RNC Day 1: A House Divided

Watching the convention on Monday was definitively a memorable experience, and not entirely for the right reasons. As expected, the morning events were peppered with house work. Motion after motion was presented to the floor for the chairman, speakers, permanent delegates, and such.

For one watching from home, the proceedings were not interesting, as I was not provided with any of the documentation being voted on, neither was there a link to access such information to read in my leisure time. That is not to say that there were not elements in the morning program to keep the viewer entertained.

The Last Attempt of a Divided Party

Perhaps one of the more noted (and reported upon) events of the morning was when the floor erupted in chanting from the ‘Never Trump’ supporters for a “Roll call vote”.

Really? With only a few months before the Presidential election, the party should have been worrying about the Democrats and not pressing an issue that has, quite frankly, run its course and hurt the overall Republican Party. Chanting continued for about 5 minutes or so, and was quickly handled by an aggravated overseer. Whether the vote was shot down from (as some would say) corrupted withdrawal of support, or if there were actually only 6 states at the end may never be known.

What is known is that there were enough conservatives on the floor to stifle the movement and in effect kill the never trump campaigners. And although the media would have you believe that this event dominated the morning event, it actually only accounted for about 30 minutes or so.

A More Somber Evening

Apparently, after the morning chants and the bickering back and forth, the party realized that Unity was the best option. The evening’s focus was on make America safe again. Speakers for the evening included a star cast including Wille Robinson. Yet, my memories are not on the speeches of the actors who showed their support, but upon the speakers of the victims of Benghazi and the mothers, fathers, and brothers of those killed by illegal immigrants. To me it was more meaningful and packed a greater punch to the Democratic party to have the Benghazi victims as well as the soldiers who were a part of the event give an account of what happened that day.

While it is one thing for the Republican party to shout that Hillary Clinton deserves to wear orange or stripes, it is more founded when a man who was hit with three mortar bombs comes forth and states that the government supporting the troops told them to stand down. It is more moving against the Democratic party when the mother talks about the illegal immigrant (she stated illegal alien) who had multiple convictions and only served 35 days after such multiple convictions for killing her son.

Donald Trump and the organizers of the event definitively constructed the evening event to have the greatest impact on the slogan “Make America Safe again”.

By showing the weaknesses of the current administration, utilizing the testimony of Veterans, emphasizing the issue of illegal immigration, and using enough popular stars and spokes persons to keep the audience engaged, Donald Trump touched on all of his key platform points while diminishing the creditability of the Democratic party (which is really what campaigning from the Republican party is about).

Nonsense Being Remembered

You can tell that politics is running full throttle in the election process. Although there were legitimate speeches and concerns presented in the morning and evening events, the media has decided to hone in on three parts of day one. These are:

  • The riot – Which was not really a riot but rather a protest that was short lived
  • The hate speech on social media – With any political event, you are going to have idiots spewing hate and raciest comments to get people upset and to try to discredit the event. This is not making excuses for the comments, but rather to put the comments in perspective. There are dumb people everywhere. If those who have criticized the comments over the content were to focus on the messages being delivered in the evening speeches, they would see that the overall theme was that EVERY LIFE MATTERS regardless of race, age, sex, or religion.
  • Melania Trump’s Speech – Obama is claiming that the speech was in part copied from Michelle Obamas 2008 speech. So what? Did not the Vice President get caught for plagiarism and drop out of the presidential race before? Has he not since been caught for stealing parts of speeches? I guess that Republicans should count it as a blessing. With all the talk of incompetence and a failed administration if the only comeback that the Democratic party can give is “Hey we said that first” I guess they are in good shape.
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