Calculate How Much Tax You’ll Pay Under Trump

The Tax Policy Center created a calculator that will estimate how each presidential candidate’s tax plan would affect people like you. It looks at household income, marriage status, and number of children, and then applies each candidate’s tax plan were they to be elected.

It was created a few months ago so it includes Cruz and Sanders, but it’s still interesting to see how different 2017 could be for you depending on who wins.

A married couple making $75K a year with 1 child would pay almost $6,000 less in taxes under Donald Trump than if Hillary Clinton wins.

For what it’s worth, if Bernie’s tax plan were implemented, that same couple would pay $10,000 more a year than they do right now, and $16,000 more in taxes every year compared to Trump’s plan.

It’s worth pointing out that Trump hasn’t specified how he would pay for the tax cuts…

Here is the tool so you can see how how much your tax payments would change under Clinton and Trump. Calculate your Taxes under Trump & Clinton.

The Tax Policy Center also ran simulations of what the change in tax payments would be under Trump and Clinton. The details are below.


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