DNC Day 3: Guns, Anger, and Obama’s America

The Evening of Day Three was filled with great content. From the focus on climate change in our world to the talk of guns, violence, and anger. Day Three was clearly a different scene from the prior nights. I was impressed with the way in that the Democratic convention took gun control issues head on, I applauded that the convention took on the need to focus on the means in which to reduce waste and increase greener technologies, and I agreed with much of what was stated about the increase in violence.

A Mourning Nation

While it is true that the United States has seen its share of shootings in the past year, and this is by no means diminishing that loss or in any way supporting such acts, I believe that the focus was off of the main issue. While gun control has consistently been an issue in politics, the focus should not be on reducing guns but on a realistic solution. Think about it, passing a law saying that gun X is illegal wont stop it from being used, or remove it from the streets. A man that’s going to shoot another man is not going to say “wait let me use a legal gun to commit this murder”.

Instead let us focus on finding the people that are apt to commit such crimes and prevent them from happening in the first place.

Let it be stated that I do agree with victims in that an automatic weapon has no place in the American public. You cannot hunt with an AK, all you can do is kill with it. So, in that case I do side with the Democrats on this issue. However, guns that can be used for protection, can be used for hunting, and do have a purpose other than to take human life should be not be restricted as our Amendments clearly define that right.

I find it a bit of a low blow by the Democrats that they choose to use a sad and mourning nation and prey on the sadness of the survivors of the shootings while at the same time stating that Trump and the Republicans are feeding off of fear. Well, at least we got a Broadway performance of What the world needs now is love sweet love.

Anger and Torture

Again, as in former nights, Hillary Clinton’s campaign talked about Iran and Iraq. They talked about the importance of a “strong military diplomacy” while at the same time bypassing the stand down order of Benghazi and the failed negotiations that she has been a part of.

But the speakers did say that they did not trust Donald Trump. One speaker stated that “the military is defined by leadership, discipline, integrity. Those are the qualities that drew me to serve.”. The speaker stated that they do not trust Trump because those are the very traits he lacks. Interesting, so by deploying military personnel, securing the boarder, stopping terrorism instead of talking to them where they have no interest in talking, is a bad thing?

The Current President for Hillary Clinton

Obama’s support was given with the “calmness” of the man.

In his endorsement speech, Obama openly endorsed Hillary Clinton. This was expected. Obama is a Democrat so it would make since that he would support his party, especially since Hillary Clinton has alluded time and time again that Obama will have a place on her administration should she be elected as the president of the United States. All I have to say to his endorsement is this… Take a look at the past eight years, look at the issues and the policies which have been passed and in some ways forced upon the American people. Then ask yourself if this is the vision of the future of America, or an America that is best left in the past.

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