RNC Day 4: Trump’s Acceptance Speech

Day four brought on the much anticipated acceptance speech of Donald Trump.

Yes, there were several speeches earlier on in the evening. However, it was not until about 4 hours into the program that the day got to the point. With a video explaining Donald Trump’s rise to being a business giant in New York, the intro did well to lay the foundation to the audience that Donald Trump knows how to take something and make it grow, flourish, and excel. Accompanying the video were personal testimonials from his children. Notable in the “becoming Trump” video, the narrator honed in on the jobs given to women and minorities. As this has been one of the main attacks by the Democrats and media, the line does well to help him gain some creditability among such voters.

The Non-Political Politician

One of the things that is constantly stated in speeches is that Donald Trump is committed to the idea that the people want a non-corruptible government. Specific and unique to the political speeches is the focal point that he does not need to be the presidential candidate. He has an empire which will sustain his legacy for generations. Because of this point, the videos, speeches, and platform is one of a concerned citizen rather than that of a politician.

Ivanka Trump

Trump’s daughter stated that she is more than a party affiliation. She went on to say that the people have voted and that it is the people who have decided to nominate her father. This seems to be a subtle comment on Cruz’s statement that people should vote as they feel fit. By putting a woman at the forefront of this section of the evening, Ivanka helped to reach woman voters. Her presence was that of the young, strong, independent woman. Additionally, by making Donald Trump a father figure to a woman rather than the tougher father figure to a son (though it may be stereotyping here and appear a bit sexist), Donald Trump gained a soft and mentoring personality.

Yes, she brought forth the decisiveness of her father. Yes, she showcased that he was a business man. However, the angle in which it was presented was that of empathy and generosity of a providing father than being the leading businessman or stern disciplinarian which may have been conveyed if one of his sons had given the same speech.

Specifically, Ivanka stated that women are “supported, not shut out” and that there are more women than men hired by Trump. And with the statement that he has more women workers than men workers, Hillary Clinton may have a hard time in her anti-women angle against Donald Trump.

Donald Trump’s Acceptance Speech

As expected, the RNC concluded on Thursday with a speech from Donald Trump. In his speech Donald Trump yet again stated that he will Make America Great Again, that he would bring jobs to America, that he would build a wall, and that he would hold government accountable. Such has been heard by politicians for decades. Where his ideals differ is that he has a conviction and a truthfulness behind his speech. It does not appear rehearsed, though I am sure that he did have his speech written well in advance.

The final speech of the evening from Donald Trump was, in many ways, a glimpse into the future. From a public speaking point of view, he carried the presence of a person in authority and the patience of a man allowing the crowd to interact with him. He even helped with the “U.S.A.” cheer instead of trying to stifle it to speak. Politically, 60% more votes were received this year than 8 years ago. It is an increase in Republican support, thanks to Donald Trump. Speaking on security, Trump stated “beginning on January 20th, 2017 safety will be restored.”

Donald Trump gave himself a tall order to fill should he be elected as the President of the United States. Let us hope that when he is elected that his promises and his vision for the country will be within his power. We have all heard the expectations of men, yet rarely do we find a man that can deliver upon such promises and vision. Granted, we have not had a self-funded presidential campaign runner with no agenda from third parties before, but at the same time we have not had a president ever who was able to deliver all they have promised.

We’ll have to wait until November to see.

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