5 Reasons John Kasich will be Trump’s Vice President

When it comes to the Republican party, most people have come to the conclusion that Donald Trump will get the nomination. Even if this is not the case, I would venture to say that the billionaire would jump in as an independent and have a very strong candidacy for the presidency. Regardless of how he does it, rest assured that Trump will be on the 2016 final ballot. The question is who will be standing alongside him as the Vice Presidential nominee? While many hypothesized that Donald Trump would choose Ted Cruz as his running mate, the bridges have not only been burned but blown up, vaporized, and then washed away by the river. Both candidates have mercilessly attacked the other to the point where anyone even hinting at a 2016 election alliance would be laughed at.

Why John Kasich?

1 – Trump Hasn’t Attacked Kasich

To see the potential for the partnership in 2016 between John Kasich and Donald Trump, you have to look to the debates, especially on who Trump has attacked. Granted, Trump has yet to attack Ben Carson, but the inexperience of that presidential hopeful is not likely to get him any pull with Trump. In truth, the only other candidate that has not come under Donald Trump’s criticism and harsh debating has been John Kasich.

2 – Kasich & Trump Align on the Issues

Kasich, who in recent polls falls last amongst the other presidential hopefuls, seems to parallel Donald Trump on the issues. Yes, there have been a few differences in the realm of Immigration Reform, but as a whole the two see eye to eye on issues. If they can find common ground on Immigration as well as Donald Trump’s admiration of Vladimir Putin they would get along quite well.

3 – Trump Needs a Political Insider

CNN reported on February 24th 2016 that Donald Trump stated that he needs a political insider as a Vice President. This goes alongside with the experience and the claims of being a political insider from John Kasich. Donald Trump has stated that “most likely that would be a political person” when asked about his VP considerations. Kasich presents both the political knowledge from his part in prior administrations as well as business and media experience from his positions as the Commentator for Fox news as well as the Managing director, investment banking, for Lehman Brothers.

While Donald Trump is apt to have political connections from his business dealings, which can be seen in the attacks that have been made on his contributions to Hillary PRIOR to her running for the presidency, it is unlikely that such a candidate will come from outside of the Republican presidential hopefuls.

4 – Kasich has Already Declared Trump the Winner

Fox news reported that Kasich predicted that Trump will sweep Super Tuesday. This may be true, but for a presidential hopeful to admit defeat prior to the results being in is in many respects is a sign that the candidate will be dropping out. Kasich has stated that if he does not win Ohio that it is time for him to drop out of the race. Kasich says that any candidate that cannot win his own state should drop out, so this is not a definitive admission that he will be dropping out, but rather a hint at it. When combined with the statement that he will back the GOP nomination regardless of who that may be (and all the polls point to Trump) it does appear that there may be another agenda at play.

5 – Ohio

Kasich would go a long way toward giving Ohio to the Republicans in November. It’s a critical state that gives Kasich an automatic advantage over other potential VP candidates.

When will we know?

It is hard to effectively gauge when and if Kasich will side with Donald Trump for the Presidency/Vice Presidency, but a clear indicator of his intentions will follow Super Tuesday. Should the presidential hopeful not win Ohio, it will be interesting to see with whom he cast his hat for the Republican nomination. While he is strongly stating that he can go head to head against Donald Trump, this could be a strategic ploy to show that he can stand with the leading Republican should Trump get the GOP nomination.

There are many factors to consider for the Trump/ Kasich possible alliance and most of these considerations point to a beneficial result for not only the two parties but for the Republican party as a whole, specifically Kasich’s more “laid back” nature coupled with Trumps “aggressive nature” will make for a ballot that meets both sides of the voting spectrum.

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