David French May Steal Democratic & Republican Votes

With the two major parties well established, you would think that the real contest between Democrats and Republicans would start. Yet, even with the votes in his favor Donald Trump is seeing opposition from the party. Hillary Clinton, though well ahead of Bernie Sanders is still competing with him to make things official. Now, only 5 months from November, a Third-Party name has been thrown to the public, David French.

Who is David French?

David French has a little popularity, but he is not a major participant in the political race. Apart from his works with the National Review (as a writer) and some ties to other political figures (Palin), there is not much to him that would suggest Presidential material. For one, David French has no formal political career. This is a major negative. And while you could argue that Donald Trump does not have any political history, I believe that the comparison is a bit off. Where David French has made a career criticizing politics which could be loosely considered gaining political insights, Donald Trump has had political ties through his business (including with Hillary Clinton).

Of course, like all good political candidates David French comes with what I call the idealistic envelope of views. According to ABC news David French is:

  • A strong Conservative
  • A family man
  • A member of a major denomination church in America
  • Has served in the U.S. Army
  • Has been a lawyer

If looking at these attributes is enough to solidify a strong position for Presidency, then you could sign up a great many more men. I find that the harping on these issues is a bit weak for an argument on whether or not a person is qualified. The spectrum is too broad. Should we take note of David French? I would venture to say that as a presidential hopeful no, but as perhaps a candidate for another political position (VP or such).

Why we shouldn’t underestimate David French

Even though the candidate is not a strong one, it should not be discredited as being a candidate that has little power in the presidential race. Republicans may jump on the band wagon of David French, especially those who have been looking for a voting alternative in the party without any success. With the negativity the party has seen and the (well let’s be frank here) childish finger pointing and mud-slinging from the party, some voters will go with David French just because he is not Trump. Democrats may jump ship to vote David French if they are not Clinton supporters. Basically, the danger lies in those which have become frustrated with their given political party and want a way out. Additionally, those who voted for Romney are more apt to side with David French as he is a very outspoken supporter of the former presidential hopeful.

Again, these attributes are nothing new to the arena of politics and should not be considered by anyone to be solid merits for gaining the upper hand. David French is being used as a media pawn, primarily because he has ties and experience in Political Writing. Does this make him a politician worthy of the White house? I think not.

What are the odds?

As idealistic as the prospect of a third party nominee may be to certain individuals, it is quite unlikely that anyone entering the race at this point in the game will be taken as a serious contender. In all truth, most people have made up their minds as to how they are going to vote in November, and all that remains is to watch the two go head to head in the debates. Those few which have not decided or those which (could it be) vote depending on the person and not their party probably have the field narrowed down to Hillary or Trump. So why even worry about a third party contender? Why is there so much coverage of David French a man who for all accounts is unknown to the American public. The answer is simple.

Democrats want the focus to be on David French because it takes the spotlight off of Trump. The less momentum the Republican has the fewer votes he will receive.

Republicans like the exposure of David French because it gives women voters an alternative to Hillary (as French has associations with female politicians). Both parties are attempting to minimize the exposure of the other party though David French. Do they consider him to be a threat? Probably not. He’s more of a distraction at this point. Plus the media needs a new story to get people interested in the 2016 election again.

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