Republicans Are Sulking – And Trump is Not to Blame

Surrounded by divas and jocks with their egos out of tune, high school can be a pretty depressing place if you do not fit into the selected crowd.

There is name calling, accusations, there are the rich elite, and then there are the power hungry whom everyone loathes, but everyone secretly admires.

When looking at the Republican party, I am amazed that the debates and the new conferences do not start with a prep rally. Then again, everyone has been shouting that Trump has BEEN AGGRESSIVE, B – EEN, AGGRESSIVE (like a cheerleader’s cheer, right?).

Since when did politics become about beating up your own party? From the start, the republican party has been much divided. Early tensions between Cruz, Trump, and Rubio helped to formulate definitive ties to the individuals and not to the overall party. Instead of focusing on the driving theories, issues, and policies that the Republican party stands for, what we got was a mud throwing, character attacking, sneaking, cheating, and rather circus-like performance in politics from everyone.

It is understandable that there would be a level of competition between the parties and the participants. It is a competition, regardless of the title that we place upon it. As this competition is for the CEO of the country, those involved should be as aggressive as needed.

What has happened is that Republican party heads, specifically house speaker Ryan, have created diversity amongst the party. We do not see this separation amongst the Democrats.

Since when did politics become focused on being politically correct?

No president since the beginning of this country has been squeaky clean. Everyone was human. Instead of focusing on who the party should kick out of the race, perhaps there should be a focus on gaining the favor of the Republicans. Some may argue that by removing Trump from the campaign and using Pence would be ideal for the party as there has been a great deal of support for the VP hopeful. Yet, Pence has stated that he is standing by Trump and has no aspirations to becoming the president in such a method. I believe that Mike Pence has realized that the party is at a critical point with the presidential race. With only a handful of days left in the campaign before the final vote is cast, there is no time to try for a new candidate (as early ballots and absentee ballots have already gone out in some cases). All the party can hope to do is unite.

Statements of the past do not dictate the future character of a man or a woman. Such is the the equivalent of determining if a college hopeful should get in based upon his or her elementary school records. In a way, this is what is happening to Mr. Trump. The media has gone back several years and has pulled up tapes (which were obtained illegally) without the consent of the person being interviewed, received statements from various people who have not, until this time, come forward, and criticized Trump for using the policies written for tax payers to his advantage.

There are two major issues which should be considered here. First, since when did Access Hollywood become a valid news show on the same level as NBC, FOX, and CNN?

Yes, the show is entertaining, but only in an entertainment fashion. Additionally to this point, one has to consider the motives of FOX. It was not long ago that one of their lead reporters was called by Trump. Realistically, one cannot say that Fox just forgave and forgot. Instead, if looking at their debates and questioning, one can see that the network has tried to nail Trump to the wall.

Secondly, by focusing on the past statements of Donald Trump, the republican party is showing that they are more concerned with the past than they are with the future. Granted, leaders such as Ryan will state that they are showing the overall character and flaws of the man, but in truth they are just stirring up a pot of anger because a controversial man whom they did not want to receive the GOP nomination has become the Republican presidential nominee.

While the republicans’ sulking is not Trump’s fault, Donald Trump is playing the game and doing so in an aggressive and new way. He basically has no ties to anyone in the Republican party, which makes him a danger to those within the party who are used to having partnerships and favors performed. His aggressive speech in the past is that of a man. Go into any bar or sports arena in the country and stand for long enough and you will hear the same “shocking” talk coming from other men, and from women as well. While this does not justify the statements, it does put them into perspective a bit.

Republican party members should not be focusing on how to get their own party away from the white house, but how to keep Hillary Clinton from it. With all of the material that the Republican party could hurl at the Democratic party and Clinton, I am left feeling that the they have done the opposite, taking the juvenile delinquent and promoted her to homecoming queen.

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