Elizabeth Warren


Elizabeth WarrenWhen looking within the Democratic Party for a candidate who could emerge from near-political obscurity to make a run at the 2016 presidential nomination, Elizabeth Warren has to be in the discussion.  While her lack of concrete political experience makes her a long shot, she has been embraced as a rising star by the left.  This November she will be running against Republican incumbent Scott Brown in the high-profile and closely watched Massachusetts Senate race.

Elizabeth Herring was born and raised in Oklahoma to a father who worked as a janitor and a mother who answered phones for Sears. In her high school years Herring was an accomplished debater and graduated with a full-debating scholarship to George Washington University.  After two years she dropped out to marry her high-school boyfriend, Jim Warren.  She went on to graduate from the University of Houston with a degree in speech pathology and audiology.  After moving with her husband to New Jersey she decided to switch from teaching to studying law.  She graduated Rutgers School of Law in 1976 and after having two children she divorced her first husband in 1978.  In 1980, she married her current husband Bruce Mann, a Harvard Law professor.  She went on to teach at the University of Texas, the University of Michigan, and the University of Pennsylvania, and finally settled at Harvard in 1995.

Since the early 1980’s her focus has been on the economic issues and conditions that affect the middle class of America.  She has stated that her devotion to fighting for middle class economic rights began after she conducted a detailed study of bankruptcy in America.  This was shortly after Congress passed a law in 1978 which made it easier for companies and individuals to declare bankruptcy.  During her research she discovered a vast majority of people in bankruptcy courts were hard working middle class citizens who lost jobs or their savings due to illness or family breakups.

She was highly critical of the deregulation of the banks in the 1980’s.  She blamed banks for tricking and luring American’s into making bad credit decisions through the use of high credit card and checking account penalties as well as perplexing fine print.  Her skeptical stance towards banks has not wavered and played a large part in her later role in the Obama government’s attempt to quell the recent financial crisis.

In 2008 Elizabeth Warren was appointed by Senator Harry Reid to chair the five-member Congressional Oversight Panel created to oversee the implementation of the Emergency Economic Stabilization Act.   During her time leading this panel she became a hero to the left for her constant push for accountability and transparency from the large financial institutions which took the bailout money.  She has also been criticised by bankers and the right for lacking the experience within the financial industry as well as being predisposed to seeing the big banks as deceitful.

In 2010 the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau (CFPB) was created as a watchdog agency designed “to make markets for consumer financial products and services work for Americans — whether they are applying for a mortgage, choosing among credit cards, or using any number of other consumer financial products”, according to the bureau’s website.  Despite being an important advocate for its creation, Warren was not appointed to lead the agency.  She was instead hired on as Special Advisor to the President on the creation of the agency.

Warner has garnered a lot of attention recently for her talk on fair taxation and other liberal ideals.   One example can be found in this  You Tube clip which has gone viral in the last few months.   The Economist analyzed this clip by writing, “this is precisely the sort of rhetoric Democrats need to perfect in order to hold ground in the next round of national elections.“  If Warren is able to win the Massachusetts Senate seat in November she will surely see her stock continue to rise within the Democratic Party.  This in turn would put her in a good position for a suprising run at the 2016 Presidential nomination.  She certainly wouldn’t be the first junior senator to achieve such a feat in the past decade.

  • Guest

    I voted for Obama and did not know anything about his radical past and admiration of Saul Alinski. I always thought it was a GOP fabricated smear campaign. But after reading about him and doing some research I have been astonished to find out we do in fact have a socialist president in the white house. I mean the people obama has kept company with are scary radical people. I will not vote for him again in 2012. No sir! Absolutely not voting for Obama!

  • Linda

    Plant above.

  • Emilio Horner

    None of Obama’s policies have the slightest hint of socialism, I really hope your comment is written satirically

  • Zachary Fabos

    Well all I have to say is, why are people so afraid of socialism? It isn’t radical at all! Socialism is a legitimate economic theory which I believe is the best for most countries. I think all too often Americans forget that we are one of the most or possibly the most fiscally conservative country on the planet. This I believe is shameful especially due to the fact that people in America don’t even know what Socialism even means. People use it as an insult when in reality it is something our economy and government should lean towards. I’m not saying that Socialism is the only system but I think that the Capitalist system is only viable in a country that is void of large corporations that rule over it’s economy. When the founding fathers envisioned capitalism I don’t think they saw it growing into the monster it is today. So before you call Socialism radical maybe you should think about how other industrialized countries view our Capitalist system maybe it’s a bit radical too.

