Let’s Be Honest, Both Parties Have Created Tension with Foreign Countries

When considering some of the outlandish claims made from both the Democratic as well as the Republican party, it has become a bit like reading The Onion or The National Enquirer.

While the stories and information may present themselves as being entertaining, there is little substance to the content and really no facts in which to back up the story. And if the information which was being circulated was just the normal he said she said, or he did she did nonsense which is regurgitated amongst politicians during election years, it could be acceptable. However, both parties have taken to making some pretty heated arguments regarding other countries and how they are negatively affecting America. Such could prove to be quite catastrophic to the country.

It is All China’s Fault

In every debate and in almost every rally, Donald Trump has made it a point to state how all of the jobs are going out of the country and that the Chinese government has taken advantage of the American deficit by providing us with goods but not really providing us with any cash. The presidential hopeful also states that when elected he will take the power out of China’s trade by bringing jobs back to the United States. While I applaud his motivation to get our jobs back onto American soil, I would state that we still will need to have foreign trade in order to survive as a nation. A continuous attack upon the trade which is established with China may be the wrong strategic move for Donald Trump. Instead of focusing on all negatives, the nominee should be focusing on specific strategies which will help to build up our trade with China, reduce the debt we owe to the country, reduce the amount of real estate that China controls within the United States, and how we can encourage Chinese companies to set up shop in America.

The Russian Secret Agenda

More upsetting than the claims that the Chinese are a main source of our financial ruin, primarily because this statement has a shard of validity, are the statements which Hillary Clinton has made in regards to the Russian government. I am constantly given the impression by Hillary Clinton that we are living back in the times of the KGB and that there are operatives all over the United States and the world who are just itching to get information to a cloak and dagger agent of darkness.

Hillary spouts, without any hard proof, that the Russians are responsible for hacks, that they are money lenders to Donald Trump’s campaign in a mafia style, that they have special and dark motivations in this election, and that by somehow supporting Trump we are turning back the clock to a time when communists were a major threat.

I am not saying either way whether Russia is in cahoots with Trump, on the surface there does appear to be an abnormal interest from Putin. However, Donald Trump has stated in the October 9th debate that he does not know about Russian inner workings, that he does not have any loans with anyone, especially Russia, and that his “praise” for Russia is based upon strategy (they are helping to fight).

The Danger

The danger from either party stating that a foreign country is responsible for this is in the country which is being accused. For example, Should China think that we will press down harder with our trade, they are apt to call in the debt which we owe. Such a call would be catastrophic to the American economy. If you thought the 2013 financial crash was bad, let this happen and see what happens. In regards to the Russian statements, why put ideas into a country’s head. They may have had no intention of hacking or attacking American secrets, but just like a lover that is constantly being accused of infidelity, the country may say “why not, they already think we are doing it anyway.”

Should we abandon our focus of the dangers which are posed by foreign countries? Absolutely not. Just as Donald Trump pointed out in the debate, we can do things secretly and then report on our affairs after a success.

We do not need to say that we are going here and doing this, that we are planning to have this trade deal with this country, that we will do this or that, or that we will attack if this country does this or that.

I find it the height of stupidity on both parties to go about building tensions between countries which we have no ongoing war with, especially given that we have other foreign matters (such as ISIS) which are more pressing.


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