Martin O’Malley


Born in 1963, Martin O’Malley was raised in Bethesda and Rockville, Maryland.  He attended a Jesuit high school and went on to study at a Catholic University of America.  At a young age he is said to have developed a passions for history, Irish culture and music.  While in college he got his first taste of politics when he signed on to the Gary Hart President Campaign.  Looking back at his time working in the campaign, O’Malley reflected, “Hart turned me on to the fact that one person can make a difference.”  Martin O’Malley went on to study law at the University of Maryland School of Law in Baltimore, earning his J.D. in 1988.  That same year he began dating his current wife, Catherine Curran, the daughter of the State’s Attorney General.

His first foray into public office was in 1990 when he ran for the Maryland State Senate.  Despite leading by 5 votes the morning after election day, he was defeated by 44 votes after the absentee ballots were totaled.   In 1991, O’Malley was elected to a seat on Baltimore City Council to represent the 3rd district.  During his time as councilman O’Malley concentrated on housing and public safety issues and served as Chairman of the Legislative Investigations Committee and Chairman of the Taxation and Finance Committee.  He was a strong advocate for reducing property taxes to encourage businesses to return to Baltimore.

In 1999 at the age of 36 he was elected Mayor of Baltimore after winning three-way Democratic primary with over 50% of the vote and then receiving 91% of the vote in the general election.  His greatest achievement during his first tenure was most likely his adoption of the computerized tracking system, CitiStat.  Modeled after the New York system called, Compstat, CitiStat is a high-tech, performance-based system that zeroes in on areas of underperformance, using computerized databases to track targets and results.  In 2004, the CitiStat accountability tool won Harvard University’s Innovations in American Government award.

One of Mr. O’Malley’s main priorities as Mayor was to improve public safety.  Between 2005 and 2006, Baltimore went from being ranked the sixth most dangerous city in the United States to the twelfth most dangerous city.  In 2004, O’Malley was re-elected in the general election with 88% of the vote.  In 2005, he was named one of America’s “Top 5 Big City Mayors” by TIME magazine and one of five “New Faces” in the Democratic Party by Business Week Magazine Online.

In 2006, O’Malley was nominated by the Democratic Party to challenge incumbent Maryland Governor Robert Ehrlich.  O’Malley went on to defeat the incumbent Governor by a 6.5% margin.  In, 2010 Governor O’Malley won re-election by defeating Ehrlich by a 14% margin.

Since taking office O’Malley has adapted the CitiStat program he devised for Baltimore and applied it to the state of Maryland, calling the program StateStat.  Recently Governor O’Malley has released bold plans to help close Maryland’s budget shortfall.  This includes a plan to raise taxes on residents who earn six-figure salaries.  In addition to this income tax increase he has proposed the applicationof the 6% Maryland sales tax to Gasoline, which would effectively raise the price of gasoline in Maryland about 7 cents per year for the next three years. The governor has also recently introduced legislation to legalize same-sex marriage in Maryland.

  • Aaron

    If he wasn’t from Maryland I’d consider O’Malley a stronger contender. He doesn’t bring much of a geographical advantage.

    • Sean smith

      Check out how maryland is close to leading the nation in good categories. And if md being a small state was hurting him, why is he president of the democratic governors association

      • Aaron

        I think a candidate from the mid-west or west maximizes democratic advantages. From the east coast, not so much. Ie: Obama is from Illinois, most of the Great Lakes states were relatively easy for him, unlike Gore and Kerry who had to fight for them.

        But I see your point.

  • Byron

    I have to agree with Aaron. Mid-westerners and Southerners are more likely to carry states that are not traditionally Democratic.

    • Jared

      Technically, Maryland is a southern state. South enough to win other southern states, but not to far south to scare northern voters away

  • Vance Deerfield

    No way. This guy is running Maryland into the gutter. Even democrats in that state want him gone!

    • Mic

      Vance you are completely wrong. Democrats love him here in Maryland and he is revitalizing Maryland and building it up. If this is the “gutter”… I don’t mind one bit! It’s a mighty fine “gutter”! But really… he’s not running us into any gutter. He’s doing a great job.

    • Shim Dandy

      Amen to that!

  • Dan

    He was dealt a horrible hand by that nimrod, Ehrlich, but managed to keep Maryland on track. If the economy ever recovers completely while he’s around, Maryland is going to take off and boom under him.

  • Cheryl

    Martin O’Malley is a wonderful governor and, as a Marylander, I would be ecstatic to see him in the White House. Looking forward to volunteering for his campaign!

    • Jared

      Me too

    • Ronnie Willson

      This guy (o’malley) is horrible. His policy is running Maryland into the ground…here’s one of countless example that anyone with common sense can do the math on:

      In 2011 O’Malley pushed for illegal immigrants to get in-state tuition at Maryland schools (mind you, at the time, they could not even use that education to work in this country legally).

