2016 Democratic Presidential Candidates

Bring on the Debates: 4 Topics We’re Looking Forward To

With the RNC and the DNC concluded, the next big event will be in September when Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump have their first...

An Impeached President as First Man?

Has the impeachment process turned into a daycare time out?

DNC Day 4: Pelosi, Muslims & Hillary

Day four of the Democratic National Convention continued to focus on their three pillar platform. By this I mean that they wanted to established...

DNC Day 3: Guns, Anger, and Obama’s America

The Evening of Day Three was filled with great content. From the focus on climate change in our world to the talk of guns, violence,...

DNC Day 2: Clinton, Carter & Iran

Day two of the national convention started with the official nomination of Hillary Clinton as the Democratic choice for the President of the United...

5 Things to Expect from the DNC

With the Republican National Convention complete, the Democratic National Convention is getting ready to start. Being that the RNC was the first of the...

Tim Kaine: 5 Reasons He Was The Obvious Choice

We had Tim Kaine at 3/1 odds for being chosen as VP, right behind Julian Castro. We should have known better. For those who don't...

Hillary Clinton’s Constitutional Loophole

Getting around that pesky little thing called the Constitution

Michael Bloomberg: The Perfect Vice President?

A Clinton/Bloomberg ticket would go a long way toward securing New York for the Democrats and attracting moderate voters.

David French May Steal Democratic & Republican Votes

With the two major parties well established, you would think that the real contest between Democrats and Republicans would start. Yet, even with the votes in...

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2016 Republican Presidential Nominee Odds

Current gambling odds for over 30 potential Replican Presidential candidates in 2016. Would you take David Petreus at 50/1?

2016 Democratic Presidential Nominee Odds

It's far too early for Vegas to release any official gambling odds, but that won't stop us from handicapping the 2016 election. How about Michelle Obama at 500/1?