Riots in California Bring New Meaning to Aggressive Politics

It is nothing new to the political arena - when a presidential candidate speaks, there are those who set up outside the area and protest that candidate’s politics. This is especially true for politicians which speak...

Michael Bloomberg: The Perfect Vice President?

A Clinton/Bloomberg ticket would go a long way toward securing New York for the Democrats and attracting moderate voters.

David French May Steal Democratic & Republican Votes

With the two major parties well established, you would think that the real contest between Democrats and Republicans would start. Yet, even with the votes in his favor Donald Trump is seeing opposition from the party. Hillary...

The Truth About Political Rioting

Want Some Quick Cash? Grab a Sign!

Can John Kasich be VP?

Recently, the word delegates is getting kicked around more than the school yard soccer ball, and no candidate has thrown out their delegate support more than John Kasich. And while the Presidential hopeful had reassured...

5 Reasons John Kasich will be Trump’s Vice President

When it comes to the Republican party, most people have come to the conclusion that Donald Trump will get the nomination. Even if this is not the case, I would venture to say that...

When Did Going to the Bathroom Become a Matter of Legislation?

our politics have gone into the toilet, literally.

5 Reasons Why Hillary Will Not Be The 45th President of the United States

Sure, it seems so inevitable. It’s her turn. She’s served with unwavering loyalty. She’s a centrist who won’t ruffle feathers. America would never be so foolish as to elect someone like Trump, right?

Pay No Attention to the Republicans Behind the Curtain

We were told that we have a vote. And that our votes count. Just don't look behind the Republican curtain to see what's really going on.

Why Al Franken Should be Clinton’s Vice President

When it comes to politics, most people can agree that a great deal of it resembles a comedy show or a very poorly written sitcom. And where television shows such as Saturday Night Live and...

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