2016 Republican Presidential Candidates

Bring on the Next Debate: 4 Topics We’re Looking Forward To

With the RNC and the DNC concluded, the next big event will be in September when Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump have their first...

7 Surprising Facts from the Trump/Clinton Debate

Trump spoke a lot more than Clinton during the debate, and he did it using tiny, tiny words

Mike Pence: The One Thing You Need to Know

There are a lot of articles already posted about Mike Pence... The 3 things you need to know, The 10 things you need to know,...

RNC Day 4: Trump’s Acceptance Speech

Day four brought on the much anticipated acceptance speech of Donald Trump. Yes, there were several speeches earlier on in the evening. However, it was...

RNC Day 3: This was “America Deserves Better” Day

The Republican National Convention on Wednesday started in its typical SNL manner. Dancing and stage musical performances worked up the crowd. Much like the...

Who Knew Ted Cruz Would be the Voice of Reason?

Ted Cruz went off script and failed to endorse Trump during his speech at the Republican National Convention. Amid chants of "Say His Name"...

RNC Day 2: It’s Official (if not boring)

A great deal of day two revolved around the formal nomination of Donald Trump and his VP, Mike Pence. And while there were no chants...

RNC Day 1: A House Divided

Watching the convention on Monday was definitively a memorable experience, and not entirely for the right reasons. As expected, the morning events were peppered...

Michael Bloomberg: The Perfect Vice President?

A Clinton/Bloomberg ticket would go a long way toward securing New York for the Democrats and attracting moderate voters.

Gary Johnson: 2016 Libertarian Candidate (i.e., Republican Hail Mary)

If you can’t get the delegates, go Libertarian For months now, we have heard the Republican party shift back and forth in their support (or...

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2016 Republican Presidential Nominee Odds

Current gambling odds for over 30 potential Replican Presidential candidates in 2016. Would you take David Petreus at 50/1?

2016 Democratic Presidential Nominee Odds

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