How Hillary Went from “Dead Broke” to Earning $30 Million 16 Months

Last year Hillary Clinton was criticized for stating that Bill and her were “dead broke” after leaving the White House. But it appears things are looking up for Bill and Hillary Clinton. They recently reported that they earned more than $30 million in income from speaking fees and from book sells in the last 16 months. The media is buzzing with explosive allegations surrounding the book, Clinton Cash, which has put the Clintons in full damage control. The allegations have made the Clintons look out of touch with the average American and part of the “Washington machine.”

Being rich is not bad. But the fact that Hillary Clinton received money for the Clinton Foundation from large corporations (to gain influence) and from powerful media personalities like ABC’s George Stephanopoulos, raises serious questions: Who will Clinton really listen to if elected as President? Will she listen to her big donors over the interests of average Americans? Can media figures like Stephanopoulos be objective and challenge Clinton like he would other presidential candidates?

Stephanpopoulus even admits to Jon Stewart that when you give to the Clinton Foundation, you are really buying access from them. Ironically, Stephanpopoulus gave $75,000 to the Clinton Foundation and later apologized from not disclosing his conflicts of interests as a journalist.

But goes further into the Clinton Cash scandal. According to, Hillary Clinton financially benefited “personally” from a large speaking fee paid by Corning, Inc., a company that lobbied her during her tenure as Secretary of State.

It’s apparent that Hillary Clinton is a part of the “Washington machine,” but the double standard of advocating campaign finance reform stoops to a new low in politics.

It’s ironic that Clinton is stumping for constitutional amendment to fix a “dysfunctional” system, while at the same time, she is getting personally rich and seeking more campaign cash.

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