Possible Democratic Candidates for the 2016 Election


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In an article published on February 3rd, the New York Times provided some analysis of possible 2016 Democratic candidates.  Here is a list of the five types of possible candidates and some of the names that were mentioned in the article:

The Silent Front Runner

Hillary Clinton

The Doer

Martin O’Malley; Andrew Cuomo; Mark Warner;  Deval L. Patrick ; Tim Kaine ; Christine O. Gregoire; John Hickenlooper; Jay Nixon; Cory A. Booker; Rahm Emanuel; R. T. Rybak

The Third Obama Term

Joseph R. Biden Jr.

The Outsider


The Newcomer

Elizabeth Warren

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  • MBW

    No Brian Schweitzer?

  • rbb

    ¡¿Michelle Obama!?

    • ThyGeekGoddess

      Michelle Obama! Yes!
      Chief Justice Michelle Obama 2012
      You know, the POTUS would obey the law AND his wife!
      And she’d be a ‘Stay at House MOM’!
      hee hee
      OK, I know, that was lame, no need to flame….

  • Nick M

    I’m sorry, but Michelle Obama will not, and should not, be a presidential candidate, much less our actual president.

    I am a hardline Democrat, and I wouldn’t want to let our party put her up as a candidate.

    Hillary Clinton said she was dropping out of the political field.

    Nominating Biden risks him nominating a crazy VP; he might not serve his whole term.

    If Warren loses in Massachusetts this November she would not have a snowball’s chance in hell of getting the nomination. If she wins, I’d hope she’d have the sense not to dash our chance at holding her senate seat.

    That pretty much leaves the potential candidate field to all of “The Doers”

  • NIck in NC

    First choice would be Hillary Clinton, just because she is exceptionally smart and if they throw dirt at her, she throws rocks back. She don’t take crap from anyone. She has always said, ‘if they hit you once you hit them back twice’ (talking about republicans).

    That is the way to run a campaign.

    Second Choice I believe would be Martin O’Malley. Mostly because he has the balls to say what he really feels is important – example – gay marriage. He didn’t hesitate at all to sign it into law. No guessing where he stands on gay rights.

    Also he would place someone far more liberal on the supreme court than Hillary Clinton would possible choose.

    Elizabeth Warren would be an excellent choice for VP.

  • NIck in NC

    I just hope in 2012 and 2016 that the Democrat President doesn’t take all the Senators for their staff and other positions. We need the Senators where they are.
    Otherwise it leaves a possible opening for a republican to take that seat. Losing control of the senate is NOT what we need at all. They pass who is going to be in the supreme court. Most important!

  • Mike

    Despite what she’s been saying, I believe Hillary will be the democratic nominee and the first female president of the U.S.

  • Gerry Baldwin

    Congressmen Bill Rogers will be president in 2016.

  • MD301


  • Henry from DC

    I’m a big fan of Joe, and I think that he’s definitely going to have serious thoughts about running, and if he did I would fully support him. It all depends on the popularity of Obama at the end of his term. Clinton was extremely popular policy-wise by the end of his term, and the only reason Al Gore didn’t win by more (and he did win, people. Count the freaking votes) was because the county was disgusted by Democratic President Clinton’s promiscuity and many didn’t want to have anything to do with what they saw as a repeat of the Clinton administration. If Obama is popular by the end of his second term, which he should be if we look at history, then Biden will be the Silent Front-Runner, not what Hillary will be in 2016, which is a former secretary of state and probable advisor to the president.

    I doubt that Biden’s age will be an issue at all to the extent that it was with McCain in 2008, because McCain was lazy and unenthusiastic about running, even at the convention. I think that was because he felt forced into being the front runner, but most people attributed that to his age. Biden, on the other hand, always appears to be energetic and peppy in public, and i doubt there’s going to be a big change in that three years from now, when he starts campaigning. But if the public is concerned about it, he could promise to be a one termer, the way Roosevelt did.

    I see the nomination fight coming down to O’Malley, Warren and Biden, assuming they run and assuming Warren wins in november. I just don’t think that Warren has enough experience to be president though, but I do think she would be the definite VP choice for either Biden or O’Malley to attract female voters. If Biden runs, I think that he popularity and name recognition among democrats will shoot him to the nomination, and if he can put a sock in that big mouth, those same factors could put him in the oval office.

    Biden 2016. It’s happening people.

