RNC Day 3: This was “America Deserves Better” Day

The Republican National Convention on Wednesday started in its typical SNL manner. Dancing and stage musical performances worked up the crowd. Much like the front-liner for a major concert, there was no shortage of the classic blaring.

However, the fun atmosphere and smile were quickly replaced when it came down to the business of the day. Kicking off the speakers for day three was Florida Gov. Rick Scott. Yet, even with his heart felt speech against radical Islamic Terrorism it did not hold a candle to Ted Cruz.

Who Would Have Thought?

Let us back up the timeline for just a little bit and look at the relationship between Ted Cruz and Presidential Nominee Donald Trump.

From the beginning, Ted Cruz and Donald Trump have been cutthroat in their debates. And while many Republicans would write off a great deal of the comments as being that of political competition, Ted Cruz and his supporters are far less apt to be forgiving of Trump than most. Why?

Close to the end of Ted Cruz’s campaign, reference was made that his father was involved with Lee Harvey Oswald. As this man is considered by many to be one of the most notorious figures in American political history, it is no surprise that Ted Cruz would be apprehensive against Trump. Additionally, the blunt speech of Donald Trump accusing Ted Cruz of cheating in the campaigns (as he released Ben Carson statement stating he dropped out which consequently effected his delegates), lying (is there a politician that hasn’t?) as well as dropping his Canadian citizenship to be able to run, Ted Cruz has been quite a thorn in his side – and probably will be for any political endeavor he will take on in the future.

Who would have thought that after such head-to-head conflict that he would not be smiling with full throttle support for Donald Trump?

Was it Really That Dramatic?

There were two former presidential candidates who spoke to the American public. One was Marco Rubio and the other was Ted Cruz. In Marco Rubio’s speech, he talked about Hillary betraying and diminishing our role in the world. He spoke against the Democratic party and personally mentioned Donald Trump. He highlighted what Donald Trump is standing for and stated “the time for fighting each other is over it is time to win in November.”

Ted Cruz was all smiles as he entered the stage. Cheers went up in the room as he waved to the crowd. Then he opened his mouth and everything changed. In his speech to the RNC, Ted Cruz did say that “I am convinced that America will come back.” He did congratulate Donald Trump on winning the nomination on Tuesday. Cruz spent a great deal of his allotted time talking about the fallen in Texas. This was met with a thunderous applause. All appeared to be top notch inspiration for the party, finally unifying the supporters of Donald Trump and the followers of Ted Cruz.

However, Ted Cruz ruined his address to the Republican Natural Convention when he stated “vote for candidates up and down the ticket who you trust to defend our freedom and to be faithful to the constitution”. Ted Cruz refused to publicly endorse Donald Trump. The floor erupted with an “endorse Trump” chant. Cruz ignored the chanting of “endorse Trump” but went to talk about the freedoms of individuals. As the crowd persisted on the endorsement of Trump, Cruz looked upon the crowd but never said “I endorse Trump”.

So how does this really effect the dynamics of Ted Cruz’s speech? For one, the speech only acknowledged a win for Donald Trump, not an endorsement. Secondly, the speech continuously stated that he was in opposition to those he does not get along with alluding to Donald Trump but that he felt justified in standing by that freedom. Third, when he said to vote up and down the ballet. This was very ambiguous in meaning. Perhaps it was too ambiguous. One could state that it encouraged the party to vote Democratic. Finally, when the RNC started the endorse Trump chant, he downright refused. For a party which needs to be unified, this was a stubborn show of pride on Ted Cruz’s part.

If Ted Cruz was not going to endorse Trump, he should have stayed at home. It does no good to the party to be there. His anti-Trump aura is best suited for the party in which he seems to be siding with, Democratic. In an ABC report Ted Cruz stated “that pledge was not a blanket commitment that if you go and slander and attack Heidi that I am going to come like a servile puppy dog and say thank you very much for maligning my wife and maligning my father.” While Ted Cruz has refused to stand by his pledge much to his personal loss of face, Donald Trump has brushed it off (even acknowledged that he looked at the speech and told Ted Cruz to go for it).

In terms of the Republican party, I believe that the passive way in which Donald Trump has handled this is outstanding. Cruz’s convictions and personal vendettas may have shot his future political career in the foot, at least if he plans on staying a Republican.

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