What to Expect in the Last Presidential Debate

As the days of debates and new conferences for the presidential campaign will come to a close soon, the atmosphere and the anticipation for the last presidential debate is building.

Since the October 9th debate, little has been stated on the airways except for the contents of the back and forth between Hillary and Donald Trump. And with the last debate only a few days away, many are wondering how this final confrontation between the Republican and Democratic party will play out. Based on what we have seen so far, quite a lot.

All in Moderation

The moderators and the questions in this debate will have to be neutral if there is to be a professional debate. Yet, I think that in this case as in the prior debate, the questions will be slanted towards a favorable outcome for Hillary and a “explain yourself” format for Trump. Of course, this is just speculation, but I would not be surprised to see a question asking Trump how he plans to unite a country and make it great again if he cannot even unite his party? Hillary’s most pressing question will be to explain how expanding governmental programs while the country is already trillions of dollars in debt will help Americans.

Donald Trump Will Need to be Passive

While we saw a bit more of a restraint in Donald Trump’s overall demeanor in the October 9th debate (meaning that he was not shouting and interrupting as often as he did in the first debate), he will have to step up his gentleman’s game and remain silent during the moderator and Hillary’s talking. Believe it or not, this has become one of the focal points of the tweets regarding the debate; How many times will Donald Trump interrupt the speakers. Eliminate it and perhaps those viewers will focus more on what is being said then how often Trump butts in to say it.

Women vs. Emails

Like the former debate, the viewer of the final presidential debate will notice that there will be an abundance of references to degrading women (presented by Hillary Clinton towards Trump) and the deleted emails (by Donald Trump presented to Hillary Clinton).

Hillary will state that there are several women whom Trump needs to apologize to. She will bring up the Access Hollywood Bush tape as well as make references to the unsubstantiated interviews with some of the women from the hit show The Apprentice. The goal will be to further push the woman voter to the Democratic side.

Donald Trump will again address the deleted emails and will harp upon the security risk that it posed to the United States. I find that in the last debate, the mentioning that the emails were deleted AFTER she was summoned by the Feds was a good move.

However, this is not enough to swing the voters and undecided to his side. Trump will need to specifically state some of the key security risks which were presented through Hillary’s negligence in order to make a case.

Hillary will attack Trump by stating his own party will not support him

What better way to make voters think that the party is not worth voting for than to state the obvious fact that the Republican party does not even endorse Trump completely. If the party who endorsed him is jumping ship, then there must be a valid reason. This will be her angle on the statement. Should Hillary use house speaker Ryan’s statements about not being able to support Trump, Ted Cruz and George Bush’s statements against Trump, as well as show definitive proof that Pence has made statements against Trump, then that would be a very strong argument in the next debate.

Donald Trump will focus on Hillary’s botched up job in Benghazi and other foreign relation mishaps

If Donald Trump wants to pay a powerful card, then he would be wise to speak on the negligence of Hillary in Benghazi and Libya. It is not enough to say that she did not answer the phone at 3am (which he did in the last debate effectively) but he will need to state how in order to secure lives, the soldiers had to go against orders to stand down. He will need to highlight that there were lives lost.

Furthermore, Trump will need to put light on the statement that she entered Benghazi under fire. There is footage which shows that she exited the plane shaking hands and with no danger to her life. Trump will need to get away from ISIS for a brief moment during the last presidential debate and focus on Iran and the Iranian deal and on specific details which Hillary had a part to play in foreign failed negotiations.

Those Hidden Aces

Being that this is the last presidential debate before the big election votes in November, do not be surprised if both parties have saved an ace in the sleeve for the final debate. Trump will need to have something momentous to shift the focus off of his negative attributes presented over the past few weeks. Hillary’s pressure to present damaging new material is far less pressing. Yet, do not be surprised if she tries to pull one more major character flaw out of her sleeve to put that metaphorical nail in the coffin.

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