2004.

      • Aaron

        It wouldn’t be without precedent. Had Gerald Ford contested the 1980 republican primaries, he could have won or at least have been formidable. Reagan even gave serious consideration to bringing him on the ticket as VP, almost a “co-president.”

        Also, think Richard Nixon 1960. People that lose close are not necessarily “losers,” unlike Carter and Bush the elder, who both lost pretty handily.

  • TQ

    Okay, here are my predictions based on a 10-point scale
    1 for Attractiveness/Media Image
    1 for Youth
    1 for Size of State
    1 for Importance of State
    1 for Appeal to independents
    1 for Large Initiatives
    1 for Connections
    1 for Experience
    1 for Appeal to base
    1 for Name recognition

    Gov. Jan Brewer (AZ)- 5/10
    Gov. Mitch Daniels (IN)- 7.5/10
    Gov. Terry Branstad (IA)- 6.5/10
    Gov. Sam Brownback (KS)- 6/10
    Gov. Bobby Jindal (LA)- 7.5/10
    Gov. Chris Christie (NJ)- 7/10 (contingent on re-election, IMO unlikely if Cory Booker runs against him)
    Gov. Susana Martinez (NM)- 5.5/10
    Gov. Nikki Haley (SC)- 6/10
    Gov. Bob McDonnell (VA)- 8/10
    Sen. Marco Rubio (FL)- 7.5/10
    Sen. Rand Paul (KY)- 5.5/10
    Sen. Scott Brown (MA)- 8/10 (contingent on re-election, IMO unlikely—too bad for them because he is the best GOP potential candidate, he would toast any Democrat)
    Sen. Rob Portman (OH)- 9/10
    Sen. John Thune (SD)- 7/10
    Rep. Jeff Flake (AZ)- 7/10 (contingent on his election to the Senate, which is very likely)
    Rep. Paul Ryan (WI)- 8/10
    Gov. Jon Hunstman (UT)- 9/10
    Gov. Jeb Bush (FL)- 8.5/10

    I think 2012 will probably be an Obama squeaker, but the GOP has serious opportunity in 2016. A moderate candidate like Rob Portman, Scott Brown, or Jon Hunstman would be a shoo-in. However, they will have to fend off serious primary challenges from Arch-Conservatives like Paul Ryan and John Thune. If one of these men wins, the Democrats are looking at their first period of 12 years in power since FDR, because the economy will have recovered and America’s demographic shift will prevent a Tea-Party President from ever taking office. Don’t expect Chris Christie to win the nomination, he is obnoxious and scandal-ridden. If he faces Cory Booker in his re-election bid, he is done for. Also, Mike Huckabee and Sarah Palin will be past their prime. It will be a new face that represents the GOP. Ethnic candidates like Nikki Haley and Bobby Jindal will be appealing, but IMO a rich, white male will still be the GOP standard bearer in 2016. Perhaps someone less conservative than Thune and more than Brown will take the mantle (think Marco Rubio or Bob McDonnell). If so, the GOP still has a decent shot at winning but not the slam dunk they are guaranteed with a moderate.

    Gov. John Hickenlooper (CO)- 6.5/10
    Gov. Jack Markell (DE)- 5.5/10
    Gov. Martin O’Malley (MD)- 6.5/10
    Gov. Deval Patrick (MA)- 7.5/10
    Gov. Jay Nixon (MO) (contingent on re-election)- 7/10
    Gov. Brian Schweitzer (MT)- 7/10 (has to find way to stay in limelight though…)
    Gov. Andrew Cuomo (NY)- 8/10
    Sen. Mark Udall (CO)- 8/10
    Sen. Kirsten Gillibrand (NY)- 7.5/10
    Sen. Kay Hagan (NC)- 6/10
    Sen. Mark Warner (VA)- 7.5/10
    Gov. Tim Kaine (VA)- 9/10 (contingent on his election to the Senate; 50-50 at best)

