Michael Bloomberg: The Perfect Vice President?

In a report by CBS, it was said that Bloomberg may decide to put in his bid for the White House. I would argue that it is a little late in the game to be doing such, but the fact remains that this is no longer a hypothetical possibility.

He’s even running paid search ads on Google sending people to his website – an odd use of money if he’s not planning to boost awareness and support.

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What would this mean for both the Democratic and Republican party? In terms of the Democratic party, the polls show that the billionaire would run head to head with Bernie Sanders. Republicans would see more of a shift in the overall percentages, but the forerunner Donald Trump would be largely unaffected by Bloomberg entering the race.

Presidency or a Strategic Move for Vice President?

It is possible that the presidential bid is just a marketing tool to attract the attention of Presidential hopefuls. A reason why is based upon Bloomberg’s history of “playing peek-a-boo with party leaders intrigued by the prospect of a politically successful billionaire candidate.” (CNN). As Michael Bloomberg has been a Democrat, a Republican, and an Independent, it could be concluded that his entrance into the Presidential election is meant to:

  • Stir up conversation and draw a following for the 2020 election year (such as Trump did with the Obama elections)
  • Encourage nominees to ask him to run alongside them as a Vice Presidential nominee

Because Bloomberg has no definitive ties to a specific party, the possibility that a Republican or a Democrat would want him as a running mate, should polling reflect that it would be a positive addition, is very real.

The Business Club of America – Trump/Bloomberg ’16

A concern for the Republican ticket, with Bloomberg as a VP under Trump, is that the public would view the duo as an enterprise merger and not a political merger.

Both Trump and Bloomberg have had success in business, but neither candidate has held high political positions. Yes, Bloomberg was Mayor of New York City and has met with President Obama on occasion – and his political influence is well established. However, the bottom line is that he is more known for being a businessman. Average voters may worry that two businessmen as President/Vice President would make decisions based on dollars instead of people.

New England Democrats – Clinton/Bloomberg ’16

While Michael Bloomberg has ridden the party fence a great deal, his policies and practices reflect more upon the ideals of the Democratic party than those of the Republican party. For Democrats, a Vice Presidential nomination of Bloomberg may be the move needed to pull moderate voters to their side.

A Clinton/Bloomberg ticket would go a long way toward securing New York for the Democrats. New York typically votes for the Democrat in national elections, but right now, Trump could be causing some concern to the Democratic party. Being from New York City, and resonating with suburban and rural voters upstate, the argument could be made that NY is in play this time around. Bloomberg would help shift the balance back to the left.

Moderate Republican voters that are scared to death when they think about Trump or Cruz in the White House would likely embrace a political moderate like Bloomberg on any ticket.

The probable outcome

He stated that he will only run for President if Trump or Cruz is a nominee against Bernie Sanders. And this is pretty unlikely – it’s going to be Clinton.

CBSNews has stated that it would cost 2 billion dollars to have an impact on the race. Since he’d be joining after delegates have pretty much made up their mind, it is also unlikely that he’d gain the votes needed to secure the Presidency. The only real impact that Michael Bloomberg could have on the race would be as a running mate to a Democrat.

Clinton/Bloomberg ’16?

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