Fundraising on the Road to the White House

As modern Americans must deal with all types of debt such as credit card or mortgage loans so too must our commander in chief deal with the debt he incurred during his previous campaign. To many it is a little known fact how costly the race for president can be even just to be re-elected if you don’t have a couple of spare million hidden in the mattress you’re out of luck.

On the 27th of October President Obama hosted a fundraiser in Chicago to help pay off some of the debt amassed in his re-election campaign and managed to earn about $1.7 million to chip away at his over $2 million in debt. It just goes to show even with a $400,000 year salary when you’re married with two kids running a nation just doesn’t pay enough. Not to mention that contrary to popular belief even the commander in chief still has to answer to the IRS when tax season comes around.

The amount amassed for campaigning is perhaps the biggest factor that decides the president more than any other. This necessity for funds however is heavily criticized as it forces politicians into positions where they must accept funds from an industry or cause that may be morally reprehensible or disliked by the public. Given that most politicians make around the realm of $40,000-$60,000 annually when adjusted for cost of living.

Even those campaigning for presidency in 2016 are already worried a great deal about their campaigning practices coming back to haunt them. Take for example Bernie Sanders aka the candy man who recently refused funds from all around douchebag Martin Shkreli who gained infamy for raising the price of his company’s AIDS drug from $13.50 to $750 per pill. Sanders’ campaign is reportedly funded mostly by individuals in $30 increments, and while the nearly $3,000 that he promised would definitely help his campaign its likely he would lose all of his other donations in the process.

2016 Election Political Cartoon

When it comes to funds Trump is perhaps the most vulnerable candidate as his company has declared bankruptcy four times and he makes his money in other ways voters may not see so favorably which is likely why he frequently tries to draw public attention with his radical statements. Then again maybe he just developed a type of charm with the common man the type that being born into substantial wealth and owning massive corporations that provide luxury services allow. Whatever his appeal he is perhaps the one and only candidate that has nothing to lose from this endeavor as he is not a career politician. His motives for perusing presidency are questionable as are his chances of attaining it following his sharp popularity fall.

Whatever the reason for candidates wanting to be president let’s just hope they know what they’re getting into and that even POTUS is powerless when it comes to the IRS.

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