Hillary’s First 100 Days: What to Expect

If Hillary Clinton is elected the president of the United States, then in the first 100 days it can be expected that quite a few changes to the country will occur. No legitimate analyst will dispute that the country is at a crossroads and that either outcome will reshape our country. And while one can focus on the he-did-this and she-did-that, which is growing so much in politics in these last days before the election, it is important that voters take a realistic look at what each candidate has pledged to do in the first 100 days.

A Disappearing Act

According to Hillary Clinton, she will uphold the executive action DACA. Specifically, this executive order allows people to give work permits and federal benefits to illegal immigrants. Her debates have continuously talked about finding a solution to the immigration problem in America through working with the families. Clinton’s campaign has stated that they will “defend President Obama’s executive actions to provide deportation relief for dreamers and parents of Americans and lawful residents”. This is Amnesty at its core.

In another debate Hillary has stated that she is in favor of a world without borders. By combining these two trains of thought, Hillary Clinton is apt to pass legislation that minimizes the defining lines of the country. If illegals are given amnesty, then it is not a country of Americans, nor is it a melting pot (as melting implies that there is a merger of ideas and theologies and that those being melted are turned into ONE solidified body).

Long Live Obama Care

If Hillary Clinton is elected, in the first 100 days, she will put legislation into place which will make it impossible to reverse Obama Care, especially if she appoints Obama to the Supreme court (which has been alluded to a few times). As a result the cost of healthcare will continue to rise. Hospitals and private doctors will monopolize the cost of premiums by offering (as they already have) services as independently financed health care professionals.

Should this occur, the republicans will attempt to overthrow the executive order. However, due to the Democrats in various sectors of government, there will not be enough votes to do so and Obama Care will be solidified into the country’s laws for good. As an offset to the rising cost of healthcare, Medicare and Social Security benefits will be increased for a time.

However, as there is already no money for such programs, these programs will quickly become depleted. Americans will either have to pay more taxes to cover the costs, or the programs will have to fade into oblivion.

A Feminist Nation

I have nothing against women or with women having jobs equal to men. Where I take an issue is when it becomes a platform within the higher parts of the government. Hillary Clinton has stated that within her first 100 days she will make half of her cabinet women. Where is the logic in this? Hire qualified people regardless of if they are men, women, white, black, Hispanic, or Latino. Just for argument’s sake, Hillary Clinton is essentially violating the equal opportunity act by stating that half of her cabinet will not be hired due to their sex.

The statement to have half of her cabinet as women comes off more as a play for votes from feminists than it does a practical or even logical solution. She is opening the door for lawsuits from potential candidates being denied the position due to their gender. And while the president can hire pretty much whomever he or she wants for their cabinet, this does seem a bit unthought out. The only person who would benefit from committing to a half cabinet of women in the White House would be Bill Clinton.


Unless, and it would not shock me if she tried, Hillary Clinton gives herself a presidential pardon before the Republican party can act, there is a very strong possibility that the party will attempt to have her impeached. What would make this historical would be that both Bill Clinton and Hillary Clinton would have impeachments.

Granted, the Attorney General would try to stop the investigation, but I believe that due to the cat being out of the proverbial bag, it would be an ineffective effort and impeachment would occur. This would, of course, be a first for the country. Should the republicans decide to push for impeachment, then the VP would step up. Of course, everything would go into political chaos, more so than it is presently.

And just when we thought things would calm down…

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