A Republican Can Win in 2016, Here’s How

Will 2016 be the year the GOP retakes control of the Presidency? Will the American populace definitively demonstrate that they are fed up with the Big Government policies employed since 2008 by the Obama Administration?

Will the Liberal Agenda that has plagued American politics for far too long finally be put to rest?

These and other pressing questions are what face the potential candidates for the Executive Office as they prepare to build their platforms to run in 2016. Those individuals who choose over the next couple years to actually run for the office will need to appeal not only to the hard-right Conservatives, but also to the more moderate Conservatives, and even to moderate Liberals and those people who consider themselves to be Independents who will not vote along specific party lines.

If the Republican Party is to retake control of the Presidency, it will need to distinguish itself from whoever runs on the Democrat ticket, but at the same time maintain a moderate stance on key issues in order to draw voters across the broadest swath of the American Electorate. Instead of building a campaign that alienates the left-leaning voters, such as minorities and women, the successful Republican candidate will reach out to these groups and try to incorporate them into what they will accomplish once elected President.

This is not to say that the candidate will ignore the problems that the U.S. faces in terms of illegal immigration. Stopping the tide of illegal immigrants into the U.S. should be a priority for any President, as these aliens are draining the economies of the places where they settle. These people come to America because of the freedoms that are afforded to its citizens. But these people are not citizens, and they should not be made citizens in a broad-reaching plan of amnesty. By establishing a political platform that aims to stop the tide of illegals into the U.S., and establishing a program that works to establish citizenship by the laws and rules that have applied to immigrants since the beginning of American’s history, the successful Republican Presidential candidate will not only appeal to the Right in terms of reducing the number of illegals in this country, but also to the Left by vowing to work to establish citizenship for those minority immigrants already in the U.S.

The Government in the United States in the hands of the Left has grown extensively over the last several years, and it will be up to a Republican President to work to shrink it down to a size and form that allows for the most freedom of the individuals who live in the United States. But slashing the programs that have been put into place and have already become a part of the life of Americans is not the answer. Many Republicans want to repeal the Affordable Care Act, but that is no longer possible. The key to cutting down the size of the Government is to work with Congress to establish laws which will reduce the size of the “Welfare State”. By supporting small businesses and the growth that they afford, the U.S. Government will be working to create jobs in communities hard-hit by the Great Recession. And by creating jobs through small businesses, the U.S. will be supporting fewer people through big- government programs such as Welfare and Medicaid, which amount to nothing more than handouts for those people who cannot (or chose not to) find employment. The successful Conservative candidate will run on a platform to create jobs for people across the country by supporting the growth of businesses, both large and small, through laws which enable these businesses to provide the “handouts” that the Government has been providing for too long in the form of wages and salaries to the people who currently rely on a monthly check from Uncle Sam. These practices will not only reduce the size of the programs that have become an everyday part of the Government, but will grow tax revenue from both individuals and businesses, without actually raising tax rates.

The United States was founded on the principle of Freedom. Each and every citizen of this great nation has the same rights as every other citizen, and it is up to the Government to ensure that these rights are not squashed. By working with groups across the country that speak for the rights of a particular group of citizens, regardless of what those citizens believe, the successful Republican candidate will appeal to the broadest spectrum of voters. No Presidential candidate can ignore the rights of those people that cast the votes. By looking to the U.S. Constitution, the very bedrock of law in this country, and using that document and the rights it establishes, the successful Republican candidate cannot go wrong in their campaign. The U.S. Constitution is the basis for which all laws are established across the country, and whether a candidate (regardless of party affiliation) agrees with those laws or not, the President is not given the power to change those laws without working with Congress. It will be up to the next President to do just that – work with Congress to build upon the base of the Constitution when it comes to enacting new laws that will impact the people that have elected the Government.

2016 will be a trying election for any candidate. If the Republican Party wishes to return this nation to its Conservative roots, as established by the Founding Fathers, it faces an uphill battle for the votes of the whole spectrum of American voters. The GOP will need to establish itself as the party that will best serve all Americans, while ensuring that it does not stray from the Conservative ideals that have defined the party since World War II.

Appealing to Liberals and Moderates will be the key to winning the Presidency, and that will involve working with minorities to show them that the GOP respects them and what they bring to the country. By demonstrating the need to reduce the size of government through programs which promote employment and therefore reduce the dependence of people on programs that amount to nothing more than a handout, the Republican candidate will establish themself as the candidate who grows tax revenue without raising taxes, and reduces unemployment without growing the Government. If a candidate is to be successful, they will need to hold fast to the Constitution and the laws that have used that document as their basis, and work with Congress to maintain those laws or write new ones that serve to advance the nation as a whole and not infringe on the rights of any one group of people.

The question is, does this candidate exist?

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