5 Reasons Why 2016 is Hillary’s Year

A name that will definitely shake up the race in 2016 is Hillary Clinton. The former first lady and former Secretary or State is a smart and well poised figure in the political arena. It will not surprise many if Hillary Clinton decides to run in 2016. Here is a look at why 2016 is considerably different that 2008, and she why 2016 is Hillary’s year.

The Difference between 2008 and 2016

Hillary was a shoe-in until a brand new Democratic option came out and wooed the country. That man’s name is President Barack Obama. While they were competitors then, Clinton joined his cabinet as Secretary of State and proved to be exceptionally resourceful in that role. While she was a viable candidate in 2008, in 2016 she will be a rock star, showing that she is much more than just a former first lady. Her political prowess, know-how on an international level, and connections in the US will likely benefit her campaign in a big way.

Former First Lady

She has been in the White House before and she knows how to handle herself well under stress. She would not need to learn the ropes, make new connections, or worry about how she will fit in. White House and Washington as a whole is very familiar with the former first lady and her strategies. She will come into the role of Madam President with vigor and at full force, picking up where her predecessor left off.

Former Secretary of State

As former Secretary of State, she has worked under deep stress, proved she has the grit and the guts to deal with tough domestic problems as well as fragile international crises. As Commander in Chief, Hillary Clinton would bring her experience as Secretary of State into the oval office, and we will have a tough as nails president, unafraid of standing up for the 50 states. Her experience as Secretary of State heightened and strengthened her ability to communicate negotiate with other diplomats, gave her first hand experience in foreign policy, and will prove to be a major asset in the future.

Could Have the Backing of Obama

Rather than competing against the charismatic enigma that is President Obama, she could receive his backing. While Joe Biden is his second in command right now, there is no guarantee that he will back him for the presidency, should he decide to run in 2016. I think with Hillary’s excellent track record as Secretary of State will earn Obama’s support. In addition, Republicans may be cautious of running against Clinton in the general election. According an article released by Business Insider, GOP insiders have major concerns of running against Hillary.

She Has Proved that She is Worthy of the Title of Commander in Chief

Hillary Clinton has come a long, long way since her days as first lady. She is tough under pressure, intelligent, relatable, and well connected. She has had proven success on a domestic and international scale, and she has proven that she is worthy of the title of Commander in Chief.

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