    Supposing BO wins in 2012 (which he likely will), the Democratic candidate in 2016 will be wise to carry on his legacy. Unemployment is expected to be seriously alleviated just in time for the 2014 elections and the Democrats will be back in good graces. Unfortunately, their bench is shallow and weak. The West is quickly becoming blue so it will be to the Democrats advantage to seize it with a Western candidate. Among them, Mark Udall is easily the strongest. The same is true for the Upper South where Mark Warner or Tim Kaine will spring forth from Virginia. However, the popularity of Andrew Cuomo will make him the Hillary-esque frontrunner without a doubt. He will be the man to beat, and if he doesn’t run his mantle will fall to Martin O’Malley or Deval Patrick. This race will be surprisingly civil and subdued and the ideological differences between the frontrunners (except Mark Warner if he runs) will be minimal. Instead, look to the VP selection where the Democrats will be scrambling to add diversity to the ticket in the fact of the likely nomination of another white male. California AG Kamala Harris and future NJ governor Cory Booker are rising stars and likely to be on anyone’s shortlist. The Dems will likely lose in 2016, barring a colossal error of judgement on the part of the GOP base. However, their VP selection will be a very strong candidate for 2020 and beyond.

  • Justin Williams

    Folks many of yall are not looking at the quite field in Texas. Rick perry’s defeat in 2014 will spring up a 2016 Presidential candidate.

  • RON PAUL 2012


  • ThatOneBigot

    JON STEWART 2016!!!!

  • Kale

    Senator Joe Manchin(D-WV) 2012!!!

    • Kale

      Sen. Joe Manchin(D-WV) for President in 2016!!!

  • Gerry Baldwin

    congressmen Bill Rogers 2016

  • kevin

    I believe Rick Santorum will be back if Romney does in fact lose the race this year

  • Heather Derringer

    Actually, I will be running in 2016.

  • alexander niazi

    i belive Andy Basiago is a good candidate, just google him.

  • KJ

    Gary Locke!

  • Josh Mizesko

    Senator Ron Wyden(D-OR) would be a good candidate.

  • 1vox

    Governor Gary Johnson and Judge Jim Gray will be running again on the Libertarian Party ticket in 2016.

    We encourage all Democrats who want the government to protect their individual liberties and want the U.S. out of wars, as well as all conservative Republicans, Ron Paul supporters, etc., to help us end the two-party system, with or without the media’s help.

  • Joe

    I would be heavily supportive of Gavin Newsom as the Democratic Nominee. On the side of the Republicans, however, judging off of recent history the nominee will be Rick Santorium (consider this: those who finish second generally win the primary system the next time around for the Republicans: Bush finished behind Reagan and then took the nomination in 1988, Dole finished behind Bush in 1988 and took the nomination in 1996, McCain finished second to Bush in 2000 and then took the nomination in 2008, and Romney finished second to McCain in 2008 and took the nomination in 2012.
    My best bet would be a Santorum nomination in 2016. I think someone like Rand Paul could be his running mate. On the Democratic side, Gavin Newsom is an attractive candidate for the Democrats. He was a very successful mayor of San Francisco and is currently the Lt.Governor of California. He is a charming and engaging speaker, good looking, intelligent, and strong supporter of gay rights, abortion rights, the dream act, universal health care, education reform (both at the primary level and the university level), and green energy. Newsom seems to be the person to watch out for in 2016.

  • zip belluna

    Rip Taylor, Howard Stern, Mike Huckabee, Sean Penn, Sylvester Stallone all potential candidates in ’16

  • Pinokeeo

    Put a Republican and a Democrat in a box and shake it up.The result is 2 damaged politicians.Put them in a blender and you get a mix.Maybe we should remove the greed and selfishness before we do this.I think we will get a good mix.

  • http://isydney sydney

    mitt romeny was going to take seame street

  • Joseph Ardito

    We the people of the United States need a “new candidate” to run for the presidency of the United States, a person with integrity, honor and respect for the country and constitution. A candidate for the people, that hasn’t been tarnished by greed, corruption or communism.

    • http://www.facebook.com/ashley.brooks.5201 Ashley Brooks

      Rand Paul

      • john

        smoke some more meth dude

      • Learn English in a Snap

        No, not him…

    • Barbara

      Dr. Ben Carson!

      • Carlaconnor

        Who the hell is that? never heard of him, so LOSER!!!!!!!!

