RNC Day 2: It’s Official (if not boring)

A great deal of day two revolved around the formal nomination of Donald Trump and his VP, Mike Pence. And while there were no chants for a Roll call vote, and there was no dominant anti-Trump showing, the Delegates did yell out their support for other candidates which have since dropped out of the race.

Granted, the votes had to be put into the permanent record, but WOW what a waste of time, especially when that is why they have the prior voting and recording of the delegates. All that being said, the floor formally accepted Donald Trump as the nominee for the Republican Party.

Finally, a Unified Party (at least officially)

While there are still a great deal of differences within the Republican party, there was an aura that the party was finally on board with supporting the Republican candidate as President over Hillary Clinton. The majority of the evening’s speeches were oriented on building up Trump and tearing down Hillary.

Perhaps the highlight on the inadequacy of Democrat Hillary Clinton was from Chris Christie. In his speech he highlighted, and held accountable, the character of Hillary. Chris Christie, who has been a friend of Trump for over 14 years, turned the conference floor into a make-shift jury. He stated “…we’re going to present the facts to you. You, tonight, sitting as a jury of her peers… I am going to present the facts on the case against Hillary Rodham Clinton”.

After this Chris Christie went on for 10 minutes specifying her failures. These include failure in Nigeria, Libya, China, Sierra, Iran, not to mention the infamous email scandal.

Overall, the speech was well formulated to cater to the television crowd. I would venture to say that the majority of the delegates on the floor are aware of these issues. However, most voters do not know about the long list presented.

The Trumps Speak

Yesterday, the wife of Donald Trump gave a speech. This speech was immediately attacked as plagiarism. In today’s line up, his son made an appearance. His son spoke as a delegate delivering the New York “Over the Top” numbers when the count was being taken.

Later in the day Donald Trump addressed the Republican party speaking from Trump Tower. Donald Trump stated that this is a movement. His brief speech was that of thanks with reference to his Thursday appearance. It was a nice change to see a speech which was to the point, consistent with what he has been saying from the start, and encouraging to the Republican party.

The Presidential Hopefuls Speak Up

Perhaps one of the keys to securing the votes of the Republican party is to see the former hopefuls gather around Trump. So far in this convention we have seen John Kasich, Chris Christie, and Ben Carson. Out of these three Ben Carson may have provided the most impact to the viewers.

For one, he is a black man which is much needed in a dominantly white cast of speakers (though Donald Trump has used a variety of ethnicities in his line up). Ben Carson also helps to bring Christian voters to the Republican party as he had a strong Christian following when he was a hopeful. Ben Carson’s speech emphasized using our brain (as he is a brain surgeon) to reason responsibly. Ben Carson continued to talk about the lifetime effects of not using our brain and electing Hillary Clinton.

Specifically, the appointment of various judges was brought to the spotlight. In a way Ben Carson (very tactfully) addressed the people with “a vote for Hillary is a vote for slavery-like oppression from the government”. Bluntly, Ben Carson addressed Hillary’s admiration with Saul Alinsky who wrote Rules for Radicals whose dedication mentions Lucifer. Ben Carson asked if as American’s we should vote for someone who acknowledges Lucifer.

While I doubt that Marc Rubio or Ted Cruz will make a speech in favor of Donald Trump, those speeches made from the former presidential hopefuls are helping to gain momentum at an early stage in the Democratic vs. Republican presidential debates. If the party is to get the support from new voters, however, it will take a bit more.

The damage to the Republican party has been severe and therefore there must be a transition which unifies it.

Yes, having a star-studded cast helps.

Yes, having ethnic diversity in the presenters helps.

But at the same time, the public needs to better understand “the movement” as Donald Trump’s nomination is being called.

From what I have seen so far of the RNC, I am not too impressed. Everything is overly scripted apart from a few “off the hip” moments. It appears not as a serious presentation of how our country is to move forward, but rather as an upscale version of Saturday Night Live complete with a saxophone playing band and long haired lead singer.

Now that the stage has been set, Hillary has been called out, Donald Trump has formally been made the nominee, why don’t we start talking not about making America Great with a to-do list, but HOW specifically we are going to go about doing so.

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