5 Reasons Why Hillary Will Not Be The 45th President of the United States

Sure, she seems so inevitable. It’s her turn. She’s served her party and its current leader with unwavering loyalty. She’s a centrist who won’t ruffle too many feathers. America would never be so foolish as to elect someone like Donald Trump, especially after twice electing the first black President in American history. And so the narrative goes among establishment Democrats and some alleged Republicans as they stare down the barrel of the biggest obstacle to the advancement of the bipartisan cabal that is firmly entrenched at the heights of elected power in this country.

Hillary Clinton is their last, best hope of survival, as business as usual will be anything but if she does not succeed in her near-obsessive pursuit of the nation’s highest office. She is attempting to squeeze one last con out of a gullible and frightened voting public, betting her remaining chips on the idea that not enough of us have yet to see the system for what it is, and that far fewer have resolved to do something about it. The evidence suggests she is hopelessly wrong, however, and here’s why.

1 – Hillary Clinton represents exactly what Americans are revolting against

2016 is the worst year that she could have picked to run promising a third heaping helping of the same mediocrity and gridlock we’ve been force-fed for the last eight years. That’s beyond what’s known as a “tough sell”, that’s nearly impossible, and a Clinton victory of any size would be largely owed to votes against her opponent rather than for her. But, assuming she faces a foe who can articulate a marginally cohesive, theoretically plausible vision for the nation, she has no chance in November. Her plan fails to cut a distinct departure from the policies which got us here, and her proposals do nothing to change them. Making matter worse, she hasn’t even tried to pass them off as her “principles” which at least earns you a little respect when everyone knows you’re wrong. She’s been racing Bernie Sanders to the left, leaving behind her base of support and narrowing the broadness of her appeal. The ugliness of her attempt to thread the needle between placating the activist left and not posing any threats to the legacy of the man (Obama) who’s FBI might just drop a crippling indictment in her lap is rarely lost on anyone taking an objective look at her. Never before has so much been alleged of a politician without it ruining that person’s career. Many foolishly assume that she would have resigned if anyone really had the goods on her and husband Bill, but most also assume she possesses a set of moral principles which even remotely resemble their own, or that the accusations are too outlandish for them to possibly be true.

That view is changing, however, even inside her own party, where she still holds immense power and influence. This influence stops far short of the realm of the average American voter, only holding sway in a world foreign to all but a select few party big-wigs, who just so happen to be on our collective shit-list at the moment. She could tell the base until she is blue in the face about how much they need her, and it will not change the fact that she has lied and said whatever she could to retain her power, while making the enrichment of her family and the consolidation of her power a priority constantly above the best interests of those who elected her or her husband, and there is now a GOP claiming to be desperate enough to bring it up.

2 – Republicans are ready to play hardball

Unless John Kasich steals the nomination in a brokered convention, Hillary Clinton will be facing the toughest opponent she will ever have the misfortune to go up against. Combine this with an electorate which is skeptical of anything resembling the status quo and the sledding is already unusually tough for Ms. Clinton before a single vote has been cast. The ammunition is plentiful, and a skillful rhetorical performance which simplistically and methodically paints a bigger picture of lies, greed, corruption and conspiracy which is merely a representation of the facts is all that is needed to block her bid for the White House. President Clinton’s alleged sexual assault victims would be off-limits if not for their equally-believable assertions about Hillary’s role in silencing them to protect her own ambitions. Few images in politics are as rich as the one in which Ms. Clinton loudly demands victims of sexual assault be extended the right to be believed, when she orchestrated coordinated smear campaigns on those of her husband, but only after the verbal and physical intimidation failed to shut them up, which was rare. That round hasn’t even begun yet.

