Calculate How Much Tax You’ll Pay Under Trump

A married couple making $75K a year with 1 child would pay almost $6,000 less in taxes under Donald Trump than if Hillary Clinton wins.

Trump Closes the Gap in National Polls

Every national poll from 2016 organized into a single, up-to-date chart. As you can see, Trump and Clinton are currently polling within the margin of error.

7 Surprising Facts from the Trump/Clinton Debate

Trump spoke a lot more than Clinton during the debate, and he did it using tiny, tiny words

Clinton Leads in New York

A recent poll showed that Donald Trump is at 34 percent among voters in New York, less than the 52% of likely voters who say they would vote for Hillary Clinton - putting Clinton...

North Carolina Is Deadlocked

A recent poll showed that Trump is polling at 44 percent in the state of North Carolina, higher than the 41 percent of voters that back Hillary Clinton - putting Donald Trump in the...

Donald Trump Will Win by 24 Points in Oklahoma

It appears that Oklahoma has already decided it's vote in this year's election. In recent polling, Trump is polling at 53 percent in the state of Oklahoma - giving Trump a 24 point lead....

Hillary Clinton Dominating in Oregon

In a recent poll, Trump is polling at just 25 percent among voters in Oregon, less than the 38% of voters supporting Clinton - this gives Clinton a 13 percentage point lead. With this...

Pennsylvania: Still in Play?

In recent news, Donald Trump is polling at 39 % in Pennsylvania, less than the 44 % of people likely to vote that back Clinton - giving Hillary Clinton a 5 point lead. In...

2016 Polls By State | Map Updated Weekly

We'll update the State-level polls every week so that you can see what States are still in play in the 2016 election.

Rhode Island Polls Within Margin of Error

Based on recent polls, Donald Trump is polling at 41% in Rhode Island, less than the 44% of likely voters supporting Hillary Clinton. This advantage is within the margin of error, making Rhode Island...

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