Celebrities Know Best, Right? 2016 Celebrity Endorsements

Our friends at have created some great infographics that show which celebrities are endorsing each candidate.

While some studies have shown that young voters are not swayed by celebrity endorsements – the right endorsement can go a long way. In their article, the 1 million votes that Oprah generated for Obama is called out as a good example of when that’s been the case.

Hillary has the most endorsements – and (arguably) from more influential celebrities than other candidates. They range from Warren Buffett to Snoop Dogg.


Bernie has some endorsements that surprised me (Steve Wozniak and Hans Zimmer), and some that were no surprise at all (Bill Maher).


Trump has what could graciously be called an ‘eclectic’ group of celebrity endorsements. If he’s good enough for Gary Busey, he’s good enough for me… wait, what?


Read the full article and grab embed code for the infographics here:

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