      • Barbara

        Carla, you should learn about Dr. Carson before you pass any judgement or remarks! I’m sure you will find him satisfactory and he is a good Christian man. I have his books and he has been on TV, radio, newspapers, in the spotlight and the Dr. who spoke at the Prayer Breakfast this year where obamanos was in attendance. Take a look at his books found in bookstores or go to RunBenRun.org. YOU are not in the know if you don’t know about Dr. Ben Carson! John Phillip Sousa is campaign manager! That speaks for itself! His book America the Beautiful is a #1 New York Times Bestseller! He just retired from John Hopkins, he is a Professor of Neurosurgery, plastic surgery, oncology and pediatrics, and the Director of Pediatric Neurosurgery at John Hopkins Medical Institutions. Author of 4 bestselling books! He serves on the boards of the Kellogg Co., Costco Wholesale Corp. and the Academy of Achievement, among others, and is an Emeritus Fellow of the Yale Cooperation. He cofounded the Carson Scholars Fund (carsonscholars.org) a 501c3 established to counteract America’s crisis in education by identifying and rewarding academic role models in the 4th-11th grades, regardless of race, creed, religion and social economic status, who also demonstrates humanitarian qualities. He resides in Balitmore County, Maryland. So there is a little bit about a great citizen of this country and who would make a great President for our country and for Americans! SO….!!!!!!!!

      • Barbara

        Oh, Dr. Carson has a new book that just came out…5 books to his credit!

      • Chris

        Carlaconnor – Dr. Ben Carson is an amazing man. He is intelligent, compassionate, logical, analytical, patriotic and possesses business sense as well. Don’t be quick to judgment – as Dr. Ben Carson is an excellent choice.

      • Chet Steadman

        Will never get my vote if people like you are in tow. And my vote counts just as much as yours!

      • Learn English in a Snap

        No, not him.

    • Deborah

      Dennis Michael Lynch, successful businessman and filmmaker is the one to watch. DML2016.com

    • Learn English in a Snap

      But what if that person had no choice, or they would go to jail if they didn’t conform to a corrupt law?


      Agreed Sir, we need a politician that more like Davy Crockett, William Barret Travis, or George Washington were Politicians that will defend what they stand for for as long as they can stand or sit, a Politician that will fight for the success of the United States rather than fight to destroy it, we need a politician that’s got grit and would rather die fighting for what they believe in rather than surrender to the enemies of freedom.

    • Frank DeCota

      I agree Joe, that’s why I am putting it out there, Frank DeCota for President 2016.

    • Eric John

      Andrew Basagio

    • I’mFrank

      Amen brother, Ame,. Hard to find these days

  • http://www.facebook.com/ashley.brooks.5201 Ashley Brooks

    Rand Paul 2016! A man with a spine who will stand up for We The People and our constitution!

    • john

      Only cause Paul is Gay isn’t it ??? or is that Ron Paul , how about Ran and Ron running together with some sheep

      • Barbara

        How about asking obama about his extra activities NOT Rand or Ron Paul! Also michelle obama…look at her features and her past or current activities! The Paul’s are not gay nor transvestite’s! No one does their research…where are you from john? The United States?

      • Chet Steadman

        What do you know about life when you hide inside of a box called religion? You are afraid of death so you accept a theory as pure fact just to give yourself a false sense of security.

      • http://batman-news.com/ Eugene Mendenhall

        that pussy ass nigga will get raped and murdered by democaratic nigggeeers

      • Learn English in a Snap

        Please elaborate on your complaint.

      • BabyImBack

        See this is exactly why other countries have no respect or fear of this country anymore. We give the right to vote and speak freely to those that shoot their mouth off with vulgarities and slurs on such an important and delicate subject. Guess what pal you also have the right to an IQ exam.
        This is America. We are all immigrants. What makes us Americans is that we accept eachother dont take kindly to racial disputes. Start acting like an American or get out.

    • Barbara

      You are right about that one!

    • Carlaconnor

      you need to stop drinking the sauce or smoking the weed, the guys an idiot.

      • Barbara

        Carla, do your research before saying everyone else is wrong but you!

      • Barbara

        I do not smoke nor have EVER taken ANY TYPE of drug except prescribed by a doctor! You should also!

      • Chet Steadman

        Probably never done anything besides the missionary position and have no concept of oral sex either. What a sad emtpy life you don’t even know you lead.

      • Chet Steadman

        Wiat a minute. You are preaching about religion and something named god in your posts. You should heed your own advice.

      • Learn English in a Snap

        Please elaborate. Thank you.

    • Learn English in a Snap

      I shouldn’t judge him because of what his Dad neglected to do in a moment of crisis which continues to this very day.

  • http://www.facebook.com/frank.hogan.7712 Frank Hogan

    Senator Martin Sandoval,(52 by then), Democratic Candidate for President in November 2016.

