Pay No Attention to the Republicans Behind the Curtain

When I was younger, I had the idealistic notion that America was founded and operated on concrete principles and rules. The Constitution, Declaration of Independence, and the Amendments were unshakeable. So were the means by which the authority’s powers of government were established. I believed textbooks when they stated that the candidates campaign for the spot of Presidential nominee based upon the public’s vote. However, since I have aged and become more aware of the reality of politics, I find that it is more similar to the Wizard of OZ[1].

We are told that we have a vote while at the same time we are instructed not to look at what is going on behind the curtain.

What is Really Happening with the Republican Convention?

There has been a stirring about in various sectors of the political world talking about the Republican convention. For the front runner Donald Trump, the Republican Convention could mean the end of his nomination (though I would not doubt that he would switch over to an independent should he not make it on the ballet as the Republican choice). The other candidates are anticipating the event and seeing it as a means to bypass the delegate/voter process. Sure, there is a hazy delegate structure to the convention, but the reality is that the public voice is eliminated from the proceedings. According to ABC news[2], a contested Republican Convention would mean that the decision of Presidential nominations would be left to the delegates.

And while there would be rules in place for the nomination, it also alludes to the fact that the convention will pretty much do whatever it wants to do as “nearly all delegates are free to vote however they choose”. Read more about “What is a Brokered Convention?“.

The Fundamental Problem in the Republican Convention Process

Let us assume for a moment that voting in the Republican Convention is not pre-arranged and discussed (a fairytale in its entirety) and that every delegate that attends is doing so with an unbiased opinion of each candidate attending. Even if this idealistic approach was taken to the convention, the public vote is neglected. Where does that leave the voter’s voice?

Let us consider some situations where the majority applies. The first thing that comes to mind is the House’s majority vote. Another example would be when a targeted budget is made and we come close and therefore deem it as a success. Yet, when we start talking about the Presidential nomination, the standard is changed to an all or nothing point of view.

How Can the Republican Convention Damage Democracy

As it has been noted by several of the hopefuls, specifically Cruz, Trump, and former candidate Mike Huckabee, the American public is tired of smoke and mirror politics. The public is tired of being fed the glamour and power of the giant head of government while the truth of the matter is that it is controlled by a selected few.

Should the Presidential nominee be declared to be anyone other than the person who has acquired the most votes before the convention, it is quite likely that the American public will react adversely. Currently, that nominee is Donald Trump with Ted Cruz falling about 200 delegates behind, and Kasich in third place. Though, it’s worth noting that the polling on this site shows the opposite – perhaps this could be an early indicator of how a brokered convention would turn out?

It is not a matter of who is the best man for the job in this case, but rather the upholding of the process in which the American people determine their leader. Take away the veil of control from the voters and the danger for rioting and a government collapse is high.

Why is this? The American people expect their vote to count. While it may be true that the electoral college will make the final decision on who is the president of the United States for the 2018 year, the populace does not want to have this fact shoved into their faces. As a whole, we want to remain selectively ignorant of the fact that our vote is just a suggestion on how the electoral college will vote. By flaunting the fact that our votes do not really matter, the public will have one of three responses:

  1. Abandonment of Engagement – as the public will see that they have no voice they will abandon involvement in governmental affairs leaving the door open to more executive orders and mandates as there would be no public voice to speak out against them.
  2. Rioting and Protesting – demanding that the people’s voice be heard and implemented
  3. A Collapse of Government – if the people deem that the government does not listen to its people any longer, the possibility for an anarchist movement is great. Where in the past this may have seemed a bit fanatical, the rise of the preppers, especially where the government is concerned gives a bit of support to this outcome.

The Solution

It does not take anyone beyond an elementary level education to understand the process that needs to take place. First, the votes need to be counted. This has already occurred in states where the primaries have taken place. Winners have been announced as well as losers. The person who has the most votes should win the nomination. It is really that simple.

[1] https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=YWyCCJ6B2WE

[2] http://abcnews.go.com/Politics/contested-republican-national-convention-work/story?id=37003821

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