Will Hillary Clinton Run for the Presidency in 2016?

With the 2012 Presidential election in the books, we can begin looking forward to a presidential election in four years which we now know will not include an incumbent.  In regards to the democratic...
Julian Castro

Will Julian Castro Run for President in 2016?

At only 38 years old Julian Castro is young man in the realm of politics. But, after delivering a charismatic, well-received keynote address at the Democratic national convention a few weeks ago, there have been a calls for a 2016 presidential run for the San Antonio mayor.

Elizabeth Warren

When looking within the Democratic Party for a candidate who could emerge from near-political obscurity to make a run at the 2016 presidential nomination, Elizabeth Warren has to be in the discussion.  While her...

Possible Democratic Candidates for the 2016 Election

In an article published on February 3rd, the New York Times provided some analysis of possible 2016 Democratic candidates.  Here is a list of the five types of possible candidates and some of the names that...

Martin O’Malley

Born in 1963, Martin O’Malley was raised in Bethesda and Rockville, Maryland.  He attended a Jesuit high school and went on to study at a Catholic University of America.  At a young age he...

Is Jeb Bush Withholding Endorsement of Romney to Prepare for a Run at 2016...

Mitt Romney easily prevailed in last night’s Florida primary despite a lack of endorsement from Florida’s popular former governor Jeb Bush.

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2016 Republican Presidential Nominee Odds

Current gambling odds for over 30 potential Replican Presidential candidates in 2016. Would you take David Petreus at 50/1?

2016 Democratic Presidential Nominee Odds

It's far too early for Vegas to release any official gambling odds, but that won't stop us from handicapping the 2016 election. How about Michelle Obama at 500/1?

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