    • Frank Hogan

      Martin A Sandoval 2016 Democatic Nomination Bid.

  • tonya cobb

    Well said. I’ve racked my brain trying to figure out what to say to encourage Republican and Democratic voters (and other parties as well) to consider getting their views in check and lined up with the right party. Gary stands for all issues but stands strong on enforcing our liberties and economic strengths. To add to your comment.. for ALL people young AND old! :)

  • adamgh124

    Republicans:Rep Paul Ryan of Wisconson/Rep. Marco Rubio of Florida
    Democrats: Vice President Joe Biden for Pres/Governor Mark Warner of Virginia

    • john

      Narco – Polo

  • Frank Hogan

    kiernanmc: You Mention Brian Sandoval, What about Illinois Senator Martin A. Sandoval who will be 52 by November 2016 And,(If Elected 45th President), he’ll be 53 by innauguration day 2017.

  • terry1956

    Pat Paulson for president 2016.

  • Mark Yamamoto

    Jeb Bush 2016

    • john

      Jeb and Jack

    • Barbara

      another bush and obama

  • Gator

    We want someone with an American name.

    • Barbara

      Learn about Dr. Ben Carson and Ted Cuz

  • Bj

    Since I like to play with astrology. I think you may be wrong here. I see neither of these republicans making it to the top two. Also….I do not see a republican as president in the year 2016. We’ll see.

  • Nancy Harrington


    • john

      MITT is Afraid from the butt woppen he got last time, Trump , I would rather have Howard Stern

      • Barbara

        The b___ woppen you speak of john, corruption and voter fraud, is the person who you say gave the b___ woppen! Howard Stern is of questionable character!

    • Barbara

      Trump probably would make a good President of the United States but don’t think he’s interested or will run for the presidency.

  • MJ

    condoleezza rice for president 2016

    • Barbara

      She said she isn’t running!

  • Art Williams

    Art Williams 2016 First thing he will work to bring back a version of the WPA

  • Art Williams

    Art Williams for prez –make the minimum military enlistment 5 years. A full year of basic . A full year of specialist training and 3 years deployment !

  • Art Williams

    Art Williams for prez a flat tax for everyone . NO EXEMPTIONS AT ALL. You make a million you pay tax on a million . No matter how you made it.

    • Randy Cantor

      and if you’re given a dollar in welfare you pay a dime!

  • Art Williams

    Art Williams for prez A reassessment of all FED positions , I’ll bet 25% are BS and 25% more are questionable.

  • Art Williams

    Art Williams for prez I believe that states rights are paramount . With a Governors ass closer to your foot than a Fed ass we’ll have a more responsive overall government.

  • darrell

    Phil Robertson

    • john

      Phil and Arnold for Pres…

  • Daniel from TN

    Don’t be in a hurry to dismiss obama in 2016. I believe there is a chance the 22nd amendment will be repealed just before the start of the 2016 campaign season. If it is repealed then obama will be the Democrat candidate for president in 2016, 2020, and possibly 2024. The DNC will keep nominating him and voter fraud will keep him in office.

    • SW

      I hope that you can see that Obama was never the best choice for these great United States of America

    • Barbara

      Daniel from Tennessee…I think you are RIGHT! He will stay in office no matter what means or how he does it…fraud and corruption is his game to stay in office! Pray to the Lord for intervention into obama’s agenda! God is in control and he has a plan!

      • Chet Steadman

        Prove it barb. You are just a windbag without proof.

      • Jim J

        And then as soon as someone else is elected and you realize your theory is bogus, it was divine intervention that the 22nd amendment stood its ground. When its bad for you its because of Satan, when it benefits your beliefs its God’s will. I myself believe in God, and I still think you and your kind are nut cases.

  • JRF
  • GDH

    Why do the Republicans keep pretending that Sarah Palin is qualified to be a United States President? She is definitely not qualified and only uses the media for money and her need for constant negative attention.

    • http://seekandlovethetruth.tumblr.com/ Love the Truth

      Because if Barack Obama passed the sniff test, that opens up the world of possibilities to just about anyone not in jail for a felony. You can lie, have no experience, be a socialist and never have had a real job in your entire life and… yep, we’re that gullible. Palin looks like a rock star compared to Barry once you get over the myths and the media hype for their beloved messiah.