  • Hillary Clinton 2016

    Hillary Clinton will be our next President and our first female President



  • Erika

    Hillary Clinton is the best the Democrats can do right now (very competent, very visible). The field isn’t as strong as the GOP possibilities. Or is it?

  • cameron

    Senator Kirsten Gillibrand! i think she will emerge as the wild card.. with a shot at the nomination

    • I feel sorry for her. Certainly now, after her losing but cornedisable effort, she would rather do anything other than get up in front of God and everyone in her Sunday best and sing the praises of her vanquisher. But you’re right, if Obama loses—and I believe at this point that he’s going to lose—she stands to lose more than she ever could in a mere national primary race.Do I have Helsinki Syndrome or what?yours/peter.

  • Bh

    Corey Booker or Deval Patrick!!! Best presidential candidates EVER

  • Adam

    Deval Patrick!

  • Wow, I’d vote for Elizabeth Warren

  • Why isn’t Julian Castro mentioned? He would be a great candidate. I’d vote for him as well.

  • I always get big chuckle whenever I visit a predominantly Democrap thread… you folks are some of the most deluded dumbasses I’ve ever seen. Keep drinking that Kool-Aide and smoking that ganja…very soon, you’ll be too stupid to even find the voting booth.

    • Logical Liberal

      Says the party that believes tax cuts create jobs and global warming is a liberal hoax.

    • joetheface

      Yes how stupid of the left to push marijuana legalization, spending billions to stop no one, imprisoning thousands of innocent people,and not to mention being the biggest hypocritical law in our system, is clearly the right choice.

    • Teddy

      lol, james has some personal issues

  • 2016 be the election year be end of the republican and democrat.. There a Liberation Presidential candiate Gary Johnston in office

  • cindy washington

    If Hillary runs we keep the Democratic Party for another 4 to 8 years because she will be the first women president in America. if Joe Biden or the others run we may end up with the Republicans taking over.

  • Stephen

    Hilary will never take the oath of office her husband did twice, she is smarter than he and would make a better president, but has too much baggage and will be headed for 70.

    • joetheface

      I dont think there’s very much baggage at all and she is killing the prediction polls beating any republican candidate. However the age thing could be a factor that will hold her back.

  • Michaele Carvell

    She’s a killer oldass bitch just like bill look under the tea party and look for Hillary would be the worst president it ha a tan background black lettering and she has black frame glasses and the name you’ll look is Mildred L Garner and it’s the one with 135,000 likes

  • Michaele Carvell

    I hope she falls and dies

  • Michaele Carvell

    Fuckin stupid bitch

  • Michaele Carvell

    A fuckin cockroach bitch as president I hope she does in a plane crash along wit her children and husband

  • George White

    biden would lose just as gore did, although I do agree gore actually won. Clinton’s success with the economy far outweighed what people thought of his personal life. gore blew our chances with his over emphasizing environmental issues and his lack of personality. his general appeal was polar opposite of Clinton. Clinton’s success with the economy should have caused gore to win in a landslide. it was his election to lose and he did (sort of.) biden’s appeal is seriously lacking. we are going to need a moderate that focuses on the economy to win this election. Obama has made it difficult, as he became obsessed with the ( affordable) health care act. he simply didn’t make enough progress with the economy ( as of yet.) he needs to pass a bill on roads and infrastructure and gain the countries confidence with foreign affairs for biden to have a chance.

  • joetheface

    I think the only candidate who has a real shot is Rand Paul who I like but his Tea Party tendencies are hurting him with the younger generation which is why hillary consistently ranks higher than him in prediction polls.

  • joetheface

    I think Warren would be a great candidate but I think its still a little early for her, Clinton I wouldn’t be so sure is dropping out she looks like shes preparing to run, as for the doers I cant really see any of them doing extremely well or leaving their position to run.

  • Sue Cline

    Hillary Clinton is the brightest and most qualified candidate who is available to serve and who could win in 2016! Men haven’t done such a great job of handling the presidency, it is time to elect a woman. And as for age, women not only outlive men by a mile, but age has not stopped men from being elected to the office, so WHY should it stop a woman?

  • Lone Ranger

    What about Virginia governor Terry McAuliffe? Could he be a potential candidate?

  • Dan

    If she is the choice this democrat, will vote against her, she is pure evil.

  • DanF

    What a ticket that would be, Hillary and evil Socialist Liz Warren. At least psychotic Queen Nancy`s name isn’t in the mix. Of course she is making so much money from payoffs, kickbacks, under the table deals, etc. it would be to big of a pay cut for her to be VP.