Tim Kaine: 5 Reasons He Was The Obvious Choice

We had Tim Kaine at 3/1 odds for being chosen as VP, right behind Julian Castro. We should have known better. For those who don't know, Tim Kaine graduated from Harvard Law School, is a former governor...

Who Knew Ted Cruz Would be the Voice of Reason?

Ted Cruz went off script and failed to endorse Trump during his speech at the Republican National Convention. Amid chants of "Say His Name" and "Go Home", Ted Cruz said this... "We deserve leaders who...

Gary Johnson: 2016 Libertarian Candidate (i.e., Republican Hail Mary)

If you can’t get the delegates, go Libertarian For months now, we have heard the Republican party shift back and forth in their support (or lack thereof) for Presidential hopeful Donald Trump. With the party...

What is a Brokered Convention?

Should no Republican candidate earn enough delegates before their scheduled convention in Cleveland, Ohio, a brokered convention (or contested convention) could enable a candidate to step forward in order to lead the party. To...

Trump Collapses in 2016 Election Polls

Something interesting has happened to our polling data over the past few weeks. If you look through the historical polling data from this site, you'll notice Trump's lead dating back to October 2015. Our newest polls...

2016 Republican & Democratic Running Mate Odds

The nominees for each party are all but decided (unless you disagree with our odds). So it's time to start thinking about running mates. Jon Stewart's (brilliant) book, describes the Vice Presidency as a way to add...

2016 Election & US History Quiz

Test your knowledge of US politics, election rules, and Presidents. Challenge other online users in a head-to-head competition.

Celebrities Know Best, Right? 2016 Celebrity Endorsements

Our friends at Truthfinder.com have created some great infographics that show which celebrities are endorsing each candidate. While some studies have shown that young voters are not swayed by celebrity endorsements - the right endorsement...

2016 US Primaries & Results | Map & Leaderboard

We'll be updating the map after every primary with the Democratic and Republican winners. We’ll also keep the leaderboard updated with who has the most delegates. Check back after every primary to see who is in the lead.

Biden’s Bid to Stay Out of Race Shocks Candidates

If you’ve been paying close enough attention you’ll realize President Obama has a vice president. Joe Biden who has been remaining somewhat quiet in political matters announced that he would prefer to stay...

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