Why Al Franken Should be Clinton’s Vice President

When it comes to politics, most people can agree that a great deal of it resembles a comedy show or a very poorly written sitcom.

And where television shows such as Saturday Night Live and Mad TV have honed in on the political sector, you would not expect a former writer of the skits to be in serious consideration for a major political role such as the Vice Presidency. Yet, Al Franken is. The man perhaps best known for the creation of Stuart on Saturday Night Live may be just the thing that the democratic party needs.

Fire with Fire Politics

With the Republican nominee being Donald Trump, the democratic party is looking for ways in which to win over his followers. There has been a little bit of success in the traditional͛ politics, but as a whole Donald Trump has continued to gain momentum across the board. As such, Democrats have realized that fire must be fought with fire. Al Franken, who has a reputation for being outspoken and blunt, is no new-comer to the political game, as he is in his second term in the U.S. Senate. Neither is he new to facing down opposition effectively. Granted, his humor and sarcasm have found their way onto the Senate floor, but I would not venture to say that his methods are a bad thing, especially when considering his place within the Presidential Campaign.

Should Al Franken be chosen for Hillary Clinton͛’s running mate for the democratic party, the purpose will not be based upon his ideals but upon his persona.

Hollywood Hothead May Bring Drama to the Democrats

If you were to compare the personalities of Donald Trump and Al Franken side by side, you would realize that they have a great deal in common. Although the two are on different sides of the political spectrum, they both can reach the voting public͛s desire for drama. And since this presidency has become little more than an ongoing publication of The ONION or National Enquirer, someone that can bring drama to the Democratic side is sure to, as a result, bring more voters to the table.

Al Franken͛s credentials in this include:

  • His blunt and sometimes heated orations
  • The satire and parodies which have been specifically targeted to politics
  • His clear distaste for the manner in which the government is currently run
  • His record for debating issues such as free speech
  • The books he has written which are surely to be scooped up by the public should he be chosen as VP

Let us not forget that should he be chosen, the media will (predictably) bring up a great deal of his skits from Saturday Night Live, especially those which are political in nature. If the democratic party is smart, they will milk this attention for all it is worth and gain even more supporters.

Is an Al Franken VP Nomination Likely to Happen?

When asked about the VP nomination Al Franken stated that “it͛s incredibly flattering to be even mentioned, but I love the job I have now representing the people of Minnesota”.

In reality, the Senator will probably stay in the Senate and work alongside Hillary Clinton in helping to secure a democratic Senate majority. And while the nomination of the democratic version of Trump would be a wise political move for the party, I do not believe that it is likely to happen. So where does that leave the Democratic party? If you think about the opposition that Hillary Clinton will have in the race, there is a clear need that her running mate needs to be someone with whom the American people can identify and associate themselves with. Being as how Hillary Clinton has the advantage for women voters and for Clinton supporters (because let us be honest, she will get votes because people loved her husband), the VP needs to be catered to the Latino and Black community as well as the younger voters. Al Franken falls short in this regard, but I do believe that compared to the other potential VPs out there he is the best choice.

Finding an alternative to Al Franken will be a bit of a challenge, specifically in finding a candidate that is young enough to reach new voters but experienced enough to gain the trust of the older voters.

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