Post-Debate Campaigning Shows Most Candidates Gone Silent

This election for the next presidential candidate has got to be one of the most interesting by far. This one involved rappers, Harvard professors and even imaginary candidates.

While this is one of the few times in American history the public has been so motivated to be politically conscious in a world with more news outlets and reporters than fact checkers there is bound to be more than a few problems. Take for example current president Obama mentioning serving his third term in the white house. While to anyone who is familiar with the twenty second amendment this would be an obvious joke however there has actually been a fair bit of groups that have sprung up in response to his “third term” comments.

Feeling pretty sure of themselves because of the anti-Obama vibe promoted by Fox the Republican Party candidates squared off at the debate showing that they were as dysfunctional as ever. While many have turned to the Republican Party in opposition to Obama’s more controversial policies it appears that these displaced citizens will be left without a party home.

The Republican Party’s extensive list of candidates vying for the nomination turns out to be just a list with only Fiorina standing out simply because she did not encourage Trump’s behavior .The Grand old party frontrunner Donald Trump behaved like a jackass at the debate causing his popularity to plummet. The strictly pachyderm party won’t likely forget his embarrassing display of mudslinging towards his fellow contenders and voters won’t either. Other Candidates like Ben Carson and Rick Santorum only helped reinforce the consensus the public had already reached that they should be nowhere near an office and forced to show proof of completion of an accredited elementary school program. The democratic candidates aren’t doing much better.

De facto front runner Hillary Clinton while being the most well-known is seeing the disadvantages of being the most well-known namely that everyone already knows her stances on everything and they aren’t fond of it. Bernie Sanders on the other hand a.k.a. the candy man has been gaining a crazy amount of popularity with the younger crowd and the debate helped make him a household name. Perhaps Clinton’s ever so popular stance on videogames are to blame for her stagnation in the polls?

Both the hard heads and the soft hearts seem to be losing in this election this is due mostly to the fact that few candidates are worth mentioning aside from the ones with star power. Many candidates even withdrew from the race entirely not wanting to be any further in debt than campaigning has already put them. As of yet there has been no follow-up on rapper Wakka Flocka Flame and candidate Deez Nuts who were also seeking a nomination perhaps they should have looked at getting article two’s approval first.

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