5 Things From Hillary Clinton’s Past That Might Hurt Her Chances


The race to succeed Barack Obama as President of the United States still has three years left to marinate, but that doesn’t mean we can’t speculate. Several names have been tossed about as potential candidates on the Democratic side – New York governor Andrew Cuomo, Joe Biden – but there’s one name that stands head and shoulders above the rest. Hillary Clinton’s experience and resume puts her soundly at the front of the Democratic pack. She possesses the Clinton name recognition and years of public service, both stateside (as a senator) and internationally (as the former First Lady and Secretary of State); she’s also a veteran campaigner who would have no trouble raising funds.

Clinton should prove to be a formidable opponent against any Republican vying for the White House. However, she’s not without some significant controversies in her past. What could the GOP dredge back up in an attempt to torpedo her campaign?
Here are some of the salvos they might fire at her:
  • WHITEWATER – It’s ancient history by now, but the name still carries some weight in the political realm. Bill and Hillary were caught up in this messy early-1990s controversy over the extent of their activities and influence in an Arkansas real-estate deal. The scandal ended with their former partners in the Whitewater Development Co. – Jim and Susan MacDougal – in jail. It was particularly nasty pre-Lewinsky scandal, involving figures like the late Vince Foster and special prosecutor Kenneth Starr. Bringing the controversy up again might put a few dents into the campaign.
  • BILL CLINTON – Since his second term ended in 2000 (seems like forever ago, doesn’t it?) the former president has reinvented himself as a truly global icon – developing the William J. Clinton Foundation, bringing down the house at Democratic conventions, presenting at the Oscars. He isn’t universally beloved, however. There’s still plenty of animosity held against Clinton for his presidency and his many scandals – Whitewater, most notably, as well as the Lewinsky affair -by many on the right. Tying Hillary into Bill’s up-and-down reign in the White House could be one of the opposition’s tactics.
  • BENGHAZI – The most recent scandal, from Clinton’s term as Secretary of State, would be the freshest on people’s minds going into 2016. Clinton appeared in front of a congressional panel to answer questions about the 2012 attack on a U.S. compound in Benghazi, Libya – an attack which resulted in the death of the U.S. ambassador to Libya and three other Americans. Clinton took responsibility for the preparedness of the compound and the government’s confused response to the attack in a heated session of questioning. Those same heated questions might be hurled at Clinton in 2016 when quizzed on her term in the Obama cabinet.
  • HEALTH CARE – Clinton took the lead in Bill Clinton’s failed first-term attempt at health care reform, which was roundly unpopular and soundly defeated in 1994. The defeat helped to bring about the “Republican Revolution” of that year, which brought the Republicans control of the House and Senate. Her plan – and the defeat – are likely to be brought up again if she runs in 2016.
  • “UNDER SNIPER FIRE” – This scandal from the 2008 campaign might come up again. During her ultimately-unsuccessful run against Obama, Clinton claimed that she had landed “under sniper fire” during a 1996 trip to Bosnia – an allegation that was quickly proven to be false, to great embarrassment to her campaign. It hurt her against Obama, and it might hurt her against the Republican opponent.
  • Logical Liberal

    Benghazi isn’t even relevant

    • wakeup

      you are a joke. 4 people died and their blood is on her hands.

      • Logical Liberal

        It’s true that 4 people died, and that’s tragic don’t get me wrong, but saying that the blood is on her hands, well, that takes a special kind of stupid. Attacks on U.S. embassies are common, especially since the War on Terror began. I find it ironic that conservatives flip out when four people are killed in Benghazi under Obama, but silent when ten are killed in Yemen under Bush. Honestly, the only real reason conservatives made such a fuss over was because it was so close to an election, and they needed something to distract people from the fact that their candidate was an idiot.

      • Ben

        yet you Liberals made a big deal about Watergate in which nooone died, if it had been a white male Republican at fault you would of been all over them

      • Logical Liberal

        Because Watergate was a scandal.

      • Ben

        so is letting people die the only difference is one was commited by a white male conservative the other an african american male and white female liberal if the situation was reversed you would be a big deal out of it and no much of the other

      • Michael

        Nobody “let” anyone die here. If anything the scandal is on the side of the Republicans considering this: The State Department and Hilary Clinton requested extra funding for embassy security and the Republicans rejected it. Don’t forget Ben there were numerous embassy attacks under the Bush administration and Democrats/liberals didn’t kick up much fuss. So before commenting in future, how about you actually learn the facts.

      • Ben

        and how many Ambassadors died under Bush?

      • Logical Liberal
      • How about YOU learn the facts?? SHE was in charge of security. She may not have gotten the extra money in her budget, but that would just have meant even more would have gone missing. She had the money but wouldn’t rearrange her budget! She and Obutthead were in charge of a rescue mission that never happened because HE told them to stand down! YES, they LET them die!!