      In 2012, O’Malley is pushing for INCREASED income taxes using the excuse that it will help keep tuition low.

      Do the math. Why not stop subsidizing people that are not even allowed to legally be in this country anyway?

      The USA takes in more LEGAL immigrants per year than every single other country in the world combined, and I’m fine with that. However, there is no need to recklessly invite countless millions to pour across the border ILLEGALLY, and then expect your good citizens to pay for it in the form of increased taxes and increased tuition for our own children.

      Screw O’Malley. Go away.

      • Shim Dandy

        Screw O’Malley! Jesse Ventura 2016!

  • Brian

    I am an independant voter and a lifelong Marylander. My family has been in Maryland dating back to the 1700s and let me tell you all something. If the realty market picked up tomorrow I would sell my house and flee to DE, VA, WV, or even PA like many of the thousands of other Marylanders are currently doing because of Martin O’Malley. This man is a joke! He strangles the working class with assanine taxes and regulation because it puts more of us on state assistance, so that in turn he can raise taxes yet again. If Martin O’Malley EVER becomes POTUS I will be the FIRST to renounce my citizenship and move to Canada!!!

  • Mark

    I second what Brian Said. Owe’Malley is a joke, those who support him typically live off the government cheese in one way or another. The taxes and regulations are killing small business and the people who work for them.

    Spending money without recourse isn’t the right way to lead.

  • Jdub

    Brain and Mark…Thank you! You both are exactly right. I was scrolling though the comments and could not believe what I was reading, until I got to yours.

  • Steve

    The last three comments are from conservative trolls. Just a heads up folks.

  • Marty is the 2016 favorite for the f-ing nomination! Period. Cuomo is corrupt and Hillary is too liberal.

  • Martin has been a great governor. I wish him nothing but the best. It should be a lot of fun if he runs in 2016.

  • Aaron

    Yes, ignore the trolls.

    From what I can tell, Maryland is one of the better off states in the U.S. now. Decent economic growth – overall 3.5% gdp growth from 2007-12, not bad given the recession. 6.8% unemployment, lower than the U.S. by a good amount. The state’s education system has been ranked one of the best the last two years.

    I’m not very familiar with the state, but it seems to be in the top half and top third in many respects. Granted, it’s not particularly large.

  • Tomsim74

    If by conservative troll you mean that they have any common sense than you are right. I am a lifelong Maryland democrat, and would be forced to vote republican if Owe’Malley were to run. Look at his record? Hardly anything to boast about. All he does is raise taxes and spend other peoples money, then raise taxes again. People are tired here in Maryland.

  • Bill

    Flip Flop artist!!!

  • A.P.

    O’Malley just doesn’t have the track record to sway undecided voters. He couldn’t win the swing states because of his overbearing polarity, compounded by the fact that he is very loyal to the word of his party, what ever they say he says after. Martin is more a follower than a leader, he would be a fair pick for Vice, and it is likely that if he kept true to his short leash past, a nominee may select him. He has made good connections with the president since Obama took office, and I believe that, although it is unlikely he’ll be nominated in ’16, that Biden would choose O’Malley as a running-mate.
    O’Malley as a…
    primary candidate in 2016: 43% Likely
    nominee in 2016: 7% Likely
    VP pick by the ’16 nominee: 18%
    President in 2016: 2%

  • AJ

    O’Malley has what it takes to be president. He is a great governor.

  • Brian G.

    he sucks rocks

  • WeWakeUpLate

    He does not seem to play it safe. That, in itself , is a refreshing trait for your modern day politician. He goes after what he believes in – you may not agree with him every time but he has a solid head on his shoulders. Would be a primetime contender if Biden and Hiliary decide not to run. His relative youth and energy would be an attribute that would appeal to the Democratic and Independent base. His biggest obstacle to becoming President may be winning the nomination. Being from a small safe Blue state would’nt garner him a lot of votes necessary to win the nomination.
    May need to declare early to get instant recognition – the downside to that is you become a target from all other contenders in a hurry. Rarely does the first one to throw their hat in the ring make it to the end.

  • turlington

    Crap, here I’m working as fast and hard as I can to move out of Maryland to get away from that communist dictator terrorist and I may have to move out of the country?

    • I agree email me I’ll tell u a story of Marcus Penn deceased and Omalley I live in Takoma Park, MD and check out my poll on Facebook and my survey all about Marcus & Malley

    • David C.

      Yeah, right. You’re going to up and move–leave your home, your job, your friends and family–because of a governor whose bound to be gone in a few years, either way? I call “bullshit.” I doubt you even live in Maryland, which would, in fact, make you a troll–otherwise known as someone who lies and deliberately misrepresents him/herself on the web.

  • Logical Liberal

    O’Malley is a lot more liberal than Hillary.

