Biden’s Bid to Stay Out of Race Shocks Candidates

If you’ve been paying close enough attention you’ll realize President Obama has a vice president. Joe Biden who has been remaining somewhat quiet in political matters announced that he would prefer to stay out of the white house. Not surprising since he’s literally seen firsthand all of the downsides of being the commander-in-chief. The second in command known mostly for the sass he delivers to small time ice cream men instead chooses to sit back and assess the current candidates.

So far he admits that he remains quite impressed with some of their efforts and in the case of Hillary specifically he commended her address discussing poverty… well. Sort of.

While not everything he says is something befitting of a vice president there is one story he recently recounted that speaks to his more lovable, softer side. Biden told the story of when his son was in the hospital President Obama offered to pitch in to pay for some of his son’s expenses while he was hospitalized with cancer.

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