DNC Day 4: Pelosi, Muslims & Hillary

Day four of the Democratic National Convention continued to focus on their three pillar platform. By this I mean that they wanted to established again (1) gun control, specifically an attack on the NRA (2) the open door policy of immigration and amnesty, and (3) government programs for all. The speaking platform was visited by a number of well-known politicians and stars including Katy Perry, Chelsea Clinton and Nancy Pelosi.

Nancy Pelosi

Democrat Nancy Pelosi’s speech focused upon a government that works for everyone. She based her speech upon everyone having the right to vote, regardless of their legal status in the United States. She went on further to talk about the need to use more government programs so that more people can have opportunities for the better life. Additionally, she campaigned for a bill which would go against the NRA and control guns. She stated “If you are on the NO Fly list you should be on the NO buy list”.

I find that her speech was counter-productive to the demands of the American public. People want to have jobs, to have less control from the government, and to be able to work and live outside of the government’s thumb. By implementing more programs, more people are going to be dependent upon the government for support.

Additionally, who is going to pay for these programs, but the already hard working individual. In terms of the open voting, how is this helping America? It is putting the ability of illegals and those which have no reason to speak about the government to control it.

The Muslims Speak Out

Immediately before a speech (via video) delivered by Hillary Clinton under the heading Hillary’s America, Khan’s parents addressed the party. Capt. Khan was a Muslim in the American army. He was killed when a vehicle in Iraq exploded. The car was at the boundary of the base and was noted as being suspicious before it exploded. Hillary Clinton showcased the bravery of the soldier and his dedication to the American army. However, after the heavy speech, she turned to speaking about accepting and not limiting Muslim immigration and refugees into the country.

Capt. Khan’s father and mother both appeared on the stage and delivered a speech which rebuked Trump’s plan to close the boarder to Muslims until a solution can be found for the radical Muslim terrorism. The father said that his son was the best of America and that if it was up to Trump his son would never be in America. His speech stated that Trump wants to ban minorities. In a subtle way, he said that he was a white supremacist. His father challenged Trump to read the constitution and held out a copy to the crowd.

While Khan’s speech was true in stating that the Arlington cemetery is filled with people from various faiths, his speech was ill-informed as it implied that the Muslims that are already in this country and have proven themselves to be dedicated to America would be kicked out. This is not the case.

However, if Muslim radicalism continues to rise, and people are being shot as a result of Muslim extremism, and Christians are being beheaded, some measures must be taken. Until a better process and screening for radical Muslims is implemented by the Democratic party, the only solution is that of the Republicans.

Hillary’s Acceptance Speech

Just as the RNC the convention closed with the formal acceptance speech from the nominee’s choice. Bill Clinton was shown in the crowd cheering and clapping and the floor was all cheers and standing applause as Hillary took the stage.

Kicking off her acceptance speech, Hillary took no time to jump on thanking her daughter and her husband for their support. She touched on the “family” aspect of her character, specifically talking about the library conversation which was part of Bill Clinton’s speech earlier. She called him her “explainer and Chief”. She also thanked Bernie Sanders later in her speech, particularly in inspiring new and young voters to join the Democratic party.

She stated that “America is stronger because of Obama’s leadership and I am here because of his friendship”.

I thought the country had an economic collapse and that we were struggling to get back to a stable economy, and that even though we are slowly seeing advances, in the past 8 years our country has seen some of the worst years since the time of the great depression. Hillary Clinton also stated that “he (Trump) wants us to fear the future and fear each other.”.

It is not that I fear the future, but I am cautious of what a country can become when the doors are open, the policies are loose, and the government has expansive control over the people.

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