List of Declared Democratic Presidential Candidates


The following is an up-to-date list of relevant Democratic candidates have declared for the 2016 presidential election. We have also noted candidates who are not running as well as noteworthy people who have yet to declare.

Updated November 9th, 2015

Declared 2016 Democratic Presidential Candidates

Hillary Clinton
Martin O’Malley
Bernie Sanders

Dropped Out of Race

Jim Webb
Lincoln Chafee
Lawrence Lessig

Not Running

Elizabeth Warren
Joe Biden
Andrew Cuomo
Howard Dean
Rahm Emanuel
Kirsten Gillibrand
Brian Schweitzer
Mark Warner


  • Marie Shanahan

    Not an expert. But if they mean to win the White House it can be nothing short of Elizabeth Warren or Joe Biden. Maybe Bernie Sanders, but the only one who is going to stand a realistic chance now is, I think, Elizabeth Warren – who does not want to run, at all.

    If she’s innocent, and I hope she is, than Hillary Clinton.

    I pray that God’s own justice and honesty wins in the end.

  • Martin Hauser

    Way too early to draw many conclusions. Sanders creeping up on Hillary in recent polls-under n on-stop Benghazi Committee in Congress’ attacks on her use of her private server. But can that hold up over a long long campaign? Would a Sanders nomination, as a self-described socialist be electable in a general election? I doubt it. Cf @