3 – Americans have yet to form their opinions

Sure, she leads Ted Cruz and Donald Trump by double-digits, but she trails John Kasich by identical margins. This is due to the fact that up until now, Trump and Cruz have been too busy attempting to define one another to launch an effective rebuttal to the misinformation being surreptitiously circulated by the Clinton campaign in a preemptive attempt to neutralize her future opponent’s credibility, rendering his accusations harmless, however truthful they may be. But this won’t always work. She has far less proof that Donald Trump is a racist, which is her entire case against him, than he has of her wanton corruption and ethical lapses. She has not one human being willing to so much as lie about hearing Trump use the N-word, yet he has several women ready and willing to go in front of a camera and detail the attack and injuries inflicted by Bill Clinton, and the insult-adding intimidation by wife Hillary, even for the crime of being the unlucky one who ended up physically rebuffing her husband’s advances, through no fault or enticement of their own. Others will tell of his biting and near-severing of their bottom lip as her attempted to penetrate them against their will, as if to hold them in place, biting down with each twitch of resistance as he took advantage of his status as a powerful, white, southern good old boy who’d never be convicted by twelve men and women in any court in all of Arkansas, to satisfy his sexual urges by preying upon women whom no one would believe, even if they did come forward.

Millions of dollars paid to speak to large gatherings of the very people who ruined the economy and then rigged it against you even further while you were in a catatonic state after reading your 401k statement. People who plan to do anything in their power to ensure that this continues unabated paid Ms. Clinton millions to speak of something which Team Clinton has vehemently refused to share with the public. Not to mention, that indictment may drop at any minute, helping Americans to form their opinion on who’s the most dangerous candidate once and for all.

4 – She cannot count on the youth vote

One of the most common misperceptions by Hillary supporters is their assumption that the Obama coalition will automatically turn out for Clinton as well, which could not be further from the truth. The Obama coalition, especially the 2008 demographics, will never come about again, as his was an election about making history and believing in a new course for the nation. While Hillary would be the first female President in U.S. history, she would not represent a change of course to remedy the stagnation in their wages and the squeeze of inflation brought about by her former boss.

The youngest voters, ages 18 to 24, have little to no recollection of life under President Bush, and most likely view it favorably, as most of us do our pre-adult years before we had any financial responsibilities. Their parents probably made more money and spent less on living expenses, leaving them with more of it to do what they please with. Those who are voting Democratic and are actually happy about it, are stubborn Sanders supporters who will not turn out for Hillary the way their older brothers and sisters did for Obama in 2008. Not after watching her win by bribing the super delegates with ambassadorships, cabinet posts and rides on Air Force One instead of riding the support of the grassroots to the nomination.

5 – The black vote is a total wildcard

If Barack Obama couldn’t change anything, and actually made it worse in some ways, what is Hillary Clinton going to do for the African American community? How much is she willing to help a group of people earn more and live longer given the fact that Americans skew overwhelmingly conservative as age and income rise? As of now, Trump garners 12% of the black vote. If those numbers hold, there is no path for either Democrat to get to the White House. And it’s no fluke. Mr. Trump is the only candidate on either side to speak about black entrepreneurship and self-employment, listing it as a priority of his presidency. This is a clear departure from the iron-fisted attempts by the Democratic Party to keep African Americans on the Left-Wing Thought Plantation, as they have for the last 50 years.

With this in mind, it is likely that many black voters will correctly surmise that if Barack Obama could not spur his party to effect real reforms and usher in real change is it relates to his own community, neither will this old white woman who once loudly called for what she deemed “super-predators” to be “brought to heel”. These “super-predators” she spoke of were overwhelmingly black, and you can count on that video being replayed over the airwaves in the nation’s inner cities throughout the Fall, and it will fall on very few deaf ears.

Hillary Clinton is not “real”, and will be exposed as such, which is a cardinal sin in a community that is built upon loyalty to each other and to the advancement of the community as a whole.

Clinton is also on the wrong side of an immigration fight which affects African Americans more than most Americans, as the jobs being taken by illegal laborers once belonged predominantly to black workers, who have seen entire job sectors disappear as hordes of invisible people have flooded into the country offering work for sub-poverty line wages and without the payroll taxes which apply to employers who hire Americans.

Trump wants to plug the source of these workers by building a real barrier on our border, plus make their home nation pay for it in return for all the stolen wages shipped back to Mexico and Central America by their citizens. He also pledges to deport the ones who are here, effectively removing them from the positions they currently fill, while simultaneously repealing the payroll tax and Obamacare, two of the biggest reasons for firms opting for illegal labor over hiring Americans. These proposals represent for the black community what amounts to their best shot at a change of course and a fighting chance at a bright future.

At the very least, many thousands of black voters will stay home on Election Day if they don’t in fact cross over and vote for Donald Trump, and that alone could derail Clinton’s years-long White House push once and for all.

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