5 Things to Expect from the DNC

With the Republican National Convention complete, the Democratic National Convention is getting ready to start. Being that the RNC was the first of the two conferences, it is realistic to conclude that the Democratic Convention will hone in on some of the attacks which were made from Monday through Thursday at the RNC.

Hillary Clinton will have to present a strong argument against some of the accusations if she wishes to gain voters. Here are a few topics which are sure to be addressed.

1 – The Practicality of a Wall

Illegal immigration has been on the table since the 80s. Never has a wall actually been a reality. Donald Trump has building a wall as a major platform of his campaign. As such, Hillary Clinton will need to debunk this idealistic thought that a wall can be constructed and that by doing so the immigration problem will end.

She must show the cost of the wall, show how Mexico could not possibly fund the wall, and then show the weaknesses of trying to construct the wall. Furthermore, you should expect her to talk about the 9/11 terrorists coming through Canada instead of Mexico and questioning Donald Trump on how he will address this issue.

2 – We Need to Handle Our Financial Situation

Donald Trump (as well as others) has continuously stated that the finances of the country are worse off than 8 years ago. Hillary Clinton will have to show that the country is on the up-and-up again, and not declining into another economic crisis. The finances will need to have a definitive plan, especially when going toe-to-toe with a business giant. Can she do this? Possibly. However, in order to do so it would behoove her to cut ties with the Obama administration so she can pass the buck on the current administration and focus on the future administration.

3 – Explain How the Democrats Will Not Limit the Freedom of the Public

Government power is another platform in which the Republicans have made their stand. Specifically, the RNC honed in on corrupt government and Hillary’s intent on expanding upon government supported programs and policies which would limit the freedom of the American people.

During the Democratic National Convention, Hillary needs to show that she is balancing the programs of the government, cutting programs which are non-effective while bringing new programs which will benefit the public. She cannot give the impression that she will put the American people second.

4 – Dividing the Republican Party

It is no doubt that the Democratic convention will seek to divide the Republicans further. As the GOP has had a number of issues in its unity, Hillary Clinton is apt to hone in on Ted Cruz’s refusal to endorse Donald Trump. If she can present the Republican party as being unstable and shaky, then Hillary Clinton may be able to gain the support of those voters that have not determined if they want to vote Democrat or Republican. Her philosophy should be that “a house divided will fall”.

5 – Skating Around Those Pesky Emails and Benghazi

Don’t expect to see much coverage on the emails or on the Benghazi issues. Yes, she may touch on the subjects, but it would not be in her best interest to put these issues in the spotlight. First, the FBI has stated that she was negligent with the emails. Negligence is not an attribute of a potential president and may harm the party. She may state that the issue has been resolved and state that the issue is not as big as Republicans would make it.

Benghazi is a bit harder to skate around. Yes, she can blame the attack on a video. But the fact remains that there were stand down orders and people died. Regardless of the reason, human life was lost. If addressed, Hillary Clinton should take some new angle yet to be used.

So, What Should We Expect?

If the DNC is anything like the Republican National Convention in terms of its overall structure (not its content), we can expect to see a star studded cast with several members noted by the Democratic party as keynote speakers.

I would hope that the DNC gets a bit away from the SNL atmospherics which perforated the RNC, but it is unlikely. Why? When it comes to politics and campaigning it is always the ‘do it bigger and better’ mentality. So, if the Republican National Convention was comparable to SNL, the Democratic National Convention is apt to be the equivalent of Woodstock.

But hey, why not have it filled with carelessness and disregard, is that not what she is known for? After all, should she get caught in a scandal Hillary can always deny, delete, and cover it up.

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