7 Surprising Facts from the Trump/Clinton Debate

We did an analysis of the full transcript, and it revealed some interesting stats. It turns out Trump spoke a lot more, but he used tiny, tiny words – words that someone below a 4th grade reading level would use.

1. Trump spoke a total of 8,518 words compared to Clinton’s 6,074.

2. Scanning through the transcript, it looks like Trump interrupted Clinton 15 times during the debate. Clinton interrupted Trump 3 times.

3. Trump only used 19 words that were more than 12 letters long compared to Clinton’s 36 (90% more than Trump).

4. Trump used 1 syllable words (not counting grunts and sniffs) 5,679 times. My favorite from the transcript being “Ugh.”. Clinton used words with 1 syllable 3,924 times, 30% less frequently.

5. Clinton spoke at a 6th grade reading level, more than 2 grades above the grade-level that Trump spoke at. Using the Automated Readability Index, his performance at the debate ranked just below a 4th grade level, at 3.9.

Here’s another interesting comparison based on research done at Carnegie Mellon using data from before¬†the debate.

clinton-trupmp-debate6. Trump’s 5 Favorite Words:
Very (71 times)
Money (17 times)
Great (16 times)
Tremendous (11 times)
Me (37 times)

7. Clinton’s 5 Favorite Words:
Jobs (17 times)
Wealthy (8 times)
Tax (15 times)
Economy (13 times)
Nuclear (11 times)

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