2016 Republican Presidential Candidates

Michael Bloomberg: The Perfect Vice President?

A Clinton/Bloomberg ticket would go a long way toward securing New York for the Democrats and attracting moderate voters.

Gary Johnson: 2016 Libertarian Candidate (i.e., Republican Hail Mary)

If you can’t get the delegates, go Libertarian For months now, we have heard the Republican party shift back and forth in their support (or...

David French May Steal Democratic & Republican Votes

With the two major parties well established, you would think that the real contest between Democrats and Republicans would start. Yet, even with the votes in...

Can John Kasich be VP?

Recently, the word delegates is getting kicked around more than the school yard soccer ball, and no candidate has thrown out their delegate support...

5 Reasons John Kasich will be Trump’s Vice President

When it comes to the Republican party, most people have come to the conclusion that Donald Trump will get the nomination. Even if this...

Pay No Attention to the Republicans Behind the Curtain

We were told that we have a vote. And that our votes count. Just don't look behind the Republican curtain to see what's really going on.

What is a Brokered Convention?

Should no Republican candidate earn enough delegates before their scheduled convention in Cleveland, Ohio, a brokered convention (or contested convention) could enable a candidate...

4 Reasons Trump’s Wall is a Terrible Idea

The 3 biggest issues with building the ever-debated “WALL” between the US and Mexico
Bobby Jindal

Could Bobby Jindal be Vice President?

With Ted Cruz nipping at the heels of front-runner Donald Trump, the obvious question that comes to voter’s minds is who Cruz would nominate...

Nikki Haley Boosts VP Odds by Bashing Trump

As the GOP nominations grow ever closer, the public is not only concerned with the candidate for the Presidency, but also with the person...

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2016 Republican Presidential Nominee Odds

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