  • Nick M

    Aaanyway, back on topic, if she loses to Scotty Brown, she won’t have a shot. Hell, even if she wins, I could understand the Massachusetts Dems being reluctant to risk leaving that damn seat up for grabs again.

  • kiernanmc

    Look, Warren’s run a terrible campaign for Senate so far. Even if she wins, she appears to be tone deaf to the electorate. She’ll go nowhere in Iowa, and if you can’t compete there, you simply can’t be the candidate.

    • mcmon

      Just watched a commercial about spending,& how you would change it & stop spending on big oil companies. Stop the blame game, tell me how you are going to reduce the money we give away so people can stay home & NEVER get a job.Between the illegals & the deadbeats we are going broke. How about making all welfare recipients only get help for a set amount of time so people get off there rear ends and get a job. The number of people in our country on welfare is ridiculous,no wonder we are broke. My family came here & guess what, they got a job,whatever it took to feed the family.Our family never expected the state to feed & house us.

      So stop saying it is because of oil, we are handing our country away. By the way I am also the mother of a severly disabled son with autism,I had to get a federal judge to get him on disability.As a 6 th generation American my son should have more rights than someone who is not from our country,but that is not the case.Our country needs a change and you are not the person to get us there. You want to give our country away, the same as our president,shame on you both.

  • True

    Do you people even know what socialism is? You can always tell how old people are that worry about inflation and the government coming to take their land. Listen, you racist poor people that think that U.S.A was made just for you, it wasn’t and despite your stupid remarks the electorate is becoming more diverse. Obama is going to win again deal with it, while eating a sandwich and rooting for the bear’s game. Look at history look at how even the black man got to vote before the white lady they just let a lady into Augusta National Golf Club. The average age of senate is 60 so we go about 1 more president before all these old racist birds die or retire off and generation X and Y can take over and get some stuff done. Always worrying about somebody taking something from you. What about the American Indian or did the white man buy the land. Let me answer as a white a rich white man at that enough, my daughter is black my son is white and my wife is Latino. So you think I am going to let you sorry old racist people take my children to that dark scary place of America is made just for white people only. You crazy and you use my dad’s and grandfathers products every day and he wasn’t born here. If it wasn’t for him you wouldn’t have lights. I hate stupidity ,color counts some time, smarts counts some time ,looks counts some time it all counts. So stop saying stupid things like its ok for a black guy to hit, dance, shoot a ball but not be president. Dummy he just saved your old sorry lives with health care. The crazy part is generation X and Y really could care less about color it’s all you old crazy people. Also all you so called prolife people that really are feeling guilty because you had an abortion who do you think you’re fooling? Women should be able to choose and just because you regret your decision has nothing to do with the rest of women. Stupidity only the republican down south would think republican up north could care less about his food stamps. That’s why I left the party to much hate and high school ignorance! That same man outsourced your job to my companies overseas in china and India and you believe him he personally outsourced 12 million to us and you think Romney is your friend or change candidate. Yeah it will be a change alright rich and poor. I have 13,364 employees and I got 3,364 of them from that man. Enough how much money is enough how many more lives will have to be lost in wars over lies. South Korea is kicking our ass in technology because you old farts don’t want to go back to school and learn. Your kid that has autism you kept is going to be on voucher system if you elect that man then what? You will be crying and the stupid part of it all is a white president tanked our economy and you lost all your savings and all your life and that black man is the one turning it around all you got to do is go get a new skill at the local public college for free and you won’t you won’t. What about all them troops that just came back that died for what a big fat lie you wasn’t crying then so selfish so sad. I pity you I pity you probably think Obama made a hurricane you think bush politicians are different from your ministers they not there men. They are not all good they are not all bad but the different between a liberal and conservative is liberals are not afraid of change conservative don’t even want to pay women the same wage for work. Let me kill the pay thing difference pay in the white house lies already the government sets salaries not the white. You wouldn’t know this because you live under this blanket of freedom and you nor your family never served a day. Crap I served 9 years and you call yourself Americans. PLEASE!

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  • Logical Liberal

    You, my friend, deserve a medal.