5 Things to Expect from Trump’s First 100 Days

On Election day, should the republican nominee Donald Trump win, there are apt to be some very profound changes within the first 100 days. Whether these changes will be as dramatic as he claims or whether the first 100 days will be a bit more pacified is yet to be seen. However, it is important that potential voters take a look at the realities of what can happen. Here are 5 things to expect should Donald Trump win the election.

1. Democrats Will Immediately Demand His Taxes

Once Donald Trump is elected, you can expect that the democratic party will attempt to find grounds in which to start impeachment processes. Do not be fooled, both parties are chomping at the bit to get started in trying to get the next president out of the white house. With the Republicans, they will use Hillary Clinton’s emails. The democrats will use Donald Trump’s taxes. As such, the party will demand that the taxes be released immediately. A fine-tooth comb will go through everything – and fraud, tax evasion, money laundering, etc. will more than likely find their way into the media. Unless there is substantial evidence, I believe that there will be little that the party will be able to use to impeach. However, this move will cause his approval ratings to go down.

2. The Wall Will Have Blueprints Drawn Up

One of the key platforms of the Donald Trump campaign is to build a wall. In order to be a trustworthy president, he will need to immediately get this project started, especially if it is to be completed before 2020. The timeline will be critical to his presidency as he will need to have blueprints drawn up within the first 100 days, have construction started within the first 6 months, and somehow manage to have all of this paid for. Yes, he claims that Mexico will pay for the wall. I do believe that he is serious about getting the wall up and would not put it past him to use some of his personal capital to see that the project gets started on schedule.

3. Crazy Stock Markets

Listening to Donald Trump, you will immediately note that trade is of major importance to his presidency. He highlights that we need to renegotiate trade deals so that our country can gain more capital and reduce its national debt. And while the negotiations are critical for building up the financial stability of the nation, there will be an immediate negative to the trade deals and that is the stock market. Expect the market to fluctuate dramatically within the first 100 days as foreign investors and traders try to secure their assets and maximize their profits prior to trade negotiations. I believe that this fluctuation will be temporary and that the NASDAQ will show tremendous gains after the first year. As Americans gain confidence in the economy due to having American products, more individuals will be willing to invest in stocks and bonds.

4. A Reuniting of Republicans

Should Donald Trump get elected and if (and it is a big if) he can manage to perform the tasks which he has set out to do, I anticipate that the house speaker and other republicans will slowly reunite the party. Where the uphill climb will be is in the first 100 days as Donald Trump will have to pass legislation that is not blocked by the Democrats and not scrutinized by the Republican party. In my opinion, the best course of action to reunite the Republican party would be to focus efforts on repealing Obama Care. Yes, it will cause the Democrats to wiggle and to complain, but at the same time, this move would cause Republicans to come together.

5. Attacks on ISIS

Apart from the wall, Obama care, appointing a superior court judge, and having to release his taxes, Donald Trump must make a power play against ISIS in his first 100 days. We will not know what the play is, as Donald Trump is a believer in secretive missions to get the advantage on the enemy, but I am sure that something will take place.

The first 100 days are sure to be eventful. With having to clean up the mess left by the former president, to having to juggle his commitments to the people and the promises made during his campaign, Trump, all in all, he has his hands full for the first 100 days.

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