      • Logical Liberal

        I didn’t make a big deal out of it when it happened countless times under Bush.

      • Ben

        none of those people were ambassadors so the real answer was 0:1

      • Logical Liberal

        So I guess to you American lives don’t count unless they’re ambassadors?

      • Ben

        no but you cant protect everyone you should watch Rules of Engagement the movie they should of sent the marines in when the crowd was starting to gather, an Embassy is United States soil and should be defended as such, this is the second Embassy to come under an attack of this magnitude, this one and the one in Iran both on the watch of a President belonging to the democratic party

      • Logical Liberal

        “this is the second Embassy to come under an attack of this magnitude”

        If your referring to attacks on ambassadors specifically, this is the sixth time, and while the last time was under Carter, 3 of the others were under Republicans. Try again. And while no ambassadors were killed, Bush, Clinton and Reagan both all saw much more destructive attacks.

        “no but you cant protect everyone”

        And with that, you show how ridiculous your arguments are

      • But when the reports came in about the attack and help was requested, she and O told the troops to stand down! Help was only a short distance away – plenty of time to get there!

      • Ben

        i didnt say that. my question was how many ambassadors died if you scroll up you’ll see that

      • Michael

        You’re calling us heartless yet you don’t care about the 60 people killed under Bush and the 12 people killed under Obama that weren’t ambassadors. You know what that makes you? A hypocrite.

      • Again…. How many of those had advance warning from allies?

      • How many of those times did they get advance warning from allies??

      • worried american

        yeah they eavesdropped….ahhhhhh…

        People were killed in Benghazi….and if you look at her past – there are a lot MORE missing people who had ties to her or Bill when times got rough. Do some research. I believe there are lots and lots of “suicides” including one who managed to shoot himself from the back of his head? OK…

      • So was Benghazi!!! They were selling guns and liked the money too much to send in help before they could get in there and clean up the proof! She was in charge of security and Obutthead told them to stand down!

      • Mary Lynn Harmon

        she must be as clueless as you are. guess that is why she and the others like you did nothing to help those poor soles.

      • Logical Liberal

        That’s right, she did nothing to save the bottom of shoes

      • Mary Lynn Harmon

        they asked for help before and during the time of attack. THEY RECEIVED NO HELP!!!!! UNDERSTAND?

      • Margaret Dunson

        Then why did she lie under oath?
        Why the cover up attempt.Still lieing and still covering up
        PERIOD ! ! !

      • worried american

        Spare me. They were already warned about possible attacks. And then put this poor guy in jail for making a film. He’s still in jail under some silly trumped up charge. But, the KNEW if was not the film maker and knew it was planned by terrorists. This administration doesn’t eve have the cajones to call them what they are. Even Ft. Hood – what a disgrace to call it work place violence after finding what they did on his computer? But not only did Hillary lie, but they made our rep. go out in front of all America and lie. Worse, here comes the Special Committee looking into it and suddenly Hillary gets ill and has to be hospitalized? Right. Wonder how much money they had to pay that doctor.

        What is even more horrific is hearing the Mothers onTV telling us that when their son’s came home in coffins, there stood Hillary saying how bad she felt about the uprising from the film and she already knew it was NOT true. That turns my stomach. And that is a potential World Leader? No thanks – And when you add in the rest of her history? No thanks. I’ll take an honest person with integrity over her any day. And I’m a female.

      • *standing and applauding while yelling “AMEN!”*

    • Mike Troxell

      Your a stupid bitch. Go hang yourself.

    • Esmeralda Villanueva

      In regards to Benghazi is very relevant. There were 4 true patriotic natural born citizens of the United States of America. They were not protected by our elected officials that supposed to do their job. The 4 Americans were dragged and assassinated in Benghazi. The people (government) wants to know why the 4 Americans did not received any help from any sources. The people elected a leader to do his job by protecting the citizens and to make it sure our country is SAFE. The leader is being paid by the government (people tax money) to do his job. Your opinion is respected because of Freedom of Speech. You are entitle to your own opinion.

  • Logical Liberal

    Wait, how will Bill hurt Hillary’s chances? He’s the second most popular politician in America, second only to Hillary

    • 1alec_mcfadden2

      A LOT can happen between now and 2016, but I think Hillary’s best shot at winning the presidency slipped away from her in 2008. She is such a polarizing figure and smart dems recognized it even back then. This is what helped to fuel the rise of little known Barack Obama and probably another dark horse in the future (no pun intended).

    • conservative101

      Bill had the worst presidential scandal ever!!!!!!!!!!
      By the way “Logical Liberal” give me one thing good Obama did.
      Wait you cant he is the worst ever!!!!!!Thats what we get for putting it in the white house

      • Logical Liberal

        “Bill had the worst presidential scandal ever!!!!!!!!!!”

