2016 Presidential Campaign Fundraising Leaderboard Infographic

Here’s how the candidates stack up as of July. We obviously only included the top candidates – and if others start to pick up the pace, we’ll add them to this page. Below you will find total fundraising by candidate, the break-down of who is getting the most from Super PACs, and key donor activity.

Total Dollars Raised (in millions)

Super PAC vs. Individual Donations

In these charts GREEN shows the Super PAC contributions, and BLUE shows individual donations. The chart labels are in millions of dollars.







Huge Individual Contributions

If I were a billionaire, I’m not sure giving millions to political campaigns would be my first choice of how to spend my money – but, to each their own. Here are some of the big players and where their money is going.

Robert Mercer

Mercer, Co-CEO of Renaissance Technologies (a hedge-fund management company) has given Ted Cruz $10M.

Toby Neugebauer

Ted Cruz also received $10M from Neugebauer, co-founder of a private equity firm and son of US Representative Randy Neugebauer – a Republican from Texas.

Kelcy L. Warren

This Dallas billionaire, and CEO of an energy company, has given Rick Perry $6M

Darwin Deason

Deason founded Affiliated Computer Services and has donated $5M to Rick Perry

Norman Braman

Marco Rubio got $5M from Braman, an owner of several car dealerships and former owner of the Philadelphia Eagles.

More Fun Fundraising Stats

The infographic below has more stats about the fundraising efforts of the candidates – including corporations that are donating to Super PACS, the rate at which candidates are spending their money, and who has the most $1M+ donations. Click on the infographic below to enlarge.


Some estimates expect $5 billion will be spent on campaigning for the 2016 presidential election. If it is money alone that wins elections, Republican Jeb Bush and Democrat Hillary Clinton will be the nominees of their respective parties on Election Day.

According to the most recent Federal Elections Commission (FEC) report, Bush has raised over $120 million so far. A whopping $108.5 million of that total has been raised by Super PACs along with other PACs in support of the former Florida governor. These totals indicate Bush is the preferred candidate for the more moderate establishment Republicans.

Of the conservative Republican candidates, Ted Cruz is Bush’s closest competitor financially. Currently third in total fundraising, Cruz has raised $52.5 million with $38.1 million coming from Super PACs and other PACs. In contributions to the candidates’ campaigns, Cruz, with $14.3 million, has the edge over Bush’s $11.4 million up to this point.

Former sec. of state Hillary Clinton is the leading fundraiser among the few Democrats that have announced so far. Currently, $67.8 million has been raised by Clinton. A respectable $20.3 million of that has come from Super PACs and other PACs, although her total is less than that of both Bush and Cruz.

Surprisingly, self-proclaimed socialist Sen. Bernie Sanders has been Clinton’s biggest Democratic fundraising challenger thus far. His efforts have netted him $15.2 million. This puts Sanders at sixth place among all candidates in total fundraising – an admirable feat considering his campaign is being financed through small donations without the aid of PACs.

Of the remaining Democrats who have announced, Martin O’Malley has managed to raise only $2.6 million while Lincoln Chaffee has raised less than a half million. Jim Webb has yet to disclose the results of his fundraising efforts. The Democratic Primary appears to be not much of a race so far, with Clinton the clear front-runner. If Vice President Joe Biden enters the race as many are speculating, things could certainly shake up.

Although at the top of most polls, billionaire business mogul Donald Trump has only raised $1.9 million. Of course, he is capable of personally financing his entire campaign if he chooses to do so.

Marco Rubio has brought in $42 million with PACs and Super PACs providing $17.3 million. Wisconsin Governor Scott Walker is the only other candidate in the stacked Republican field to raise over $20 million. So far, he has raised a total of $26.2 million with the vast majority, $20 million, coming from Super PACs and other PACs.

Republicans who have raised between $10-20 million include Rick Perry ($15 million), Chris Christie ($14 million), Rand Paul ($13.9 million), John Kasich ($11.7 million), and Ben Carson ($10.8 million).

Rounding out the Republican field with fundraising efforts below $10 million are Bobby Jindal ($9.3 million), Linsey Graham ($6.6 million), Mike Huckabee ($6.5 million), Carly Fiorina ($5.2 million), George Pataki ($1.1 million) and Rick Santorum ($0.9 million).

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