DNC Day 2: Clinton, Carter & Iran

Day two of the national convention started with the official nomination of Hillary Clinton as the Democratic choice for the President of the United States. Like Day One, English and Spanish were mixed throughout the day (much to the annoyance of a non-bi-lingual listener).

Much was to do about the counts for Bernie, but in the end Hillary clearly had the upper hand and won. The evening of the convention was a bit less predictable and somewhat entertaining. With the expected star speckled line up, and a focus on fairness for workers and women, I was a bit intrigued to see where the evening would lead.

There are three main areas which stood out.

Bill Clinton Before the Impeachment

Close to the end of the evening, Bill Clinton delivered a speech which was basically the same as the Trump early years. The difference with this speech was that it catered to a more romantic/humorous side than to the business man side. The story started prior to the couple being married and focused on Hillary Clinton seeing a need and finding a solution to problems. This concept carried on throughout the story. Overall, it was heartwarming and humorous to listen to, especially as Bill Clinton poked fun at having to ask Hillary three times to marry him.

What was a bit odd to me was Bill Clinton’s closer. He summed up everything good with Hillary and then stated that there were two stories and to choose the one which was true.

Now, while this would be a good closer from someone who is known as an “honest Abe” type of figure, coming from perhaps one of the most iconic liars in history (I did not have sexual relations with that woman has been harped on how many times?) I was left thinking “well, given the choice between you and the other guy, I would pick the other guy”.

Jimmy Carter

Maybe it is just me, but choosing one of the worst presidents, in terms of approval ratings, in history to tell the public why you would be a great choice for president was probably not the smartest move by the Democratic party. Yet, there was Jimmy Carter talking about how he helped to get Hillary started and how they have had a great relationship for years. The former President talked about how Donald Trump was a bully and how Hillary Clinton was a people oriented nominee. This was about the only point where I would say that Jimmy Carter may have gained some creditability. Since his Presidency, he has been rather the philanthropist and project oriented guy. By throwing in his hat and associating Hillary Clinton with him, she gains a bit more creditability as it relates to helping the American people (even if there are some that would claim that Hillary Clinton’s only profitable contribution was WellCare).

It would have been more beneficial for the Democratic party to choose a former President or a former Presidential hopeful that is known for their approval and for their works.

Al Gore would have been a good choice, but he has chosen to skip the convention. Even someone like Mitt Romney would have been better than Jimmy Carter.

A Focus on Iran

Perhaps one of the jaw dropping moments of the evening was when the conference focused on Hillary Clinton’s influence in Iran. Granted, there was more focus on the Dessert Storm Years then to recent events, but still, I had to stop for a moment and ask “Why chose Iran?”. Out of all of the countries which Hillary should have stayed clear of Iran was perhaps the worst choice other than Libya.

Much has been said by the Republicans over the Iran deal, so just mentioning the country of Iran and that she has played an ongoing part in the country’s politics with the United States paints a huge sign on her that says “attack me about the Iranian deal”.

Pushing the Christians in a Corner

Apart from the poor selection of speakers and poorly chosen material, since the beginning of the DNC it has appeared that the convention is isolating Christians, forcing them to side with the Republican party. The reason that this is stated is due to two major issues that have been stated constantly by the Democratic convention.

First, there is the LGBTQ platform. Biblically speaking, a Christian would have a hard time supporting some of the views and issues on which the Democratic and LGBTQ stand.

Secondly, the non-prolife platform goes against many Christian’s views. As such, a Christian voter may feel that they have no choice but to side with the Republican party as they have chosen not to use these two issues as a corner stone to their convention.

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