        So getting a blowjob is a worse scandal than illegally selling arms to Iran and using the money to fund terrorism in Latin America?

        “By the way “Logical Liberal” give me one thing good Obama did.”

        I’m no fan of Obama, but he ended the Iraq War, cut the deficit in half, and passed Obamacare.

        “Wait you cant he is the worst ever!!!!!!”

        Please tell me how a man you disagree with on health care is worse than say, Hoover.

  • Do you think Governor Martin O’Malley will run in 2016? He made noise about it so I make noise of his promise to protect Marcus Penn now deceased martyred. See what his promises can do for you? He lied, never tried; cameras off promise broken. 5 days later we were attacked. IM Yahoo robuckps for details I’m all over WEB start with Facebook or LinkedIn writing articles short stories and 5 books on aspects of situation which includes anti-Semitism and rape and torture and murder, I am still in danger this is an ongoing situation and HIS protection never did show up but HIS harassment and intimidation did.

  • Helen
  • Rodric Lawrence

    Well her originally voting for the war in Iraq back in 2002 could cost her in the Democratic Primary and she will most likely go against a more progressive candidate like Kucinich who was always against the war.

  • Logical Liberal

    I don’t want her to run. the last thing we need is another conservative president like Obama

  • ChristaKH

    Unless these next few years become an epic disaster I’m afraid that if Clinton is running she will most likely win. Sadly, because of our society today which looks for “change” in all the wrong places she will most likely be voted in because she is a woman. A large chunk of potential votes stem from young votes who tend to be more idealistic than realistic and so even though voting for her because she’s a woman won’t be as much of a charismatic reason to the public as being black was for Obama it will still hold a lot of weight. I have nothing against her personally (at the moment) but it’s a shame that she won’t be voted in because of her ideals but rather for her gender.

    • Esmeralda Villanueva

      All the dead will rise up and vote for Hillary. Obama give away phones. Probably Hillary will pay for all the college students tuitions. This coming 2016 elections the people have to be wise up. Our country is not the same like it used to be. People have to vote a presidential candidates that will work hard for the people and make the country safe. If we the people wants our country back, we should start telling you family friends and their friends and their friends regardless to their party affiliations to vote the right candidates that will work hard and understand the people’s needs and be their when someone’s in times of needs.

      • MO

        Esmeralda, this statement feels like it came from lala land. Is there “really” a “politician” that is truly for the “people” and not a self centered money monger, & power tripper?

        I mean really!

  • darthhillbilly

    IMO the vote could be swayed by a simple campaign strategy, the side that openly says “THEY are trying to take your guns, and WE are going to tackle the “Medical Marijuana” issue”, will probably win by a landslide. Medicinal Law is the new hot topic. With motions made by states for hemp, recreational use, medicinal law, and marijuana reclassification the issue is getting too dangerous to ignore. 40%of states are saying yes, even more are debating, and the federal government has to tackle it eventually. With that kind of platform I wouldn’t be surprised at record setting voter turnouts. Then the Democrats couldn’t yell vote fraud, the Republicans would get minority voters, and the lgbt community would be left wondering why Gay Marriage isn’t on everybody’s agenda. lmao #IheartAmerica

  • thegodfather4u

    On Sept. 11, 2012, Ambassador Chris
    Stevens and 3 other Americans were murdered by Islamic militants in Benghazi,
    Originally the attack was blamed on outrage due to an anti-Muslim You Tube
    video, and then-UN Ambassador Susan Rice made the rounds to all the Sunday
    shows to denounce the hate speech. For weeks, Hillary adamantly supported the
    ridiculous notion that these were “spontaneous demonstrations,” despite
    overwhelming evidence that she knew from the beginning that this was simply

    ……. The truth is that Hillary has a long,
    checkered career, full of scandals and lies. Right now, she’s all the Democrats
    have to succeed Barack Obama…

    • Esmeralda Villanueva

      Webb Hubbell, Hillary Clinton and Chelsea Clinton. Check them out online. Surprise.

  • stef

    Stupid liberals….she can’t control her marriage….how is she going to control this country!!!

    • worried american

      She can control her marriage if she cared to….But she is into Pure Power…Not marriage. That’s a mere convenience.

    • She doesn’t control the marriage… she doesn’t need to. She controls the females after Bill gets through with them! Most are bought off, some are scared off, some are no longer living *cough*, but some made it though and filed lawsuits.

  • Esmeralda Villanueva

    All the 2016 presidential candidates Republicans and Democrats needs to be checks all their legal documentation backgrounds and make them take a polygraph if they are telling the truth about themselves.