    • KATIE29020

      you just wait: cap and trade? EPA regs? Taxes? Corrupt!

  • u r right He has not been good for MD

  • Let’s talk. I like what you say. Im Yahoo robuckps anytime.

  • Logical Liberal

    O’Malley is my personal favorite

  • Dan Reese

    Martin Tax OMalley is not a Person who You want as President , We Marylanders dislike Him , He raises taxes , invents them ever heard of a RAIN TAX , well We do an pay for it ! He forces People to move out of Maryland because of the taxes . Instead of even considering Pot as a way to earn money for this poor state , He says no way ,He rather tax Us Citizens to death why cuz He running for the oval office an don’t want to tarnish His image . Im no troll , Im a Marylander who paid outta His pocket to this innocent looking boy scout , but really He nothing but tax raising nut , that will ruin the US . Look at Maryland , look how We are struggling to stay to pay our bills , our schools are trash The city looks good on a postcard , but its rotten inside the roads are full of pot holes , but oh yeah , He wants nothing to do with pot. While this Guy shining His shoes for greater gain and eating lobster , the citizens are eating beans

  • Larry D.

    Counting down the last few days of O’Malley using money extorted from MD citizens to recruit and reward people who entered this country illegally!

  • SmartDoctor

    I don’t care what he’s done to or for Maryland. He’s a good looking dude with a great smile. What else do you need in politics these days? And anything these socialist traitors offer up is better than their Hildabeast. I say a ticket of O’Malley and the Native American woman Warren vs Jeb Bush. I wonder if Mr Putin would allow me to move to Russia?

  • Alexander Darby Mothershed

    Ventura looks like he needs to take a bath and get a haircut…

  • robinson444

    I think Martin is the man for either the first or second spot on the Dem ticket for 2016 presidential run. He is a patriot, intelligent and experienced. This is a turnaround from my opinion of him ten years ago. Today I support him wholeheartedly and will work for him without reservation.

  • Gary Shaffer

    I hope O’Malley will run his campaign on issues and stop this silly talk of Hillary’s email and passing a crown back and forth between families….he will lose the Democratic base if he uses the tactics of Republicans….we need an alternative candidate but not one with only trivial tactics.

  • Randy Tressler

    I was a major supporter of Martin O’Malley, Mayor of Baltimore. He had a huge positive impact on the city. I voted for him as Governor, and I voted for O’Bama in both elections. However, as a governor O’Malley has been arrogant, increased taxes and fees to the tune of an 9 billion dollars!!! This is taking ADDITIONAL money out of the pockets of MD residents during the great recession. His tax increases and increases in MD tolls makes commuting to work much more expensive, and reduced my take home pay. That is quite a way to incentivize hard working Marylanders. He raided the Chesapeake Bay Clean up Fund (the flush tax) to balance the budget – and responded to questions that it was no one’s business how he spent the money. Can he really believe that he has no accountability to the MD electorate and tax payers????? If O’Malley decides to run for president, I will be forced to actively campaign against him, I just pray I will not have to vote for a republican. He was NOT good for MD and will NOT be good for America.

  • Dietrich Buxtehude

    I love how the article gives details about the tax raises but not about the other issues.

    The fact is the O’Malley has been leading a strong progressive agenda of sensible Governance and fiscal responsibility. Maryland is growing to be one of the dominant states in terms of biotechnology and innovation because of the educational support of the state. His reform of the police department has shown his ability of enacting structural change, relying on statistics and pragmatism to fix the system.

    On social issues, he has shown he is willing to take on politically divisive issues like Same-Sex Marriage, the DREAM Act, and getting rid of the death penalty. Even though these were drastically polarizing, O’Malley fought strongly for all of them.

    I’m sad to see so many liberals discount him or diminish his achievements. The fact is that he’s one of the strongest progressive candidates around. I hope he beats Hillary, who is absurdly right-wing.

  • fightthegoodfightnow

    GO Martin!!!! Thank you for being such a great supporter of gay marriage and allowing me to decide my faith, my family and my freedom.

  • Jennifer

    Another politician to increase taxes. Why do politicians always want to increase taxes vs decrease spending to increase cash flow?

  • Charlie McMullen

    He looks like a great candidate for President.

  • Biloxi Mississippi

    Well I’m white so I guess my life goes not matter in Mr. O’Malley book.

  • Gary Simmons

    APOLOGIZING for stating ALL lives matter? What a doofus. Trump all the way—-a MAN for 2016.

  • Russell Paratore

    is this guy stupid let the people from the planet that blame us and want to kill Americans come to the usa please be gone

  • strokermcgurk

    Raised in a Catholic environment and still is one. Extreme liberal/socialist, some say a communist. Catholic—communist, very close to each other! They both operate on fear. Thank God for my Northern Ireland, Protestant ancestry.