      You asked. That’s why.

      • john

        do you like to sniff poop

    • Barbara

      obamanos sure the heck was not qualified…bought and paid for!

  • SW

    We need a strong person that will not back down in the face of fear. We need someone that is strong to the principles that the United States of America. We need a true American.

    • Truth

      That leaves out all future democrats.
      Obama did a good job at giving the go-a-head at killing the terrorists though. I don’t think there’s another democrat would do that as good.

      • Barbara

        obama does not mean well…it is for his and the muslims benefit…wait and see! The land is for the muslims…obama is a muslim no matter what country he would try to rule or take over! He will answer also one day. I feel sorry for him.

    • Barbara

      SW…I agree 100% with you! We should all vote for someone that is born in the United States and a citizen of the United States! Someone that loves America and the American people…that will do the right thing for both country and citizens! Not for a man’s self interest and hates America and the American people, especially with hatred and revenge. The New World Order is trying to come about by different countries and as a consequence is creating turmoil and hatred for fellow men throughout the world. This is obama’s agenda, bought and paid for I’m thinking. The muslims want to take over and obama wants to flood them into this country. This is our country and he must not take over. After his term is over he should bow out and go his own way. Hillary is an obama clone of obama’s and think she still hates obama! So we don’t know what the outcome will be…we must stand up to tyranny and breaking the United States laws and God’s laws. We all must live in peace, live and let live…not take over a country against the will of it’s people!

      • Chet Steadman

        your god has to be a proven entity to establish laws. Religous laws are based on theory and should never be adopted as facts.

  • Sandalius Constantine LeStat

    Jesse Ventura 2016!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • Chet Steadman

      Not with his current stance on opening the borders. That was a dealbreaker for me.

  • john

    Hillary and the Crow Call

  • john

    must be an idiot script writer

  • john

    Will and Roy 2016

  • Havaneiss Dei

    JESSE RAGLAND in 2016!

    And while you’re at it, replace the nitwits of the Obama Congress!

    • Havaneiss Dei

      The Ragland campaign has been postponed until after the 2016 election cycle.

  • Truth


    • Barbara

      That is for sure Truth!

      • Chet Steadman

        Truth has to be proven. You cannot prove what you say.

    • nate schmitz

      SO true

      • Chet Steadman

        How so? Prove it?

    • Carlaconnor

      No we need a muslim to wipeout all the christians and put them all to death.

      • Truth

        Everyone know Muslim is a fake religion. All Muslims are going to hell. Muslims are ignorant.

      • Barbara

        This is the truth! muslims outcry is revenge as obama also says! They want to take over the world and kill anyone and everyone who gets in their way…They will also answer one day. John 14:6 We will all answer on judgement day. Carla you know not what you say because the muslims will answer like everyone else, especially if they did not obey the 10 commandments or accept God’s way or invitation as their savior on Earth.

      • Chet Steadman

        Again, do you have any proof of noncompliance with your religion? Quoting words written by human hands claiming some divine instruction does not help your cause of establishing credibility.

      • Truth

        Hey Chet, if you want to do something useful pass a law that puts a salary cap on all pastors of $50,000 a year. It makes me sick to see these agnostic pastors using God’s name to get millions of dollars for themselves.
        Kenneth Copeland, Robert Morris, TD Jakes, Ed Young, Gary Smith, and many more.
        They are telling people they have to give 10% of all their money to God then the pastors are taking home millions a year. They are lying to the people.

      • Barbara

        God hates no one…I believe He preaches a theme throughout the Bible…LOVE ONE ANOTHER! The Bible is a perfect and true book. He condemns those who do not love Him or keep His commandments, Thou shalt not kill, and you must acknowledge Him publicly, accepting Him as your personal Savior to be with Him in His kingdom…John 14:6.

      • Truth

        Your right

      • Chet Steadman

        How do you know she is right? Prove it.

      • Truth

        I been praying to God that I am here when He sends 7 years of plagues, famine, and disaster on earth then Jesus will come down and every eye shall see and ever knee shall bow. I want to be here so I can see the look on all you atheists and Muslims faces.
        I disagree a lot of times with what Christians are doing, such as millionaire pastors telling people to give money to God then the Pastor takes that money and buys mansions, planes, and expensive cars. But I’m sure God is real mainly because of the words of Jesus.

