Carson is Finally Fighting Back

After the Iowa Caucus, a great many things changed. Ted Cruz showed the American people that he is still a force to be reckoned with and that Trump did not have the state in his pocket. Rubio showed the people that he is still willing to fight for the candidacy and that he may even have a place in the finals. And where these things were somewhat expected (as the political presidency game typically has a back and forth in the polls and such), what was unexpected is that Carson would start fighting back. Specifically, Carson has accused another politician of sabotage during the Iowa Caucus.

Ben Carson’s Claim

Carson commented on the Washington Post’s article report which stated that he had lost a few senior staff and that his internal workers are in disarray. The report stated that there was significant loss and that aids need to be replaced. The overall message of the report was that Ben Carson’s campaign is in disarray and chaotic, implying that his management and leadership is lacking.

Ben Carson replied that his campaign is solid and that things are well. However, he did also remark that the report is a work of sabotage stating that “I thought it was ridiculous, obviously someone is making an attempt to sabotage”[1] and also stating that “I don’t know who this is, but there’s no truth to it whatsoever”.

Pointing the finger

On February 2, 2016 Ben Carson made a furious statement accusing Ted Cruz of starting a rumor during the Iowa caucuses. Apart from stating that his campaign was in disorder, the presidential hopeful was also stated to be dropping out of the campaign. At first it appeared that Carson was just targeting the winner, as details emerged it was shown that there was truth to Carson’s claims on sabotage. Here is what has been documented.

  • According to CNN, 20 minutes after voting began for the Iowa caucas Cruz’s campaign co-chair retweeted a CNN’s reporter’s message and expounded upon it to suggest that Carson was dropping out.
  • Ted Cruze accuses CNN of implying that Carson is dropping out with a rubber stamp apology to the canidate. CNN responds on Wednesday stating that “Senator Cruz’s claims about CNN are false.At no point did the network indicate Dr.Carson would suspend his campaign.”
  • Ted Cruz acknowledges in a roundabout way that his campaign is to blame by stating that “CNN got it correct”.
  • Carson attributes Ted Cruz’s win to the scandal. In truth the 9 point standing would probably not be that much swayed to Carson, though it could have put Donald Trump in first instead of second.

Are Carson and Cruz the next Trump vs Kelly?

As the debates and the voting is hitting its climatic end (cause let us face it, after Super Tuesday the nominee is pretty much concreted), candidates are getting a bit desperate for attention. Where Donald Trump and Megan Kelly seem to still be in the spotlight, Carson and Cruze have gained tremendous media coverage as the two start to sling mud. Carson who in all respects does not have a whole lot to lose is targeting the Bible belt states stating that “I make no bones about the fact that I am a person of faith. I believe what it says in Matthew 7:20 that ‘By their fruits you will know them” and “I hope you will judge all the other people who are running for this position by the same standards.”[2] Obviously, the presidential hopeful wants to urge voters away from Cruz.

Where Ben Carson appears to finally be getting into the presidential campaigning spunk, I believe that it may be too late. Carson needed to have an aggressive approach from the start. Yes, the passiveness has an appeal to it and that has drawn a following, but Carson really should have focused on his tactics in regards to other politicians before he became the target.

What can we expect in the future?

It will be interesting to see how the upcoming debate plays out. For one, we have Carson and Cruz going head to head, and I am sure that the moderator will put new fuel on this fire. Additionally, Donald Trump has chimed into this “scandal” calling the Iowa caucus a fraud and demanding a revote (but I would do the same if I skipped the debate and it blew up in my face). I would not be surprised if Rubio jumps on the wagon here to try to boost his numbers up. All in all, it is politics at its best. Lies, mudslinging, backbiting, he said she said, and ratings. I am sure that this is what the founding fathers had in mind when they first established the process.



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