Marco Rubio Water-Gate

Rubio’s Water-Gate Proves He’s Not Ready for 2016

While funny, his SOTU response points to key weaknesses that may prevent Rubio from being a serious contender in 2016.

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Why Elizabeth Warren Should Stay in the Senate

Whenever a popular and talented candidate is elected to the Senate, people almost always start chanting and editorializing that they should run for the...

Electoral College Reforms Face Public Backlash

The Republicans have an electoral college problem. And they know it. If their plan was in place in 2012. Romney would have won 12 electoral votes to Obama's 6 in Ohio.

2016 Presidential Power Rankings

Read the most recent power rankings projecting the likelihood of each candidate to receive the 2016 Presidential nomination.

What Can We Expect from Rand Paul in 2016?

Although the elections are almost four years away, Rand Paul is gaining headway just like his father did in his bid. Rand Paul is a self-proclaimed libertarian that some predict will lead the GOP to victory in 2016.

Weekly Round-Up of News on the 2016 Presidential Election

Mark Warren of Esquire writes that Martin O'Malley is the one person in the country most plainly running for president in the next election ------ A...

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Chris Christie, a native of Newark, New Jersey, is currently serving as the 55th Governor of the state of New Jersey.   He received his...

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10 Things I Don’t Like About Where America is Heading

Thoughts from a Frustrated Middle-Class Voter
Julian Castro

Will Julian Castro Run for President in 2016?

At only 38 years old Julian Castro is young man in the realm of politics. But, after delivering a charismatic, well-received keynote address at the Democratic national convention a few weeks ago, there have been a calls for a 2016 presidential run for the San Antonio mayor.