      • Chet Steadman

        How do you know this god you speak of wrote this? Were you there when it was penned or are you just accepting this as fact blindly? did this god character use a BIC pen and recycled paper?

      • Truth

        Are you related to Truelogic? Sounds like you are. I am so positive God is real and my personal relationship with Him is so strong that I have pity on those that don’t have such a strong relationship with God as I do.
        Just the words of Jesus alone is so perfect that that alone should be proof enough for you.
        My prayers get answered a lot which is more evidence that God, my Father in Heaven is real.

      • Barbara

        Think you should pray to the one God that will judge in the end of time! Everyone of us will stand before him and answer for their self. Just wait and watch!
        2 Chronicles :14 Ecclesiates 10:2

      • Truth

        Barbara is smart and wise.

      • Chet Steadman

        Far from it. Try blind and ignorant.

      • Chet Steadman

        Did you read that in a book? You make claims about something you cannot and will never prove.

      • Barbara

        What do you base, or can prove, your statement on Carlaconnor?

      • Chet Steadman

        This Jesus you speak of was just another form of life on the planet. Just like David Koresch and L Ron Hubbard. Why are other prophets wrong and only this Jesus fella right? Many disagree with you. Your faith is only an opinion, not a fact.

      • Barbara

        You should fear the Lord for what you do and say. Each name of each person is written in the Lamb’s book of life…their birth time and their death.

      • Chet Steadman

        Why? what happens? Have you seen the results of noncompliance? Congratulations, you must have been dead and brought back to life! idiot.

      • Duard coke

        we need a president the will stand up a gaainst the crim cartail’s here in america and not be scared to take action at all cost and bring those to justice that are corruped in our offices federal and local and serve with the gratest of honor and have no merrcy up on the law officer’s that are corruped in our comunityes.

      • Chet Steadman

        No we need an Atheist that will not let religious theory corrupt the public any further. And, of course, wipe out the Christians.

      • elizabeth

        Wow Carla! Why you have so much hate in your heart? Do you have one? It seems to me that you have mental problem that needed to be resolved. Dr Ben Carson can lead you into the right path…

  • ausin rollison

    bush bush bush bush bush

  • Barbara

    I am voting for Dr. Ben Carson! That is if obamanos isn’t staying in office!


    CHER for President/ Madonna for Vice President/ Oprah Speaker of the House/

    • CHRIS2PHER850

      the Rainbow Party

      • CHRIS2PHER850

        Katy Perry and Pink: Party Planners

  • ghazi

    Susan Rice I see her a proper candidate for president of the united states to succeed obama. I don’g know why, but this is my solid belief about it.

  • Barbara

    I will pray for those who do not believe in Jesus Christ…John 14:6

  • Jessica Martin

    Wait, so mitt and clinton?

  • Larry W Kitchens

    we need people who will do more for this country like the disabled, Veterans, senior citizens and they need to rewrite or amend Meghans Law and make it for people who has been falsely accused and was found not guilty by jury trial for aggravated sexual assault 1st % to come off of meghans law there are millions of people who can not work, find a job, obtain housing and are discriminated about because of this thank you bill Clinton for passing this law you should be on your own law for taking advantvage of monica Lewinsky whom was old enough to be your daughter I guess that you would commit incest with your own daughter and get away with it same on you mr Clinton

  • Frank DeCota

    Frank DeCota for President 2016 on facebook !

  • Learn English in a Snap

    You will, or are now? Did you apply? Did you ask USA.gov whether you have been recognized as a candidate? I know the constitution doesn’t require an application, but it would be a service to the government if they can have all of the information in front of them so they can take a good look at it, and see for themselves what the candidate says about himself, not what other people say about them only.

  • K a m a u

    1. Joe Biden 2. Kamala Harris 3. Colin Powell

  • piper1964

    it’s time to start over everybody on the hill is for there self not for anybody out here that works for a living not living off my tax dollars. nobody up there listens to us. how can we reward some for breaking our laws then we give them all of are rights that’s crazy. if it takes the government to shut down I’m all for that then maybe Obma will really hear the people he said he did but he didn’t care so what do we do to stop him

  • peterpanpiper

    I find it amazing that unless there rich no 3rd party candidates are never mentioned in any news articals like David jon sponheim

  • sam

    thank god OBAMA can’t run for office again

  • Billy Mac

    Monica Lewinsky’s Boyfriends Wife is Running For The President Of The United States of America? REALLY