Bring on the Next Debate: 4 Topics We’re Looking Forward To

With the RNC and the DNC concluded, the next big event will be in September when Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump have their first presidential debate. However, don’t expect to have to wait until then to hear from both candidates.

As this election is the first to primarily use social media as their campaign media, it is quite likely that we will see a few small debates online prior to the big day. It is no surprise that both parties have been actively engaged in their Tweeting. However, even with these spats back and forth, one should hold onto his or her seat and prepare for an epic showdown.

Here are a few topics which are sure to take front and center at the first televised event in September.


You can take it to the bank that the wall is going to be front and center in the first debate. It is not so much about the wall with the Democrats as it will be about establishing the presumption that the Republican candidate is against minorities and against immigration. As Hillary has a huge Hispanic and Latino following, she should focus on the separation of families that a wall would create. Donald Trump will continue on his platform that the wall is not to separate families but to keep families safe.

He will undoubtedly show more statistics of crime and criminals that have entered the country illegally as well as the strain that illegals have on government programs.

2 – Guns and Violence

Donald Trump will focus on the radical Muslim issue in America and talk about the need to have a process in place that will screen potential terrorists. He will (if he is smart) lay out specifically how he will not isolate Muslims that already live in America and how the solution would be temporary until a better system is put into place.

Hillary will counter with a statement that a radical can be from any religion and that by screening out Muslim immigration Donald Trump is dividing the country. Hillary will speak about the need to have gun control and to fight the NRA. Donald Trump will counter her arguments by stating that the Amendments ensure that people can carry guns and that by stopping people from protecting themselves, Clinton would make the country even more vulnerable. Both candidates will throw sympathy to the men and women killed by guns within the past year.

3 – LGBT

As Donald Trump is on the Republican side, I am apt to believe that he will have a fight on his hands in keeping with Conservative Christian values, especially regarding ROE vs. Wade and transgender rights. As Lesbians and Gays are not, biblically speaking, a legal marriage in the sight of God, this may be attacked by the Democrats. Hillary will need to tread lightly here as she may segregate Christian voters from her party.

Then again, her campaign has seemed to include everyone but the bible fearing Christian voter, so she may not care.

4 – Benghazi

Donald Trump is likely to bring up Benghazi, especially if Hillary Clinton starts to mention her expertise in Iraq and Iran. Donald Trump will hone in on the fact that it was her who gave the stand down order and if it had not been for the soldiers who ignored her order, more chaos and death would have followed.

Hillary will point out that Donald Trump has no formal military experience. Donald will then counter with his experience with dignitaries through his business deals.

So who will win the first debate? The winner of the debate will rest primarily on which television network hosts the event. CNN may be the least biased when it comes to presenting both candidates. However, if Fox covers the event, Hillary will win as the questions will be slanted in her favor. CBS coverage means the Republicans are more apt to win.

One thing is for certain. With all of the political tension and with a Presidency that will change the face of America, the intensity of the debates are sure to be impressive.

Let us just hope that the debates get serious. While the RNC and the DNC may have gotten away with their SNL looseness, that time has past. Do not entertain us with celebrities and music. The time for showing us not what entertainment can do for your campaign, but what you can do for our country is at hand.

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